Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parent Booster USA Announces New No-Cost Memberships for School Administrators

With more school budget cuts looming, school administrators are turning to voluntary school booster clubs to raise much-needed funds according to Parent Booster USA. PBUSA recently announced new, no-cost memberships fro school superintendents and prinicipals to help them get the most from their school support organizations.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) April 27, 2010 -- The news about public school budget cuts only seems to get worse. With more program cuts on the horizon, and class sizes rising, school principals and other administrators need to look to voluntary school booster clubs to keep some programs alive. To help school superintendents and principals get the most from their school support organizations, Parent Booster USA, a national nonprofit support organization for school booster clubs, is providing free memberships to school administrators.

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School support organizations – including Parent Teacher Organizations, athletic, music and other booster clubs – can provide badly needed funding and volunteers to fill the void created by school budget cuts. Because school booster clubs are generally organized as independent charitable organizations separate from the schools, it often is easier to raise much-needed funding from private donors through school booster clubs.

“A public school in the District of Columbia recently received a $10,000 donation from a private donor to keep an after-school program alive,” explained Sandra Englund, attorney and founder of Parent Booster USA. “The donor refused to make the gift through the DC public schools fearing his donation would get caught up in red tape and not reach the school or fund the program the donor was worried about. However, when the donor learned he could make the contribution through a parent booster club and directly support the program, he readily made the gift.”

School booster clubs that are legally organized and recognized as federal tax-exempt charities under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue may raise tax-deductible donations to support schools and school programs. Too often, however, school principals and other administrators have no idea how booster clubs should be legally structured to receive tax-deductible gifts.

“They don’t teach school booster club 101 at educational grad schools,” noted Ms. Englund. To fill the knowledge gap Parent Booster USA is reaching out to school administrators to help them make the best use of the parent booster clubs that support their schools. “We’ve created a new, no-cost, class of membership just for school administrators,” stated Ms. Englund. They can join PBUSA without charge and take advantage of all the materials that we provide relating how to organize, and legally operate, a school booster club.”

Parent Booster USA (PBUSA), a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, provides support and assistance to school booster clubs. By joining PBUSA, school booster clubs receive immediate federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under PBUSA’s group letter ruling.

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