Sunday, September 30, 2007

Secoda and Dickinson Dees Partner to Address Growing Compliance Risks

Top 50 Law firm Dickinson Dees LLP today announced a business venture with London-based software producer Secoda Risk Management Limited to deliver technology and knowledge solutions to the rapidly growing Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) market.

London, UK (PRWEB) September 30, 2007 -- Secoda's policy and compliance solution RuleSafe enables organisations to rapidly create and deploy a framework for communicating internal policies, standards and procedures to staff and verifying that those staff have read, understood and accepted their compliance responsibilities.

Under the terms of the agreement Dickenson Dees and Secoda will promote each other's services to prospective clients and will collaborate on the development of expert content in the form of 'Knowledge Modules' of ready-made policies and guidance linked to today's most important legal, governance and compliance requirements.

Andrew Scott, a partner with Dickinson Dees who has overseen this deal, explained: "This is a really excellent opportunity to work with a successful technology provider having huge potential. In a nutshell, Dickinson Dees will be selling the legal services which accompany the RuleSafe program. This way we will provide a complete solution to our mutual clients."

"With newspaper headlines featuring stories of ever-increasing breaches, fines and other business impacts on a daily basis, there is clearly a growing need for solutions that can rapidly communicate targeted information to an organisation's employees in a form they can quickly understand and sign up to", according to Adrian Wright, Secoda's Managing Director. "Our venture with Dickinson Dees is therefore an exciting and timely one. Together we can deliver the best quality guidance using the most flexible and functional technology solution to our mutual clients in all sectors."

About Dickinson Dees:
Established in the North East around 200 years ago, Dickinson Dees is one of the top 50 law firms in the UK, providing a full range of services to corporate, public sector and private clients. Dickinson Dees employs 925 staff including 78 practice partners, across five offices in England.

According to 2006 edition of the Law firm analyst publication Legal 500: "It is one of the region's best connected professional services organisations with a national reputation for the quality of the work it undertakes on behalf of both public and private sector clients of all kinds."

About Secoda:
Secoda is a privately owned UK company, incorporated in April 2002, founded by former senior security officers in FTSE 100 and public sector organisations. Secoda's flagship product is RuleSafe™, the foremost third-generation policy awareness solution on the market.

RuleSafe provides employees with a focussed view of policies relating to their job function, work process, and location by filtering complex information down to their specific requirements. Management track who have read and accepted the relevant policies, and who have not. The RuleSafe solution increases awareness, security and accountability while reducing cost and risk exposure.

Contact Information:
Dickinson Dees
For further information, please contact Andrew Scott of Dickinson Dees on 0191 279 9093 or 0207 429 435. Robert Beaumont, PR Consultant, of Robert Beaumont Associates can be contacted on 01423 323139
St Ann's Wharf,
112 Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 1SB
Tel: 0191 279 9000
Fax: 0191 279 9100
DX No 61191 Newcastle upon Tyne

Dickinson Dees LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales under no OC317661. Registered office and principal place of business: St Ann's Wharf, 112 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 1SB, where a list of the members' names is open to inspection.

Secoda Risk Management Limited
For further information, please contact Charles Fairbairn of Secoda Risk Management Ltd on Tel: 0207 232 4877, Fax: 0207 232 4878

Secoda Risk Management Ltd is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales under no 4422472, whose registered office is at 20-22 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JS.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Female Serial Killers: New Book Explains How and Why Women Become Monsters

Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters is a new book looking at the history and psychology of female serial killers. Criminal justice historian Peter Vronsky demolishes some common myths about female-perpetrated serial murder from ancient times to the present.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 29, 2007 -- Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters by Peter Vronsky is a new book exploring the history and psychopathology of female serial killers. It reveals that in the USA nearly one in every six serial killers is a female either acting alone or as an accomplice. Vronsky writes that society is generally conditioned to think of serial killers as "he" and victims as "she." But since the 1970s, the number of female serial killers has been doubling every two decades. Vronsky cites a study that identified 62 female serial killers in the USA between 1800-1995, accounting for some 400 to 600 victims in total. His book lists the names of 140 known female serial killers from around the world. Most of the female killers made their appearance since 1970.

"This partly has to do with women's increased role in society in general. Women become more assertive not only in business and the arts, but in murder and mayhem as well," says Vronsky, a PhD candidate in criminal justice history at the University of Toronto. "But this is only part of the story. Much of it has to do with our perception of gender roles and of female criminality and predatory aggression."

According to Vronsky's book, Aileen Wuornos is hardly America's first female serial killer, as the Florida prostitute who killed nine men and who was portrayed in the movie Monster, has been touted to be by the media. Because female serial killers often kill close to home or at work as healthcare or childcare workers, they attract less attention than male serial killers who tend to leave bodies by roadsides that alarm the community. Female serial killers, according to Vronsky, are "quiet killers" who statistically go undetected twice as long as their male counterparts.

"It's a myth however, that females kill only for profit and that they usually target male lovers or spouses -- the so-called Black Widows," says Vronsky. "In fact, strangers are marginally the most preferred victim of the female serial killer today, and 53 percent of them have murdered at least one woman among their victims and 39 percent, a child. These statistics challenge our common perception of female serialists as primarily luring males and killing them for their money."

Vronsky's book, which features numerous case studies of female serial killers, reveals that women kill often for the same reason that male serial killers do -- for power and control. The difference is how they express their addiction for power over a victim. According to the book, male serial killers tend to express power through confinement, sexual assault, torture and mutilation, while killing is often an afterthought for the male. Female serial killers, however, express their craving for power and control through killing itself and seizing the victim's property. Torture and sexual assault are rarely part of the female serial killer's signature at a crime scene. "This has often led us to believe that females kill only for material need, but we are now beginning to understand that their quest for material comfort is often a psychopathological expression of control over the victim -- similar to some male serial killers' collecting trophies from a victim," explains Vronsky.

Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters, is Peter Vronsky's sequel to his best-selling study of male serial killers, Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters, both published by Berkley-Penguin Books.

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Philadelphia Lawyers at Anapol Schwartz File Lawsuits on Behalf of `Loved Ones` for Alleged Stolen Body Parts

Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman and Smalley, P.C. recently announced that it has been filing lawsuits against the funeral homes and human tissue processing companies on behalf of family members whose loved ones' body parts were allegedly illegally stolen and sold for profit.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 29, 2007 -- According to Lawrence R. Cohan, Esquire of the Philadelphia law firm of Anapol Schwartz, "The Garzone Funeral Home and Liberty Cremation, Inc. are being investigated by the Philadelphia District Attorney's office for their alleged involvement in the body parts scandal. Our clients have been contacted by the DA's office," Cohan continues, "based on numerous accounts of mistreatment of corpses. The Philadelphia District Attorney's office and other DA's in NY are investigating these funeral homes for their alleged complicity in the scheme to sell body parts. Our office has already filed two cases, (Schaming v. Gerald Garzone, and others, Philadelphia County CCP MARCH TERM 2007 No. 001840 and Oprea v. Liberty Cremation, Inc. and Others and Philadelphia County CCP MARCH TERM 2007 No. 0019010)."

News Image

The Pennsylvania Department of State and the Philadelphia District Attorney's office launched separate investigations into the funeral home scandal after the Daily News ( reported that the funeral home was linked to a ghoulish multi-state probe in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

"Our office has recently filed the first two (Schaming and Oprea, supra) of several 'donor' lawsuits and it is likely we will be filing many more," said Anapol Schwartz Attorney Melissa Hague, Esquire. "The Schaming and Oprea cases both involve corpses that were allegedly cut up and sold for surgical implantation without the consent of the family. In each case, the family was told that the body had been cremated, while it is their belief that it was cut up and sold."

In March 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration notified healthcare professionals that Biomedical Tissue Services of Fort Lee, New Jersey, may not have properly screened donors for infectious diseases for bone, skin, and tendon tissues which were transplanted in patients requiring implants. As the probe grew so did the number of dead bodies that were inappropriately ravaged for body parts; the number of families who face unfathomable heartache; and the number of people who received the dubious implants.

The human tissue industry is a billion dollar industry.

Families of loved ones who were served at Louis Garzone Funeral Home or Liberty Cremation, Inc. from 2003 to 2006 should contact Anapol Schwartz by calling (866) 735-2792.

SOURCE Anapol Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman and Smalley, P.C.

CONTACT: Anapol Schwartz, Lawrence R. Cohan, Esquire, 215-735-1130

About Anapol Schwartz P.C.
Since 1977 Anapol Schwartz has been one of the nation's preeminent law firms known for landmark verdicts and settlements and for providing clients with the highest level of personalized legal services. Eleven of Anapol Schwartz's lawyers have received jury verdicts in excess of $1 million. The firm specializes in maintaining its tradition of excellence in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical, toxic tort, class actions, construction site accidents, products liability, automobile litigation, security fraud, and employment litigation. Anapol Schwartz has offices in Philadelphia, Media, Reading, and Harrisburg PA, and Cherry Hill, NJ.

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International Roots Reggae Act Alexander Kofi Washington and Jah Kings Find New Management Home and Success

D.A. ENTERTAINMENT, LLC (management company-Chicago, Il) has signed the international roots reggae act Jah Kings (Alexander Kofi Washington).

Hammond, IN (Billboard Publicity Wire/PRWEB ) September 29, 2007 -- D.A ENTERTAINMENT, LLC (management company) has signed on to manage the international roots reggae artist Alexander Kofi Washington and Jah Kings. Alexander and Jah Kings are currently in the studio finishing up the mixing and mastering process for the world wide release of their 5th CD Afrikan Diaspora which will be in stores a later date.                                        

News Image

The first single will be shipped to radio sometime in early December. The CD will be available through all digital providers during mid november and available for pre-order as well.

Alex Page, President of D.A ENTERTAINMENT, LLC - Chicago, IL states, "D.A ENTERTAINMENT is proud to present Alexander Kofi Washington and Jah Kings as our flagship artist. Alexander's voice not only resonates his passion for music but for the greatest cause of all, touching and effecting the lives of individuals throughout the world."

For more information on Jah Kings and Alexander Kofi Washington please visit: MYSPACE.COM/JAHKINGS

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Petition Filed With New Jersey Court Administrator to Suppress Racially Motivated and Selective Non-Enforcement of Laws and Court Procedures

Investors and supporters of Renaissance Broadcasting Corporation (RBC), the first African American owned company in the U.S. to be awarded a license from the FCC to "build" a television station, filed a petition with the Administrative Office of the Courts of New Jersey to suppress the selective nonenforcement of State and federal laws and court procedures to prevent African American ownership of a New Jersey-based commercial television station.

Trenton, NJ (PRWEB) September 29, 2007 -- On Friday, September 28, 2007, more than one hundred investors and supporters of Renaissance Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) presented a petition to Judge Philip S. Carchman, acting Administrative Director of the Courts of New Jersey, requesting immediate action on RBC's June 7, 2007 New Jersey Appellate Division motion, Docket Number M-006059-06. The motion seeks to nullify prior state court orders entered against RBC in a consolidated action docketed as Township of Waterford v. Renaissance Broadcasting Corporation, Docket Number A-005114-92T1. The proceedings were initiated against RBC in the Law Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Docket Number L-1116-80, on September 3, 1980. Prior appellate court judgments were entered on June 23, 1982, August 5, 1985 and May 23, 1994, respectively.

The June 7, 2007 motion alleged that the prior actions against RBC constituted a clear, 27-year violation of the equal protection of the laws clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and section 3 of the Civil Rights Act of April 20, 1871 by the State of New Jersey. The civil rights violations resulted in the loss of RBC's TV station. Governor Jon Corzine and Lisa B. Jackson, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), were named as indispensable party defendants.

The Township of Waterford's opposition to DEP's lease of land within the Wharton State Forest to RBC generated the September 3, 1980 complaint. Specifically, the municipality demanded that RBC comply with the municipality's site plan ordinance as a precondition to constructing the TV broadcasting transmission system within the Wharton State Forest. The courts entered judgments that required RBC to comply with Waterford's zoning ordinances. The municipality later claimed it had zoned the Wharton State Forest for residential use only. The courts concurred in the pretext.

The earlier judgments against RBC were based on the false judicial presumptions that the Wharton State Forest was not state-owned and regulated, municipalities have an interest in land within the Wharton State Forest and the lease agreement between DEP and RBC was "for purposes beyond the legislative purposes" of DEP.

The recent discoveries of a 1966 edition of Title 58 of the Statutes of New Jersey and special reports prepared by the New Jersey Water Resources Advisory Committee in 1957 and 1958 proved the absolute falsity of all of the prior judicial presumptions. The courts' false presumptions and judgments allowed Waterford to challenge RBC's use of the TV facilities that it constructed and put into operation and to grant a white owned company the right to use the same facilities in exchange for a payment of $450,000.

The discoveries also prove that the Wharton State Forest and Liberty State Park are State parks under the jurisdiction of DEP. The September 27, 2007 petition notes that the City of Jersey City Planning Board filed a civil suit identical to Waterford's suit against RBC against a private white-owned corporation with regard to Liberty State Park. The published case is entitled Jersey City v. Department of Environmental Protection, 227 N.J. Super. 5 (App. Div. 1988). The Appellate Division, in agreement with the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General, dismissed the suit filed against the white developer because the Jersey City Planning Board lacked jurisdiction and standing. The Appellate Division further stated, "Generally, local zoning and planning regulations cannot affect the State's authority to carry out public functions for the benefit of all the people of the State, especially on the State's own land."

"The Wharton State Forest is the largest tract of land owned by the State of New Jersey, covering portions of three counties--Atlantic, Burlington and Camden Counties," Donald McMeans, founder and president of RBC said. "It was acquired and is regulated to secure the public health and welfare; the double standard is obvious."

The petition filed by RBC's supporters and investors cites United States Supreme Court decisions, which state that a court cannot proceed at all with any case for which the court lacks jurisdiction. The petition mentions numerous State laws that deprive courts of the power to hear and decide cases like the RBC and Jersey City cases. Therefore, the petition concludes that the courts could not proceed in the action against RBC and the decision in the Jersey City case is binding and conclusive in the RBC case.

The petition claims that the court has an independent and mandatory duty under New Jersey Court Rules 4:6-7 to dismiss the original action against RBC and to nullify all subsequent proceedings and judgments.

Reverend Morris K. Baxter, pastor of the Cathedral of Love Church in Willingboro, New Jersey, says, "The RBC case reveals the other side of racial profiling, involving selective and arbitrary enforcement of laws against Black people. The RBC case highlights the selective nonenforcement of the laws and reaffirms the lingering vestige of the infamous decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford when the United States Supreme Court declared that the Black man has no rights that the white man is bound to respect." Rev. Baxter continued, "The key words are 'bound to respect."

" I am shocked by the failure of Governor Corzine to take immediate corrective actions as he is required to do under the New Jersey Constitution," stated Dr. Khemfoia D. Padu of Englewood, New Jersey. "It appears the Governor also believes that he is not bound to respect the rights of Black people."

Joyce Abrams, president of Markias, Inc., located in Willingboro, New Jersey, said, "There can be no other reason for the Governor's behavior. A child looking at the Jersey City case and the RBC case can see the bias and corruption. How can the Governor and the Commissioner of DEP honestly claim that they don't see it?"

For more information or for an interview, contact Donald McMeans, 609-410-0656.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

New York Discrimination Lawyer, Marc Rapaport, Backs O`Reilly in New York Times Op. Ed.

In an Op. Ed. submission to the New York Times, attorney Marc A. Rapaport, a legal advocate for victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment in New York City, has expressed his support for embattled Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly. Rapaport voices his concern that O'Reilly's remarks regarding his dinner in Harlem with Rev. Sharpton have been distorted. When viewed in context, O'Reilly's remarks were intended to dispel racial stereotypes.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2007 -- New York Discrimination Lawyer Marc Rapaport has expressed his support for embattled Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly. In recent days, O'Reilly has come under a barrage of criticism for remarks that he made regarding his interaction with African Americans while dining in Harlem with Rev. Al Sharpton. O'Reilly's abrasive on-air persona and dogmatic views have made him a pariah in the eyes of many moderate and liberal Americans. Rapaport is a self-described liberal who has aggressively represented employees victimized by bias and discrimination in the workplace, and, consequently, would seem like an unlikely defender of O'Reilly.

Rapaport himself is surprised by his defense of O'Reilly. Rapaport states, "my political and social views are, in general, diametrically the opposite of those expressed by Mr. O'Reilly. Thus, when I first read about the chorus of condemnation against Mr. O'Reilly for his remarks, I was inclined to find him 'guilty as charged.' However, in this instance, the condemnation is unwarranted."

In defense of O'Reilly, Rapaport states that although O'Reilly's remarks may have been insensitive and inarticulate, it is apparent from their context that O'Reilly was actually attempting to dispel racial stereotypes regarding African Americans. Rapaport expresses his concern that the media uproar regarding O'Reilly diverts attention from serious racial issues and, consequently, actually detracts from the fight against race discrimination and bias.

Marc Rapaport is the principal of the Rapaport Law Firm, a full-service law firm located in New York City, devoted to protection of employees from discrimination and harassment. Mr. Rapaport is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, and he was formerly an attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Mr. Rapaport frequently lectures to attorneys regarding workplace discrimination, and he appears regularly in the local and national media. His law practice focuses on the legal fight against employment discrimination.

For information, contact: Marc A. Rapaport, Esq.
The Rapaport Law Firm
Attorneys For Victims of Discrimination
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10118

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Internet Expert Recommends Blocking Google-DoubleClick Merger to Prevent an Online Advertising Bottleneck

Merger Would Enable an Extreme New "Web of Market Power."

Washington (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- Precursor President Scott Cleland testified today before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights and recommended the panel oppose the proposed Google-DoubleClick merger. In his testimony, Cleland explained that the Google-DoubleClick merger would create extreme market concentration and "tip" the online advertising market, the economically critical market which is the only proven monetization engine of Internet content, to a bottleneck.

"This merger review is a watershed moment for internet competition," Cleland said. "I believe Google-DoubleClick is clearly one of the most far-reaching, least-understood and important mergers this subcommittee has ever reviewed."

Explaining the high stakes of lax antitrust enforcement, Cleland stated the DoubleClick acquisition would enable Google to become the de facto:

  • "Online-advertising bottleneck provider", picking Internet content winners and losers;
  • "Ultimate Internet Gatekeeper", deciding which Internet content gets viewed;
  • "Internet's paymaster", determining which Web sites get paid how much; and
  • "Internet market maker" that has uniquely comprehensive market intelligence and information on advertisers, websites, ad-inventory, viewers, and Internet user behavior.

"The combined Google-DoubleClick would have no effective checks and balances and little accountability to consumers, competition, regulators, or third-party oversight," Cleland said.

Cleland released a report to the FTC and Congress in July that warned of the potential "Googleopoly"; the text of the report can be found at Cleland's full Senate Judiciary Subcommittee testimony and charts will be made available on during Thursday's hearing.

Precursor is an industry research and consulting firm, specializing in the converging techcom sector. Precursor offers rare forward-looking expertise and national credibility at the nexus of: capital markets, public policy and techcom industry change, to help companies better capitalize on emerging opportunities and guard against emerging risks.

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Argument in Precedent Setting Rape Case Against Philadelphia Phillies

Representing victim for personal injury, Anapol Schwartz challenges consent of minor defense (case No. 4EAP2007).

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- On October 15, 2007, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear an appeal of a lower court's decision in a 2000 case* (Pennsylvania Superior Court, C.C.H. v. Philadelphia Phillies, Inc., involving the assault and rape of an 11-year-old girl (Minor Plaintiff), after a Philadelphia Phillies game, by three teenage males working at Veteran's Stadium concessions.

The case presents a significant matter of first impression in Pennsylvania -- whether the defense of consent can be used in a civil trial for damages stemming from a criminal rape/sexual assault.
Minor Plaintiff's attorneys Alan Schwartz and Steve Pokiniewski, of Philadelphia law firm Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman & Smalley, P.C., brought a claim in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in 2005, attempting to recover compensatory damages for the Minor Plaintiff. However, the lower court judge permitted defendants to argue that the Minor Plaintiff consented to sexual contact, prejudicing the jury against the young victim.
After a jury verdict for the defendants and an unsuccessful appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Schwartz and Pokiniewski petitioned for review with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Citing Pennsylvania law, they argued that a minor (under the age of 13) who is sexually assaulted cannot be held at fault.

Given the importance of this issue, the Women's Law Project and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on behalf of 30 organizations committed to vindicating the legal rights of sexual assault victims.
"We believe that we will be successful in this case and extend our Pennsylvania legislature's intended protections to the civil realm," said Alan Schwartz. "An 11-year-old minor cannot be considered as a consenting individual in a sexual assault case, and it is important that the Court's decision prevents such minors from being revictimized in subsequent civil proceedings, allowing them to pursue the resources necessary to aid in their recovery."
Carol Tracy, executive director of the Women's Law Project, added "we need to protect child victims of sexual assault from physical and psychological harm. The defense of consent should not be available in civil cases stemming from sexual contact with a minor under the age of 13, where the Legislature has already precluded such defense in criminal proceedings."

Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman & Smalley ( is a personal injury firm with law offices in Philadelphia, Reading, Media, Fairless Hills and Haverford, Pa., as well as Cherry Hill, N.J. The firm is a multi-faceted practice with a tradition of excellence in medical malpractice law, pharmaceutical mass tort, toxic tort, class actions, products liability, automobile, securities and wrongful termination litigation. Since its founding in 1977, the firm has grown to over 30 attorneys, and compiled a record of success exceptional among its peers.

*Case No. 4EAP2007
Jennifer Wasilisin
jenniferw @

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ACOM Solutions, Inc. Adds Ease-of-Use Enhancements in EZContentManager 3.3 Document Management Solution

In EZContentManager Version 3.3, ACOM continues to improve the user experience with streamlined processes and greater flexibility and provide administrators with extended management controls and system oversight capabilities.

Long Beach, California (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- A faster, easier document storage, access, retrieval and distribution experience awaits both rank-and-file users and system administrators as a result of enhancements included in ACOM Solutions, Inc.'s EZContentManager v.3.3, it was announced today by James R. Scott, senior vice president, ACOM Solutions, Inc.

EZContentManager, ACOM's web-based document management system, allows companies to centralize corporate files of any type in a single password-secured data repository, with browser-driven retrieval and distribution engines providing fast and convenient searching and handling under metadata or full-text search. EZContentManager 3.3 is now shipping and is available without charge to customers under maintenance contract.

Key enhancements include:    

  • Multiple file upload from the File Management Screen
  • Session management tools
  • Extended file export capabilities
  • Extended file import capabilities
  • Multiple process manager capabilities
  • Extended file status management
  • Flags column in the File Management window
  • Additional validation for address book contacts.
Users can now streamline processes through the ability to access, edit and distribute multiple documents simultaneously, as well as create processes in one folder that can be reused in others. In collections processes, for example, when billing documents are brought to screen the operator can also summon associated correspondence in one operation versus bringing up each relevant document singly and sequentially.

Enhancements to the export and import utilities enable users to export reports to Excel, PDF or CSV files on demand and to use metadata to rename files during the import process. Process management enhancements include the ability to use multiple working folders/subfolders in the same process; document class independence, which allows total flexibility in the types of documents that can be assigned to folders; and the ability to indicate distributions to multiple internal and external contacts and distribution lists. A file status management tool enables users to define document status in addition to the defaults provided by the system (draft, approved, etc.).

Using the new session management tool administrators can determine such details as which users are logged into the system, length of time they are logged in and their level of usage. A user that forgot to log out for the day can be logged off, for example; if seen to be inactive for a period of time, a user can be messaged within the system to log out.

"EZContentManager came to market as a solution that was easier to implement, easier to use, easier to manage, and easier to afford," Scott said. "Our focus continues to be on providing the best possible user experience with a productivity tool that is ideally suited to the document management and retention needs of mid-size enterprises or departments and branches of large organizations."

About ACOM Solutions, Inc.
Now in its 24th year of business, ACOM Solutions, Inc. develops and implements advanced modular software systems for document output, document/content management, secure corporate payments, and B2B EDI/XML e-commerce applications, marketing them domestically and through overseas partners. Corporate headquarters are in Long Beach, California; System i Software Division headquarters are in Duluth, Georgia; and regional offices are located in several major U.S. cities. For more information call 800-699-5758, email sales(at), or visit

Mark Firmin
Vice President

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Tax Attorney Roni Deutch Discusses Tax Consequences of Foreclosures on her Blog

Thousands of families across the nation are resorting to foreclosures to get out of high monthly mortgage payments on houses valued at less than what is owed on them. However, in these desperate times, many people are forgetting there are serious tax consequences that result from a foreclosure. To help these families, nationally recognized tax attorney Roni Deutch has added a new featured blog discussing the tax consequences of a foreclosure on her personal blog,

North Highlands, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- In the latest featured blog entry, tax attorney Roni Deutch discusses the serious tax consequences of foreclosure and what is being done to help the thousands of families being faced with this problem.

With over 16 years of experience helping families fight the IRS, tax attorney Roni Deutch is nationally recognized as an expert in the tax industry. Last year she launched her official blog, and has recently begun posting more detailed featured blogs on various current tax issues. This week, Ms. Deutch has addressed an issue that thousands of innocent families are currently being faced with, foreclosures on their homes. Below is a snippet from the post: to read the full entry you can visit Roni's Blog.

"As everyone in the country knows, the real estate and mortgage industry has been in trouble over the past few years. Thousands of families find themselves in financial trouble due to drastic rate increases in adjustable rate or interest only mortgages. Most people failed to consider the possibility of the huge increases upon entering the agreements. Only now, they find themselves with mortgage payments that they cannot afford to pay. Often, foreclosure is the only option available to these struggling families. However, there is one important aspect of a foreclosure that people forget -- the resulting tax liability."

"Foreclosure is always the last resort for someone struggling to make mortgage payments. People usually think it will be the end of their problems. However, the IRS considers debt canceled through foreclosure to be part of a taxpayer's income. The IRS feels that it is entitled to the appropriate income taxes on that money. It also has access to every taxpayer's financial information so it can ensure the appropriate taxes are paid. And as most of the country already knows, the IRS is very aggressive in collecting taxes that they know are outstanding and feel they deserve."

"Foreclosures are not the only way to end up with this type of tax liability though. The other is when a homeowner sells his or her house for less than the value of the mortgage and the bank forgives the difference. In those situations, the homeowner is required to report that amount as income. This is known as a '1099 shortfall' which is an IRS policy that treats forgiven debts as income, even if a taxpayer has nothing to show for it."

Additionally, Roni goes on to say in her blog, "thousands of taxpayers across the country are facing massive IRS tax liabilities with little chance of relief. With all the attention this issue is getting, Congress is finally beginning to consider legislation to help lower the burden on these people who are facing such huge financial problems. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator George Voinovich sponsored a bill to eliminate the federal rule that considers mortgage relief taxable income. The White House has already indicated support for Stabenow's bill and President Bush claimed he hopes to include Stabenow's ideas in his home ownership relief initiative. However, before a bill can go to the White House, Congress must approve it. Currently, no progress has been made on Stabenow's bill, which has been sitting in Congress since May."

About Roni Lynn Deutch
Roni Deutch is the founder and owner of Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation, a tax resolution law firm, and Roni Deutch Tax Center. Her law firm has been helping clients find solutions to their back tax liabilities for over sixteen years. To learn more about tax attorney Roni Deutch you can visit her Avvo profile, YouTube Channel, or Blue Dot page.

Mathew Guiver, Search Engine Marketing Analyst
Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation
877-232-8477 Ext. 1914

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Pilot Benefits Group Names George Mayzell, MD, as New Medical Advisor

Addition will give benefits consulting firm medical insights that exceed typical firms.

Melville, NY (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- Pilot Benefits Group announced today the addition of Dr. George Mayzell as a medical advisor. Dr. Mayzell is a Board certified Internist with years of both patient care experience and administrative health industry experience.

He has been directly involved with medical management activities including disease management, utilization management, appeals and grievances, case management, pharmacy benefit management and design for one of the largest payers for 10 years. He has also designed and implemented incentive programs such as pay for performance, as well as delivery strategies, Medicare initiative risk arrangements and injectable/biological management.

In his new role, Dr. Mayzell’s responsibilities will include the following:

  • Meeting with companies to assist with understanding of managed care, benefit structures, etc.;
  • Helping with medically sound benefit selection;
  • Analysis of care and utilization programs for cost, quality, and utilization;
  • Analysis of disease management initiatives;
  • Assist with the appeals and grievance and denial process (including direct discussions with medical directors of health plans);
  • Looking at high-dollar claims and reviewing them for appropriate billing, utilization, and quality;
  • Reviewing injectable and biological payments—a huge source of inappropriate overpayments.;
  • Evaluation of pharmacy benefits, and coordination with medical claims information;
  • Direct involvement in facilitating or evaluating wellness and prevention programs.

"Dr. Mayzell provides companies with insight into their benefits program that far exceeds what a non-medical professional would have," said Josh Senders, a partner at Pilot Benefits. "His contacts with insurance companies and administrators nationwide can help Pilot better serve our clients."

About Pilot Benefits Group
Pilot Benefits Group is a benefits consulting firm to mid market companies primarily based in the New York metropolitan area. Pilot has been working with clients to help them better manage their benefit programs for over four decades. Pilot is a member of the Benefit Advisors Network, a national organization of independent employee benefits consultants.

Media Contact:
Joshua D. Senders
Pilot Employee Benefits
(631) 386-5674 - Phone
(631) 293-5019 - Fax

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Calinda WebReviews Offers New Comprehensive Background Check Tool for Priceless Piece of Mind

New site offers all the top tools of the trade in a single, easy to manage interface. Calinda WebReviews is also useful for genealogy research.

Noranda WA (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 – While the number resources available for Internet-based identity searches increases, Calinda WebReviews ( makes sense of the expanding mass by offering a concise list of top quality resources people can use to conduct complete, custom tailored background checks and identity searches over publicly available databases.

Now that Calinda WebReviews ensures only the top-tier of these crucial tests are easily accessible to all, employers, families and others can easily arm themselves against all-too-common pitfalls that could have been prevented, but for a little foreknowledge.

"After investigating many services, we recommend a short list of the premium service providers for each category," said Mark Reardon of Calinda WebReviews. "For example, from the menu, go to People Search for a review of that category."

Calinda WebReviews is divided into sections address each major use of a background check: people search, criminal background check, a sex offender registry, and detailed sections enabling family history study on both sides of the Atlantic. There's even a helpful article explaining to beginners how they can get started tracking the paths of their family tree.

Given the wide availability of public records available on the internet, it's easier than ever to do an appropriate check in any circumstance. People search, for example, is a great way to catch up with an old high-school chum or Army buddy. But a people search would not give a small-business owner the information they need to assess a potential new employee. For that, Calinda WebReviews lists a number of Web sites for criminal background checks. And when protecting children in a local community is a priority, a search through the resources on the registered sex offenders page is a must.

Safe is always better than sorry. And Calinda WebReviews provides families, business owners and individuals with the resources they need for piece of mind.

Mark Reardon
Calinda WebReviews
+ 61 8 9275-9074

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Crane Expands Line of Thoughtful and Useful Corporate Gifts

Leading stationer's on-line store at provides a complete selection of business gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Dalton, MA (PRWEB) September 27, 2007 -- Crane & Co. has expanded its offerings for corporate gifts both personal and professional, just in time for the holiday season. Crane has been the leading business stationer since it was founded in 1801, and today brings innovative ideas for the 21st-century business person.

"Gifts for customers, vendors, employees and associates during the holiday season are an important element of marketing yourself and your business," said Megan Kuntze, senior marking manager at Crane. "The gift of stationery has long been favored in the world of business, and that remains true today. "But demand for a wide range of business gift items has led us to greatly expand our offerings this year."

Fine writing instruments and accessories from Cross, Waterman and Conklin are complemented by designer-inspired sets by Acme Writing Tools and Retro 51. For the 2007 holiday season, Crane offers more than 140 pens, with dozens of accessories, cases and gift sets.

"In this world filled with e-mail, we are finding a significant return to putting pen to paper," said Kuntze, "And not just for business correspondence, but with the tools that organize our daily lives." To meet this demand, Crane has created an extensive line of organizers, journals, and address books for gifts that are both thoughtful and useful in a wide range of styles and prices.

"Over the past 30 years or so, we have read many times of the looming "paperless society," said Kuntze. "But the business world is using more paper than ever before. Hence our selection of stationery, desk accessories, including paperweights, jotter cards, bookends, card-holders and, yes, letter openers, are even more relevant today."

"And furthermore the stationery you choose can also convey a powerful message about your commitment to quality and a better environment," adds Kuntze.

Crane has been making stationery from 100% percent cotton, tree-free papers for more than 200 years. Crane's cotton papers are made from fibers recovered from the textile and cottonseed industries; fibers that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, but happen to make the finest-quality paper available.

By selecting tree-free stationery you can send a meaningful message about a more positive and optimistic future for our forests and a dedication to a healthier environment.

To see Crane's full selection of business gift, please visit

For more than two centuries, Crane & Co. has been country's leading maker of fine 100 percent cotton stationery for social and business correspondence. Crane stationery is sold nationwide through a network of more than 2,000 independent retailers, as well as through printers, engravers and paper merchants. The Crane watermark remains the most significant mark of uncompromising quality, symbolizing the pride and personal touch of the stationer. Founded in 1801, the company's roots extend to the birth of the nation. It was at Crane's Liberty Mill that paper was made for Paul Revere to engrave colonial currency in 1776. Crane has made the distinctive paper for United States currency since 1879. The company continues to be owned and managed by members of the sixth and seventh generations of the Crane family.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Albany to Exhibit at HR Florida 2007

Albany, an international contingent workforce management company, will exhibit for the first time on its "home" turf at the HR Florida State Conference and Expo, to be held in Orlando from October 3-5.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -– Albany, an international contingent workforce management company, will exhibit for the first time on its "home" turf at the HR Florida State Conference and Expo, to be held in Orlando from October 3-5.

News Image

The 29th annual conference is hosted by the HR Florida State Council , the state affiliate for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and attracts over 1,500 human resources professionals throughout Florida. Attendees represent virtually every industry and companies from small business to large industrial centers. The event offers a variety of presentations for recertification, as well as a vendor exposition.

Albany’s Employer of Record service enables companies to more efficiently and cost effectively engage the contract talent they need, while minimizing the risks associated with contingent labor. Albany acts as a traditional employer—hiring the workers as their own W2 employees, capturing time and expenses, processing payroll, providing benefits and HR support to them. They also offer 1099 compliance services and software and global expertise in workforce management, working with companies in over 70 countries.

Albany, whose east coast U.S. operations are based in Fort Lauderdale, has not exhibited in Florida before. "It’s a real plus to have an event of such significance in our own backyard," said Jason Posel, Albany’s senior vice president. "Well-respected shows like this one are invaluable to us as we continue our expansion into the U.S. market." Albany can be found on the expo floor at booth #124.

About Albany

Albany, , is a worldwide Employer of Record and contingent workforce management company. With offices worldwide serving clients in 70 countries, Albany offers a variety of national and international workforce solutions, including payroll and tax services, vendor management, tax and labor law compliance and visa services.

Jason Posel
Senior Vice President

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: on behalf of the company listed above.

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Brayton Purcell to Celebrate the Novato Human Needs Center`s 35th Anniversary

Brayton Purcell is pleased to be a sponsor for Novato Human Needs Center's 35th Anniversary, an event that celebrates years of dedication to helping those that are in need in our community.

Novato, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- Brayton Purcell is pleased to be a sponsor for Novato Human Needs Center's 35th Anniversary, an event that celebrates years of dedication to helping those that are in need in our community.

Come eat, drink and be merry on Friday, September 28, 2007, as the Center marks this special anniversary with a dinner at the Margaret Todd Senior Center on Hill Road in Novato, CA. The event will be catered by Fresh Starts, a program of the New Beginnings Center in Hamilton. A local group, Django Obscura, will offer their funk and soulful musical talents for the night. Guests can also take advantage of an opportunity to bid on items donated to the Center through it's thrift store, Second Center. Tickets are only $5.00 per person and can be reserved by calling the Center at (415) 897-4147.

The Novato Human Needs Center is a nonprofit agency that helps low income residents of Novato overcome hardships and encourages them to move towards self sufficiency. Supportive services include clothing and housing assistance, emergency food, and small grant loans. They also help provide senior transportation, job placement, counseling and referral, and homeless day care services.

Founded in 1972, the Center now assists more than 3,000 residents each year, providing an important support network for those that need it most.

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The Aegenis Group Announces Introduction of Regulatory Intelligence Service

The Aegenis Group introduced ARIS (Aegenis Regulatory Intelligence Service) this week, a new service designed to monitor and analyze legislative trends and events that effect data security and privacy in the Payments Industry.

Park City, UT (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- The Aegenis Group introduced ARIS (Aegenis Regulatory Intelligence Service) this week, a new service designed to monitor and analyze legislative trends and events that effect data security and privacy in the Payments Industry. The new service will allow clients to review new and forthcoming legislation and its expected impact on the industry. Included in the service will be the expert analysis of Dr. Heather Mark, PhD, CISSP, CIPP who will lead the Regulatory Analysis line of business for The Aegenis Group.

Dr. Mark's experience in the payments space, coupled with her doctorate in public policy, offers a unique and comprehensive insight into the legislative activities that can impact the payments industry. "The Aegenis Group is a leader in providing companies with the knowledge they need to make the hard decisions about their security and compliance posture," says Rob Caulfield, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TrustCommerce. "Dr. Mark's expertise in regulatory compliance offers unparalleled insight into the impact that state and federal regulation will have on our industry. These issues require determined attention, coupled with a highly qualified proficiency, which is both rare and invaluable. These attributes are values that Dr. Mark and The Aegenis Group deliver consistently, while presenting tangible returns on expenditures in regards to both capital investments and resources."

According to Michael Dahn, Executive Vice President and Founder of The Aegenis Group, the new service is the result of increasing client requests. "As the industry has evolved, we have seen more and more companies that want to proactively monitor forthcoming legislation. With this service we address that need to know what may be happening in the future, and offer them Dr. Mark's expert analysis. Her perspective represents the intersection of security and compliance." Mr. Dahn further said that the service has been met with enthusiasm. "As we developed the service we gathered opinions and suggestions from customers and prospects. They are excited about the prospect of being able to maintain a watch on regulation, without having to devote internal resources to the matter."

The new line of business will offer its clients news alerts, weekly summaries, and legislative analysis. In addition, clients can request special research projects on issues of particular interest to them. Among the topics already covered Sentry are the FACTA lawsuits and the effort on the part of state governments to legislate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

About The Aegenis Group
The Aegenis Group is a regulatory compliance and risk management consulting organization specializing in strategic consulting, training, and market development assistance for companies in and around the payment card industry. Among the products and services offered by The Aegenis Group are merchant risk profiling, PCI DSS specific training, market development and sales support. For more information about The Aegenis Group please contact us at 435-615-6711.

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Bad Investment Advice and Fraud Served Up to Senior Investors at "Free Lunch" Seminars According to SEC Report

Official SEC report confirms that investment seminars targeting senior investors are fraught with fraud, misreprentations and bad investment advice.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- As the saying goes, there is no "free lunch." A recent investigation by the SEC of 110 "free lunch" seminars found serious issues with this popular tactic used by investment advisors targeting senior investors. Deficiency letters or letters of caution were sent to 78% of the investment firms investigated. In addition, 23% of the investment firms are under review for possible further investigation or action by a state agency, FINRA or SEC.

As a part of its ongoing effort to protect senior investors, the SEC initiated an investigation of broker-dealers, investment advisors and other financial services firms that offer so-called "free lunch" sales seminars. The detailed report summarizes their findings:

-   Sponsors of "free lunch" offer attractive inducements
-   Senior investors are the target
-   Seminars designed to sell
-   Misleading, exaggerated sales materials are often used
-   Broker firms fail to supervise these seminars
-   Bad investment advice is given leading to unsuitable investments
-   Fraudulent practices including misrepresentations of risk/return, fictitious investments

"We have so many clients who have fallen victim to these sales tactics," said Debra Brewer Hayes, president and CEO of the Hayes Law Firm. "The saddest thing is that they target senior investors, those who can least afford to lose their life savings. Senior investors need to be sure that the 'free lunch' doesn't cost them a bundle." The Hayes Law Firm encourages senior investors and those who have taken early retirement to report investment advisor or broker fraud and to seek damages.

The Hayes Law Firm focuses its practice entirely on representing investors and early retirees who lost money in the stock market. For more information, please visit our Web site at to obtain a full copy of the SEC Report. The Firm's informative blog provides educational articles dealing with investor issues at

Debra Brewer Hayes, CEO      
Phone: 713-862-2152   
Charlie Hunter, Attorney      
Fax: 713-861-7466

Address: 1235 North West Loop, Suite 510, Houston, TX 77008

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LawInfo Adds Qualified Family Lawyers to its Free National Directory now provides a way in which the public and professionals alike can locate a pre-screened, pre-qualified family lawyer in their area. In an effort to guarantee professional, unparalleled family law representation, Lawinfo administers a detailed screening process for family and divorce attorneys that verifies state bar admission, peer approval and recommendations, a proven high rate of case and trial success, and no pending disciplinary action.

(PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- LawInfo has now added qualified family lawyers to its free online national directory. These attorneys are a part of LawInfo's signature service, the Lead Counsel Program, which is designed to provide a simple and reliable way for anyone on the Web to find a pre-qualified, pre-screened attorney, such as a divorce attorney or adoption lawyer, quickly and easily. The Lead Counsel Program has resulted in the enhanced screening of attorneys' credentials and has become a symbol of quality assurance for consumers searching for legal representation.

Family law is the area of law that deals with all aspects of family relations, including adoption, child custody and visitation, children's rights, child support, divorce, spousal support (alimony), annulments, separation agreements, marital property division, elder law matters, estate planning, estates and trusts, wills and will contests, probate, insurance, cohabitation agreements, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, marriage and other legal issues pertinent to the family. A good family lawyer possesses the patience, judgment and necessary trial skills to fight for what is fair, while avoiding conflict and distress as much as possible during what is usually an emotionally challenging time. LawInfo's new attorney directory can help anyone nationwide locate a qualified family attorney, representing both men and women, who can provide a compassionate, steady hand to protect a client's rights while guiding them though complex and often tense legal issues.

In addition to offering a free national attorney directory, has also designed a legal resource center that provides a quick and easy way to access free legal forms and documents, research thousands of legal FAQ's, obtain document preparation services and locate legal experts throughout the nation--such as private investigators, bail bondsmen, process servers and paralegals. also provides an SEO Package for attorneys and legal professionals crafted by a team of SEO specialists that integrates web design, content development and internet marketing with focused traffic-generation tactics.

For over a decade, LawInfo's mission has been to assist the public in locating qualified attorneys and legal services. Founded in 1994, LawInfo is recognized nationwide as a leader within the legal community. In addition to listing a national directory in which to locate skilled divorce lawyers, also provides access to the latest legal news, breaking reports on FDA-mandated recalls for defective drugs and dangerous products and supplies an index of experienced local and national attorneys who are handling such cases. Staffed by a dedicated team, LawInfo's corporate offices are located in San Marcos, California, just thirty minutes north of San Diego.

For more information about Lead Counsel family attorneys, or LawInfo's free legal resource center, call 1-800-397-3743 or visit

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Robert Weber, CEO and Founder of W3i, Named to the 2007 Inc. 5,000 -- CEO`s Under 30

W3i delivers proven unconventional marketing solutions. With over 15 million unique users each month, W3i provides a receptive consumer base for customized, targeted marketing programs including software marketing, lead generation, display advertising and product placement.

St. Cloud, MN (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- Robert Weber, Founder and CEO of W3i Holdings, LLC, named as one of the CEOs Under 30 in the 2007 Inc. 5,000 list.

News Image

"It is an honor to be named on the CEO's Under 30 list. Growing an Internet business was a great learning experience. My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to the entire W3i team and all our partners for enabling us to achieve 106% growth in gross sales over the past three years. We have worked together to build a thriving Internet business in central Minnesota." comments Robert Weber, CEO.

According to the Inc. 5,000, an extension of Inc. magazine's annual Inc. 500 list, catches many businesses that are too big to grow at the pace required to make the Inc. 500, as well as a host of smaller firms. Taken as a whole, these companies represent the backbone of the U.S. economy. "The Inc. 5,000 provides the most comprehensive look ever at the most important part of the economy -- the entrepreneurial part," said Inc. 5,000 Project Manager Jim Melloan. "The expansion of the list has allowed us to tell the stories of larger companies, older companies, and a wealth of companies in industries like Manufacturing and Construction that are underreported in the business media. (, PR Release, August 23, 2007, New York, NY)

About W3i
W3i delivers proven unconventional marketing solutions. With over 15 million unique users each month, W3i provides a receptive consumer base for customized, targeted marketing programs including software marketing, lead generation, display advertising and product placement. The three Weber brothers, owners of W3i, are recent winners of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2006 Award in the Minnesota and Dakotas region.

W3i Holdings, LLC, was established in 2007 to unite all its business services that were formerly known as, LLC, founded in 2000. continues to be a flagship consumer brand for W3i, along with, and Today W3i employs more than 60 Internet professionals in central Minnesota. To learn more about W3i, visit .

About Inc., the Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs, delivers advice, tools, breaking news, and rich multimedia to help business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses more successfully. Information and advice covering virtually every business and management task, including marketing, sales, finding capital, managing people can be found at Complete information on this year's Inc. 5,000, can be found at

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Obelisk® International Launches Latest Project, Kavarna Bay Resort in Bulgaria

Kavarna Bay Resort, located on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast, offers the property investor an amazing opportunity to own apartments within this exclusive resort, whilst providing major return on investment.

London, UK (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- Award winning and internationally renowned architect, Atanas Panov has created a unique, innovative and exclusive design for Kavarna's new state of the art development. This fully licensed project will provide the property investor with high rental yields and excellent resale potential, which comes exclusively to Obelisk clients. Obelisk has negotiated a favourable pricing structure for their clients, with the Kavarna Bay Resort offered at an outstanding 26% below market value giving the investor an immediate return on investment.

News Image

The strategic location of Kavarna Bay Resort is just one of the highly attractive features of this luxury seafront complex. Every unit has a sea view, presenting a very advantageous selling point to the holiday rental market. The development also has the huge additional benefit that this frontline property development will have no other buildings blocking the fantastic south facing, all-day-sun views of the bay.

Kavarna Bay Resort benefits greatly from the close proximity to Varna, home to Bulgaria's second largest airport. Only 30 minutes from Kavarna Bay Resort, Varna International Airport boasts connections to over 101 destinations across 35 countries. A €250 million investment to expand the airports facilities in order to accommodate the increasing passenger numbers was recently secured. The huge investment potential of the region has been illustrated by the substantial influx of both municipal and private funds, and as such the areas overall infrastructure has been greatly improved.

Outstanding facilities are offered at the Kavarna Bay Resort including nine outdoor swimming pools with large sun decks and a heated indoor pool, overlooking the Bay of Kavarna. Every unit from studio to three-bedroom apartments will have its own designated parking space, and 2,800 square meters have been allocated to commercial buildings, which will include a property management service.

Other sporting facilities at the Kavarna Bay Resort will include a diving centre, fitness centre and health spa, and games room. The resort will neighbour a modern marina with yacht club, approved for construction, and will also have direct access to the pay per play, Gary Player designed PGA golf course, due to complete in mid 2008. Two other PGA golf courses are currently under construction, both within 10 minutes to the Kavarna Bay Resort, along with a UEFA mini football ground and a €15 million FIA approved Formula 1 racetrack. The Kavarna Bay Resort is also only 12 kilometres from the picturesque Kaliakra cape, a beautifully preserved National Park.

For more information on the Kavarna Bay Resort and other global investment opportunities, and to find out about Obelisk International's latest projects, contact: Obelisk International on 0808 1600670 or email info(at)
Or visit our website:

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BoxTone Reissues DST Expert for BlackBerry in Advance of Later Transition to Standard Time

BoxTone(R), the expert in mobile user management, announced today that it will once again make available for download its wildly successful DST Expert for BlackBerry tool, designed to help enterprises and government agencies of all sizes make their BlackBerry deployments ready for the later transition from Daylight Saving Time (DST) back to Standard Time on November 4, 2007.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- BoxTone(R), the expert in mobile user management, announced today that it will once again make available for download its wildly successful DST Expert for BlackBerry tool, designed to help enterprises and government agencies of all sizes make their BlackBerry deployments ready for the later transition from Daylight Saving Time (DST) back to Standard Time on November 4, 2007.

Previously, DST began on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Sunday in October. As of March 2007, DST began on the second Sunday in March and now ends on the first Sunday in November. Research in Motion (RIM) originally advised BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) administrators to apply prescribed patches and updates prior to the early transition to DST, or risk appointment and calendar errors. Any enterprises that have not verified successful patch and update delivery to all affected BlackBerry smartphone users could experience similar errors and related user complaints upon the later return to Standard Time.

The downloadable BoxTone DST Expert for BlackBerry software tool -- Fall Edition, created by BoxTone for the benefit of the BlackBerry community, enables BES administrators to monitor and verify successful deployment of the DST patches and updates to affected BlackBerry smartphones. Now BES administrators can:

  • Scan their BlackBerry environment and generate reports showing software version and DST patch status for every user device
  • Understand and communicate specific instructions to apply the DST patch for each specific user and device configuration
  • Ensure affected smartphones are fully patched, updated, and ready for the later transition to Standard Time

"For large enterprises and government agencies -- with multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server and thousands of users -- the Daylight Saving Time update and patch process proved to be both complex and time consuming," said Alan Snyder, CEO, BoxTone. "The later transition back to Standard Time will unfortunately lead to incorrect time and date displays for any enterprise user left out of the prior patch and update efforts. BoxTone wants to make sure IT administrators can proactively work to eliminate any DST-related user complaints from ever happening."

First released in February, 2007, the BoxTone DST Expert for BlackBerry was ultimately downloaded by more than 1,000 enterprises faced with patching and updating tens of thousands of BlackBerry users. BES-administrator feedback enabled several improvements to the Fall Edition of the tool, which works in both a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino environment.

BoxTone strongly advises enterprise BES administrators to fully implement all Research in Motion DST resolutions, along with any other appropriate patches and updates.

About BoxTone:
BoxTone(R) -- the only software to measure and correlate every BlackBerry email and application flow for every user and group across all communication links -- is trusted by the world's leading enterprises and government agencies to manage and monitor their BlackBerry platforms. Armed with BoxTone's unprecedented 3-D visibility and role-specific consoles, IT help desk, operations and engineering can collaboratively reduce support costs, accommodate rapid device growth, and guarantee the high quality of service that mobile users demand. Learn more from the expert in mobile user management at

BoxTone and the BoxTone logo are trademarks of BoxTone. All other product or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Hissey Kientz, LLP Files Lawsuit Against AMO Complete Manufacturer

Hissey Kientz, LLP has filed a lawsuit against the maker of AMO Complete on behalf of a 71-year-old woman who suffered severe eye damage and was forced to undergo a corneal transplant.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- The law office of Hissey Kientz announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Advanced Medical Optics on behalf of a 71-year-old woman who suffered eye damage and vision loss as a result of a severe eye infection (Case No. 07CC07060). The lawsuit, filed in the Orange County Superior Court of California, alleges that the victim's use of Advanced Medical Optics' Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution (AMO Complete) caused her to develop the eye infection Acanthamoeba keratitis.

According to the lawsuit, the victim began to experience severe eye pain in December 2004 and decided to see an eye doctor. After several doctors were unable to determine what was causing the victim's eye pain and vision loss, she was diagnosed with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a serious eye infection caused by a type of parasite.

Although the victim received several prescriptions to treat her infection, the damage to her eye was so great that she required a corneal transplant in March 2006.

AMO Complete was recalled by Advanced Medical Optics on May 25, 2007, after the CDC determined that more than half of the patients it interviewed had developed the eye infection Acanthamoeba keratitis after using the solution. The CDC has identified at least 138 Acanthamoeba keratitis infections so far. Doctors estimate that about half of these patients may eventually require a cornea transplant to correct the damage to their eyesight from infection.

The first evidence of a link between AMO Complete and Acanthamoeba keratitis was uncovered in 2004, when doctors at a hospital in Illinois treated more than a dozen patients with this rare type of infection. Normally they would receive only one or two cases per year.

After reporting this outbreak to the CDC, a preliminary investigation revealed that thirteen eye centers across the country had experienced a similar rise in Acanthamoeba keratitis cases since 2004. The CDC determined that AMO Complete were up to seven times more likely to develop the infection than other patients. This led to the recall of AMO Complete.

About Hissey Kientz, LLP
Hissey Kientz, LLP is currently accepting cases involving people affected by mesothelioma, ReNu with MoistureLoc, Fosamax, the Ortho Evra birth control patch, Zelnorm, Avandia, heart devices, Remicade, the Kugel hernia patch, hormone replacement therapy and other defective drugs. To learn more about the firm and other drug cases, visit Hissey Kientz, LLP ( or call (866) 275-4454.

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TAX ID Search Database Upgrades to Add Tax Liens and Non-Profit Verifier: Feinsearch.Com

www.FEINSearch.Com, a service of NOBLE Ventures, has compiled one of the nation's largest Business TAX ID Database repositories of over 10.5 million EIN records. The EIN Finder Database now includes 20 years of Federal Business Tax Liens and a Non Profit Entity verifier from IRS Form 990 filings.

(PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- FEINSearch is offering a limited free search period to new registrants of 5 free Searches. www.FEINSearch.Com users can search over 10.5 million US Business entities and Trusts, Tax Liens as well as 501(3) (c) NON Profits to locate and verify the Business TAX ID number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. "FEIN" is an acronym for Federal Employer Identification Number. EIN is an acronym for "Employer Identification Number".

News Image

The EIN Database Portal - FEINSearch.Com is searchable in a flexible "Google" type Boolean search or by Company name, State, or keyword search. FEIN Search.Com returns results featuring useful business data such as; Name, Address, SIC, NAICS, Phone, EIN Number, URL, Description, Officer Name and other data where available. Membership is free and easy, and various subscription levels are offered. The Portal also offers a quick easy EIN Reverse Query and phone query - search by Phone Number. The EIN Data is compiled from Form 5500 filings filed with the US Dept of Labor and the IRS Form 990 Forms filed by Non Profit entities as well as dozens of other sources. www.FEINSearch.Com clients include Federal, State and local government agencies as well as Banks, Brokerages, Accountants and Investigators.

Company President Robin C. Lahiri states, "The Tax ID search portal we have created is an essential tool to todays Financial and Employer compliance requirements. Among our 20,000 registered users we count government agencies, states, cities, banks, brokerages and accountants. The USA Patriot Act requires an institution to Identify and verify each customer account; FEINCearch.Com helps then do just that along with a TAX LIEN and Non Profit verifier."

EIN batch match & append services: FEINSearch new "BATCH-Match" service can help locate and uncover and append EIN Numbers, verify corporate ownership and status, Determine IRS Non profit Status, Presence of IRS backup withholding a Business Federal Tax Liens, and scan against the OFAC Designated Persons database - all seamlessly from your desktop. For volume and daily batch users, we offer a proprietary Batch Match system, where a client can load up data, Map against fields, and process up to a million records against our entire EIN Master file of 10.5 million records.

About FEINSearch.Com
FEINSearch.Com is owned and devloped by NOBLEVentures. NOBLE Ventures compiles and maintains dozens of consumer and business databases for Risk Management, Compliance, Analytics and Direct Marketing applications. The Databases are created from over 17 Federal and over 42 States sources of public record data as well as private data purchases. NOBLE Ventures has been in business over 13 years and acts as a sources compiler for marketing campaigns benefiting many of the nations largest marketers. NOBLE Ventures President, Robin C Lahiri holds a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania and is an alumnus of Valley Forge Military Academy. FEINSearch.Com is a private entity and not affiliated with any state or federal government.

Contact Information
Beth Bruner, Div. NOBLE Ventures.Com,
POB 352109, Palm Coast FL 32137
(800) 299-8280
support @

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David H. Perecman Chosen Among Top 5 Percent of Attorneys in the United States

Mr. Perecman has won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in various personal injury cases, including construction accident injuries and hospital deaths and medical errors

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- David H. Perecman, a veteran personal injury attorney in New York and co-founder of the personal injury law firm of Perecman & Fanning, has been selected as one of the top 5 percent of lawyers in the country by SuperLawyers magazine.

"I am very proud of this honor bestowed on me by my colleagues. It is a privilege and a responsibility to be selected as one of the top 5% of lawyers nationwide," said Mr. Perecman.

Over three decades in practice, Mr. Perecman has won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in various personal injury cases, including construction accident injuries and hospital deaths and medical errors. With $25 million in verdicts and settlements in the last year alone, Mr. Perecman recently recovered $15 verdict* million on behalf of a construction worker injured on a construction site.

A highly respected personal injury attorney in New York City, Mr. Perecman is very active in politics and various professional organizations and has spent his career advocating for injured victims' rights. Recently, in his capacity as Treasurer, now Secretary, of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) and Co-chair of its Labor Law Committee, Mr. Perecman addressed the New York State Assembly regarding updating and strengthening some of New York City's labor laws and agencies to adequately protect worker safety on construction sites.

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About David Perecman and Perecman & Fanning:
For the past 25 years, Mr. Perecman of Perecman & Fanning has championed all types of personal injury cases, often concentrating his practice on complex construction accident injuries and legal issues. Mr. Perecman, a personal injury attorney in New York, has recovered millions of dollars for his clients over the course of his career, with $25 million in verdicts and settlements in the last year alone. Among his more recent victories, Mr. Perecman won a $15 million verdict for an injured construction worker. Mr. Perecman's depth of expertise and breadth of knowledge are widely recognized, while his record and reputation speak for themselves. For more information please visit

*subsequently settled for $7.94 million.

Source: PRWeb: Legal / Law