Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bavar Law Group Launches New Web Site,

Reza Bavar, an attorney who specializes in the California Lemon Law, recently started a new company, the Bavar Law Group, and launched a new Web site to represent the firm's Lemon Law Partners team.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2008 -- The Bavar Law Group is a new company that specializes in various areas of the law including the California Lemon Law, DUIs, and traffic tickets. The firm represents its clients with a team of expert lawyers that bring years of experience and a commitment to personal service to the table. The firm's president, Reza Bavar, is not only busy with launch of this company, but also with the unveiling of his new Lemon Law Partners Web site.

Lemon Law Partners is a team of professional attorneys that specializes in the California Lemon Law, which has been Reza Bavar's main area of legal practice for the past eight years. Although the Bavar Law Group and the Lemon Law Partners are new projects, he offers many years of experience to his clients and only hires attorneys to work for him that have graduated from ABA law schools.

While some firms practice Lemon Law infrequently and are often unable to obtain the same results as firms that practice it on a daily basis, Lemon Law Partners handles countless lemon law claims against all of the major manufacturers, and nothing else. Some recent lemon law cases include a 2008 Cadillac STS, 2008 BMW 750i, 2008 Mercedes ML 350, 2008 Mercedes S550, 2007 BMW 335i, 2007 Audi Q7, 2007 Hummer H2, 2006 Volvo S40, 2006 Kia Spectra and 2006 Chrysler 300C, just to name a few. Each case has particular facts and circumstances that make it unique, so the team at Lemon Law Partners realizes that each case requires an approach that is tailored to its individual success.

Lemon Law Partners is based in Los Angeles, but they have offices statewide. In an age of faxes and FedEx, however, geography is less and less critical--what is critical is how well a law firm does its job. In the end, the success of each case is more critical than the zip code of the law firm. The attorneys at Lemon Law Partners have decades of combined experience successfully dealing with the lemon law in California. They have a history of dealing one-on-one with clients and working with them in a professional manner to achieve the best possible results.

For more information about Lemon Law Partners, visit

About Lemon Law Partners:
With decades of combined experience, the attorneys of Lemon Law Partners have successfully represented consumers in hundreds of Lemon Law cases throughout California. Unlike many other law firms that claim to "specialize" in the lemon law, the attorneys at Lemon Law Partners have actually spent years learning and mastering the nuances of the lemon law--this knowledge and experience can mean the difference between a successful lemon law claim and a rejected lemon law claim. From day one, each claim will be handled by a skilled lemon law attorney that is not only knowledgeable about the California Lemon Law, but also specializes in it.

Aside from their greater 95 percent success rate, the team at Lemon Law Partners prides themselves on practicing lemon law as a specialty, involving themselves in every aspect of their clients' cases, achieving the best results possible, representing clients all over the state and only hiring attorneys from ABA law schools.

Reza Bavar
(888) LEMON-80 (888-536-6680)

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Haynes and Boone Secures Summary Judgment In Toll Collection Technology Patent Case

Haynes and Boone, LLP lawyers have obtained summary judgment in a patent-infringement case that could have cost client Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) more than $60 million and had the potential to jeopardize a system that currently collects about 80 percent of all electronic tolls in the United States.

Dallas (Vocus/PRWEB ) June 1, 2008 -- Haynes and Boone, LLP lawyers have obtained summary judgment in a patent-infringement case that could have cost client Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) more than $60 million and had the potential to jeopardize a system that currently collects about 80 percent of all electronic tolls in the United States.

Haynes and Boone, LLP
Haynes and Boone, LLP

The lawsuit (Northern District of Texas, Dallas division, Civil Action No. 3:05-CV-2316-K) was brought against ETC by TransCore, a unit of Roper Industries (NYSE:ROP). The lawsuit alleged ETC infringed four different TransCore patents that relate to the automatic electronic collection of tolls. TransCore sought more than $20 million in damages, which it sought to treble to $60 million.

The dispute arose from a request for bids to upgrade the toll-collection facilities for a major toll authority. Part of the project included providing the toll authority with enhanced open-road-tolling capability using automatic vehicle identification ("AVI") equipment manufactured by Mark IV Industries, a Canadian company, and sold to the toll authority by its domestic sister company, Mark IV IVHS. Open-road tolling allows a toll authority to collect tolls electronically from cars traveling at highway speeds.

Both TransCore and ETC bid on the project. ETC won and TransCore then sued ETC for patent infringement. TransCore claimed that the Mark IV equipment infringed its patents, and thus that ETC's "use" of the Mark IV equipment by installing and testing it during the project also infringed its patents.

U.S. District Court Judge Ed Kinkeade of the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice. Judge Kinkeade held that, in settling an earlier patent-infringement suit against Mark IV (United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Case No. 99 CV 0902-L), TransCore had licensed Mark IV under its patents, and that Mark IV's sales of the allegedly infringing equipment exhausted TransCore's rights in the equipment.

A TransCore victory could have directly impacted the electronic toll-collection systems used by the E-ZPass Interagency Group ("IAG") of 24 toll agencies in 13 states with more than 10 million account holders. The IAG collects approximately 80 percent of all electronically collected tolls in the United States, and Mark IV supplies IAG-member toll authorities with electronic toll-collection equipment. Any toll authority (including those belonging to the IAG) or equipment installer using the Mark IV equipment in question potentially could have faced legal action by TransCore or been forced to pay license fees had TransCore won the lawsuit.

"We are gratified that the court agreed with our assessment that TransCore's case was without merit," said Russell Emerson, the Haynes and Boone partner who led the defense effort. "Now ETC, other equipment installers, and toll authorities can install, test, maintain, and operate the accused Mark IV AVI equipment without fear of reprisal from TransCore. Toll road users and operators across the country will benefit."

Added partner Phillip Philbin: "The technology that was at risk in this challenge has made a dramatic improvement in the lives of American drivers. We are proud to have successfully defended ETC in this important case."

Tim Gallagher, Chairman and Managing Director of ETC, stated, "When TransCore filed the suit against us, we immediately understood it held significant implications for our industry. While ETC was no doubt the first test case for TransCore, the dismissal of the lawsuit was an important victory for our industry as a whole."

At the heart of the court's judgment is the legal concept of patent exhaustion which, in this case, stems from the earlier TransCore-Mark IV settlement. As a part of this settlement, Mark IV had effectively purchased a license from TransCore to manufacture and sell the products in question. When Mark IV then sold the allegedly infringing equipment to the toll authority, it did so under TransCore's authority, exhausting TransCore's rights (if any) in the equipment. The following excerpts from the court's opinion discuss patent exhaustion and the protection it provides:

"The law is well settled that an authorized sale of a patented product places that product beyond the reach of the patent. … The patent owner's rights with respect to the product end with its sale. … Further, the purchaser of such licensed products is also free to use and/or resell the products, and such further use of those products is beyond the reach of the patent statutes. … An authorized sale of a patented product exhausts the patent monopoly as to that product. …(T)he settlement between TransCore and Mark IV would be meaningless if TransCore could still prevent Mark IV from manufacturing and selling the toll products by suing Mark IV's customers. … TransCore's argument that it can now sue Mark IV's customers is disingenuous, as it would render the rights granted to Mark IV … commercially worthless."

A copy of the full judgment is available from Haynes and Boone here.

About Haynes and Boone:
Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international corporate law firm with offices in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C., Mexico City and Moscow, providing a full spectrum of legal services. With almost 500 attorneys, Haynes and Boone is ranked among the largest law firms in the nation by The National Law Journal. The firm has been recognized as one of the "Best Corporate Law Firms in America" (Corporate Board Member Magazine, 2001-2007), and as a Top 100 law firm for both diversity (MultiCultural Law Magazine, 2008) and women (Women 3.0, 2008).

About ETC:
Recognized for its innovation in the toll industry, ETC is a full-service provider of toll solutions, including systems integration, maintenance, operations and other services. Among its industry-leading accomplishments, ETC successfully delivered the system design and integration for the first all-electronic, open road toll facility in the U.S.; has designed and implemented technically complex 4+ express ORT lanes, and created advanced solutions for HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes. ETC's systems provide interoperability between geographically dispersed toll facilities, airports, parking, and commercial transportation operations. ETC's team introduced the industry's first Web-based toll solution suite, the RITE® Solution, which includes modules for Customer Service Center operations, Violation Processing Center, Audit & Reconciliation Host, Interoperability, Facility Server, and Lane Controller. ETC Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Richardson, Texas. In December 2007, Autostrade International U.S. Holdings, Inc., an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantia S.p.A., (Autostrade), one of the world's leading toll operators, took an investment position in ETC, creating the foundation for a long-term relationship between the two companies and positioning ETC for additional growth in the U.S. and international toll marketplace. More information on the company can be found at

Douglas Bedell
Haynes and Boone, LLP
214.651.5815 (office)
214.651.3058 (cell)

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Technology Pathways Releases New E-Discovery Tool for Electronically Stored Information

New tool allows quick discovery and preservation of documents throughout an enterprise.

Coronado, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2008 -- Technology Pathways, LLC announced today the release of e.s.i.DiscoverTM, a new electronic-discovery search appliance which helps companies locate and preserve responsive documents to comply with court ordered discovery requests. The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance can index millions of documents contained on servers and workstations throughout an enterprise and allow rapid searching based on sophisticated searching techniques to identify the responsive documents such as word documents, spreadsheets or PDF's. Searches typically take only a few minutes and can be easily modified to hone in on the required documents quickly. Once identified, the e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance can collect and authenticate the documents using an MD-5 or SHA-1 hash signature. These documents can then be saved for export to other popular e-discovery work flow products for further processing and presentation.

e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance
e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance

"The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance makes my job of helping clients locate and collect responsive documents for court ordered discovery much faster, easier and more reliable," said Neil Broom, president of Technical Resource Center, Inc. "This is the first really break-through product for e-discovery I have seen recently and I am excited about the immediate benefit of increased productivity it will provide."

The e.s.i.Discover Search appliance can be rapidly deployed into enterprise networks and configured to index all documents contained in a set of servers and workstations. Once indexed, searches may be conducted with minimal training by the in-house or external council to identify all documents responsive to court orders. The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance is available now with pricing starting as low as $59,950.

Founded in 2001, Technology Pathways, LLC is a leading edge provider of computer and network security tools and services for the Corporate IT, government, education, and legal communities. The ProDiscover® family of products provides affordable software solutions in the areas of computer forensics, incident response, system auditing, internal investigations and electronic discovery. Technology Pathways products and services are utilized nationally and internationally by major corporations and government agencies.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm Exceeds Expectations

Page || Cagle is a Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to handling serious injury and death cases. Their intense focus has allowed Page || Cagle to excel in this niche area of the law.

(PRWEB) May 31, 2008 -- Page || Cagle is a Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm dedicated to handling serious injury and death cases. Their intense focus has allowed Page || Cagle to excel in this niche area of the law.

The firm has taken an aggressive approach in providing web users information related to personal injury law. Their main site, covers a broad range of topics and provides numerous ways for web visitors to ask questions. For example, visitors can go to and ask questions by filling out a Firm contact form. A Page || Cagle attorney will usually respond within the hour.    

In addition, the website provides a toll free number that will connect you directly with an attorney. Rather email your questions? John Page, a founding partner of the firm, encourages web visitors to email him directly with any personal injury questions at his personal email,

Missouri car accidents and truck accidents make up a large portion of Page || Cagle's personal injury practice. A portion of the site discusses Frontal Impact Collisions, Rear End Collisions, Rollovers, Side Impact Collisions, Bus Accidents, and Pedestrian Accidents.

In line with its desire to provide the general public with Missouri personal injury information, Page || Cagle has retained the services of Susan Sipe & SLS Consulting to develop individual websites for specific practice areas. Together, they have created many niche sites, including but not limited to,, and In addition, the Firm has websites related to barge accidents (Jones Act) and railroad accidents (FELA).

John J. Page is a partner at Page || Cagle and can be reached by calling 1.800.500.4658. The Firm's address is 1232 Washington Avenue, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63103.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm Excels in Truck Accident Cases

Page || Cagle is a Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm that is creating a niche practice handling truck accident cases. These truck accident attorneys are dedicated to aggressively representing their clients against trucking companies and truck drivers.

(PRWEB) May 31, 2008 -- Page || Cagle is a Missouri Personal Injury Law Firm that is creating a niche practice handling truck accident cases. These truck accident attorneys are dedicated to aggressively representing their clients against trucking companies and truck drivers.

In addition to its success in handling truck accident cases, the firm has engaged the services of Susan Sipe and SLS Consulting to create a website dedicated completely to truck accident cases. The two have created, a site that provides information about tractor trailers, the trucking industry, truck accidents, and common truck accident injuries.

Visitors can find helpful information related to traumatic brain injuries resulting from truck accidents at and spinal cord injuries at

The Page || Cagle truck accident attorneys pride themselves on being extremely accessible to the public. Visitors can contact one of their truck accident lawyer s through an online contact form that can be found at

In sum, Page || Cagle dedicates a significant amount of their time to handling serious injury and death cases related to truck accidents that occur on Missouri roadways. They have created a very user friendly website that provides a great deal of information related to the trucking industry.

John J. Page is a partner at Page || Cagle and can be reached by calling 1.800.500.4658. The Firm's address is 1232 Washington Avenue, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63103.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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New Spanish Language Interpreting Services for Under $1 a Minute

Lifelinks Interpreting Services breaks the $1.00 a minute price barrier offering Spanish language interpreting over the telephone for 99 cents a minute and Spanish Video-interpreting for $1.95 a minute to introduce our easy to install Spanish video-interpreting service, for a limited time only.

(PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- Spanish language interpreting services are now available for less than one dollar thanks to Lifelinks newest service. Miscommunication, medical error, liability, "he said-she said", all factor into regular business transactions in our modern economy particularly in the healthcare industry. Now Lifelinks Interpreting Services offers Spanish telephonic interpreting for only $0.99 a minute and live interactive 2-way video Spanish for $1.95 a minute during regular business hours E.S.T.

For access all users need is a telephone for the former and a webcam/computer for the latter. Spanish language interpreters are experienced in medical, legal and business terminology. There is no minimum usage requirement nor is there equipment to lease. Users own and use their own equipment. Installation takes as little as 10 minutes and functions on a PC, MAC, laptop, Computer On Wheels (COW), Polycom, Tandberg,etc.,even wirelessly.

No longer does a hospital have to wait hours for a live interpreter to arrive at 3 am on Christmas or New Year's Eve in a snowstorm. No longer does the patient have to be wheeled through long, dark corridors in the middle of the night to where the video equipment is located, while immodestly dressed and cold. No longer does the hospital have to locate the key to the secure room where the video equipment is stored to protect it against theft. No longer does the hospital have to commit to long term leases of rapidly obsolete, heavy, bulky equipment. No longer does the hospital have to commit to minimum usage requirements. Lifelinks VRI's service is as close as a PC, laptop or tv.

In addition to Spanish language, Lifelinks provides interpretation services in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Croatian, Farsi, French, French Canadian, French Creole, German, Hindi, Llicano, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Somali, Swahili, Tagalong, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Lifelinks VRI also offers most other languages over video from Afghani to Zulu, when provided with slightly more advance notice.

Because no special equipment is required, the service is available ubiquitously in any room where there is broadband. The service is also available on small desktop devices or mounted on a wall to save floor space. With one click the hospital, pharmacy, health care provider, immigration or law enforcement officer, courtroom, school, post office, bank, etc. can access a live interpreter. The advantages of video over telephonic interpreting are obvious: the interpreter can see and be seen thereby observing the body language of the foreign born individual and, conversely, providing a sense of comfort to the latter when he/she sees a person from her/his native country "live" on the monitor. Studies in hospitals utilizing remote interpreting services by JCAHO The Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Organizations have shown a reduction in medical error, injury, miscommunication, liability and health care costs. The issues of cultural diversity are well known and of serious current concern to the Committee on Issues of Cultural Diversity of the A.M.A.

For information on Spanish language interpreting through Lifelinks Interpreting Services, call Marc at 212-714-2940 or 877-SPANISH or

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Colorado Family Lawyer is Named 2008 Super Lawyer

The Harris Law Firm is happy to announce that Colorado Family Lawyer Rich Harris has been named a Colorado Super Lawyer for 2008!

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- Attorney Richard Harris, founding partner of The Harris Law Firm, has been named a Colorado Super Lawyer for a third consecutive year for Colorado family law. Colorado Super Lawyers are considered leading attorneys in the area of law in which they practice, and are selected by a survey of the state's top lawyers by Law & Politics Magazine.

Rich Harris of the Harris Law Firm
Rich Harris of the Harris Law Firm

The objective of the Super Lawyers selection process is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource to assist attorneys and sophisticated consumers in the search for legal counsel. No other legal publisher goes through the unique multi-step process that Super Lawyer employs to find evidence of peer recognition and professional achievement.

In December 2006, Key Professional Media, Inc. hired Global Strategy Group (GSG); one of the nation's leading market research and consulting firms, to provide an independent assessment of the Super Lawyers selection process. The GSG report concluded that the process is scientific and objective. It stated: "The broad range of sources used to obtain a large and representative nominee pool, the comprehensive data search on each candidate, the protocols used to evaluate nominees, the expert panel system, and the meticulous checks and balances built into the process leave little to chance or idiosyncratic influence."

About The Harris Law Firm
Established in 1993, The Harris Law Firm is one of the largest Colorado family law firms, employing a team of 14 skilled attorneys. In addition to being Denver divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys in Colorado, The Harris Law Firm also handles mediation, marital agreements, and issues regarding maintenance, paternity, grandparents' rights, and step-parent adoptions.

For more information on The Harris Law Firm, including articles written by our Colorado family law attorneys, please visit our Web site:

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Dictation Mobility Leader BigHand Announces New Software for Windows Mobile

BigHand Mobile (Windows Mobile Edition) Solution for Digital Dictation Workflow Developed Using Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Protocol.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- BigHand today announced an advanced Windows Mobile edition of its software, BigHand Mobile (Windows Mobile Edition), which brings professional digital dictation capabilities for Windows Mobile versions 5.0, 6, and 6.1. BigHand uses the enhanced features within the .NET Framework 3.5 and its integration capabilities with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to create connected applications that offer compelling user experiences for mobile devices. This enables devices running BigHand Mobile (Windows Mobile Edition) to act as first class clients within the BigHand Digital Dictation system, fully integrated alongside the traditional desktop client. BigHand currently has over 650 law firms worldwide using its enterprise dictation workflow software.

Windows Mobile Dictation
Windows Mobile Dictation

WCF is Microsoft's unified programming model for building service-oriented applications and it enables BigHand developers to build more secure, reliable, transacted solutions for clients that integrate across platforms and interoperate with existing investments. In terms of features BigHand Mobile (Windows Mobile Edition) also includes advanced memory management, recording & editing functionality, multiple workflow and priority functionality, context driven touch screen & keypad, and an intuitive design enabling one-handed control.

"Today's legal professionals are global and mobile, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clients," said Brian D. Zeve, managing director, U.S. Professional Services Group at Microsoft Corp. "The new BigHand Mobile Digital Dictation software for Windows Mobile improves their availability by enabling anytime, anywhere collaboration and communication with clients, experts and support staff. In addition to maximizing productivity and efficiency, law firms can also realize a reduction in document turnaround times, reduced administrative expenses and better client service - all leading to happier clients and more profitable engagements."

Steve Butterworth, President & CEO, BigHand Inc, commented: "The early integration of the .NET Framework 3.5 into our software demonstrates BigHand's commitment to remaining at the forefront in the adoption and implementation of new Microsoft technology to provide maximum business value to our customers. Utilizing Microsoft Direct Push Technology to send remote dictations to the BigHand Digital Dictation system also means we can utilize the full security provided by Microsoft Exchange Server. Windows Mobile also fully integrates mobile devices into the corporate network enabling them to be administered in the same way as desktop computers."

Why Windows Mobile for Professional Remote Dictation?
Windows Mobile phones deliver enhanced security management, a user-focused experience, and best-in-class messaging and productivity--all with a consistent and familiar Microsoft software experience.

For detailed information on BigHand Mobile (Windows Mobile Edition) please email

Dan Speed, VP Marketing, BigHand. Email: windowsmobile(at) Tel: +1 312 893 5906

About BigHand
BigHand is based out of Chicago, London, Sydney and Toronto. BigHand is the leading digital dictation vendor in the global professional services sector. BigHand3 was awarded "Best of Breed System of the Year" at the Legal Technology Awards for 2008, and nominated as 'New Product of the Year' at the LTN Awards 2008.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Switching to a Content Management System; European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA takes the Jump

With a growing library of news, articles, press releases, users, and events added to their website, The European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA had an ever-growing headache when it came to managing the content on their website. Managing their content was growing too big, too disorganized, and out-of-control. To solve the problem, the European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA partnered with leading web design firm, Blue Water Media.

Washington DC (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- With a growing library of news, articles, press releases, users, and events added to their website, The European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA had an ever-growing headache when it came to managing the content on their website. Managing their content was growing too big, too disorganized, and out-of-control. To solve the problem, the European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA partnered with leading web design firm, Blue Water Media.

After listening to the pains of the European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA, the Blue Water Media team immediately suggested a robust and open-source content management system; namely Joomla! The Joomla! System would be built out to maintain both the design, navigation, and content of the existing site, with additional tools and resources - in addition to a full content management backend.

The Blue Water Media designers were able to create a design that matches the existing EU site while delivering on new tools such as an interactive event planner that allows different users to schedule charities, galas, and conventions. All existing content was then transferred to the new content management system along with maintaining the structure of the old site. The final result is a more attractive and organized site that is easier to manage, update, and format - Making for less staff hours spent managing the content on the site.

About the European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the USA:
Recognizing the importance of American support for European integration, the Union's founders opened an information office in Washington in 1954. In 1971, it became a Delegation with full diplomatic privileges and immunities. The Head of Delegation was accorded full ambassadorial status in 1990.

The Delegation represents the European Commission in its dealings with the US Government for all matters within EU competence or purview. It reports on US developments to headquarters in Brussels and acts as a liaison with other international institutions in Washington, DC. Visit:

About Blue Water Media:
Blue Water Media services range from web design, website redesigns, business card and print materials, corporate logos, SEO (search engine optimization), e-commerce solutions, website maintenance, and web hosting to the Maryland metro area. Contact us to learn more about our web design services in Maryland and beyond. Visit:

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Nathan D. Willner, Esq. Elected Baltimore Jewish Council Officer

Nathan D. Willner, of Counsel to the Law Offices of Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis,P.C. has been elected treasurer of the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC). Mr. Willner was elected at the BJC's Annual Meeting. The Key note speaker at the meeting was the Honorable Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- Nathan D. Willner, of Counsel to the Law Offices of Lyons, Doughty & Veldhuis,P.C. has been elected treasurer of the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC). Mr. Willner was elected at the BJC's Annual Meeting. The Key note speaker at the meeting was the Honorable Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland.

The BJC is the community relations and political arm of THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. The BJC represents area Jewish organizations and congregations on social, political, and humanitarian issues that affect the quality of life of Jews locally, nationally and worldwide. The non-profit organization also provides a forum to respond to concerns by developing policies and guidelines for actions through education and advocacy. Willner accompanied the BJC Influentials Mission to Israel lin 2005 and 2006. The BJC in conjunction with the Weinberg Foundation leads an annual mission to Israel taking local and state politicians, and area business leaders to tour the State of Israel.

In his professional position, Willner represents debt buyers, banks, public companies, business owners, internet companies and law firms in all forms of collection litigation, creditor's rights and judgment execution. He is also on the board of directors of the Greater Baltimore Community Housing Resource Board and has served on numerous other community service boards and committees.

Source: PRWeb: Legal / Law

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Packaging Law Forum Addresses Sustainability and Environmental Regulations for Food and Beverage Packagers

The president of Environmental Packaging International, consultant to some of the best known brands in the world, will speak about environmental and sustainability-related regulations at Packaging Law Forum, a new conference for food and beverage packagers, produced by Packaging World magazine.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- Sustainability is grabbing the headlines, but other regulatory developments on the environmental front are also affecting the business decisions of today's food and beverage packagers. Packaging Law Forum (, scheduled for June 17, at the Gleacher Center in Chicago, will address sustainability programs, as well as other key environmental packaging developments of importance to brand owners. "Current Environmental Law Developments and Food and Beverage Packaging," is one of eight topics to be covered at this first-time forum, produced by Summit Publishing Company's Packaging World magazine.

This session will be presented by Victor Bell, President of Environmental Packaging International (EPI), a consultancy specializing in global environmental packaging and product stewardship requirements. EPI has provided assistance to well known companies such as The Estée Lauder Companies, Costco, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, MeadWestvaco, Microsoft Corporation, Nike, Pitney Bowes Inc., Starbucks and the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

Bell is a Certified Packaging Professional with over 20 years experience working with environmental issues associated with packaging and products and has also served on the Executive Committee of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. His presentation will include discussion of the new regulator of the day - Wal-Mart and other retailers; Heavy Metal, Forest, RPPC and other required certifications; environmental claims and the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines; and chain of custody issues.

Online registration for the Packaging Law Forum is open now at For additional information, please contact Events Manager Adriene Cooper at 312-222-1010.

About Summit Publishing Company
Chicago-based Summit Publishing Company is an integrated media publisher offering business information for packaging professionals. Print magazines include flagship monthly Packaging World (; PACK EXPO Showcase; Healthcare Packaging and Contract Packaging. In addition to packaging e-newsletters, Summit Publishing Company also produces Webcasts and a variety of conferences for packaging professionals.

For more information:
Susan DaMario, Director of Marketing
Summit Publishing Company/Summit Media LLC
Phone 312-222-1010

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Announcing the Strong Women and Love Survey and Chance to Win Prize

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, respected expert for today's women and love, is conducting a ground-breaking survey about relationship issues of women smart in work but not in love. The survey is research for her next book Strong Woman and Love, to help women break unhappy love habits. Survey participants will be entered to win a prize. To participate click Strong Women and Love Survey.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) May 30, 2008 -- "Three lucky women who complete and submit the survey will be chosen at random to receive Strong Women in Love, the book, when it is published, and an hour of free relationship advice on the phone," says Dr. LeslieBeth Wish. The advice includes a personal discussion of survey results and help with smart dating tips, relationship coaching and choosing men more wisely.

Dr. Wish is a former Masters and Johnsonian researcher and therapist who has helped thousands of men and women love smarter for over 30 years.

Almost Smart Cookie
Almost Smart Cookie

Dr. Wish's previous nationally recognized research sparked the Strong Women in Love survey. "The survey is for single professional women ages 20-40+." The reason is because these age groups come from the highest number of divorced or single parents. This factor has created specific and troubling relationship issues such as disappointing choices of men, affairs and depression. Dr. Wish's book Strong Women and Love will help women get over their mistrust, fears and unhappy, unhealthy dating patterns and learn to date and love smart!

Sample True or False questions from the survey include:
1. I don't know how to get over past hurts.
2. I love the high of losing myself in a relationship.
3. I am frequently shocked at the difference in how my partner was in the beginning of the relationship compared to how he acts later.

To take the Strong Women and Love survey, click here.

Preview results will be published in a national press release and on her blog, before the book is published. Of course, the book will feature all the research results.

To illustrate Dr. Wish's research and advice, she developed the character and cartoon strip Almost Smart Cookie. Now, on her blog,, each Almost Smart Cookie cartoon panel is based on on-going findings in her research. Bloggers can follow the love adventures of Cookie and learn from her missteps. The blog invites women to share their similar challenges and solutions. Dr. Wish responds personally to select comments and questions with research based advice from surveys like Strong Women and Love.

About Dr. LeslieBeth Wish:
Dr. LeslieBeth Wish is both a psychologist and social worker, and is nationally recognized for her pioneering work with women's relationship and career issues. She gained national attention as the Clinical Director of the acclaimed New England Institute of Family Relations in Framingham, Massachusetts, the first Masters and Johnson sexual dysfunction clinic in New England. She treated people from all over the world with not only their sexual issues but relationship issues as well. She is a regular contributor to major self-help sites such as, the award-winning consumer site for the National Association of Social Workers, and, Yahoo and Google's number one self improvement site. Her expert advice is frequently quoted in publications such as USA Today, The Washington Post, Women's Health, US Weekly, More Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and CNN online.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

California Family Sues the Las Vegas Sands, LLC, Venetian Casino Resort, LLC, and Manpower, Inc. for Theft, Fraud and Gross Negligence (Case Number A562888)

A California family has moving truck stolen from the guarded and secured lot at the Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to lawsuit, Manpower Inc. was responsible for staffing the security personnel at the lot.

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 -- A California family has sued Las Vegas Sands, LLC, Venetian Casino Resort, LLC, and Manpower Inc. following the theft of their moving truck from the Venetian's secured parking lot.

Pictured above is the Krzyston Family outside of their 26-ft Penske moving truck the morning of their cross-country move from Chicago, IL
Pictured above is the Krzyston Family outside of their 26-ft Penske moving truck the morning of their cross-country move from Chicago, IL

The lawsuit alleges that while moving cross-country from Chicago to Los Angeles during the Thanksgiving holiday of 2006, the Krzyston Family made an overnight stay at the Venetian Hotel and Resort. The family was instructed by Venetian personnel to park their 26-foot Penske moving truck, loaded with all of their belongings, in a lot specifically used for oversized vehicles. They were assured that the lot was secure and guarded 24 hours a day. The next morning the family went to retrieve their truck, only to discover it was gone.

On Christmas Day 2006 the moving truck was found emptied, parked in front of a downtown Las Vegas hotel.

After a few months had passed and still no leads in the investigation, Las Vegas Metro Police used a sting operation and set up a decoy U-Haul moving truck rigged with their own GPS and other surveillance equipment. After a few hours the truck was stolen. Police followed the truck to a nearby storage facility where they made an arrest and found over 17 storage units packed with stolen items. Unfortunately, the Krzyston family was only able to recover less than 5% of their items. All of their furniture, electronics, family photos, and priceless mementos have never been found.

There are 10 causes of action listed in Case A562888 including Gross Negligence, Conversion, Contractual and Tortious Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Constructive Fraud, Intentional and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Negligent Supervision, Hiring and Training.

Complaint has been filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada.

Upon request the actual court complaint and documents.

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Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC Announces Issuance of First Accelerated Patent Under New USPTO Process

The first client patent has issued under the new process for accelerated examination for a Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC client. The patent issued in less than eleven months.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 -- Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC announces its first client patent issued under the new U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) Petition to Make Special (accelerated examination) process.

U.S. Pat. No. 7,377,565 for a Ball Collecting Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof was filed July 17, 2007 and has issued May 27, 2008, less than eleven months from filing. The new Petition to Make Special process was introduced by the USPTO in August 2006. Under this new process, a search is no longer optional and must be performed before filing the patent application. Further, the search is required to include foreign patents and publications. The goal of the process is to reach allowance of a patent application within one year from the filing date. Previously, the USPTO had a much more liberal process that was applicable to particular circumstances or publicly-beneficial inventions.

"In addition to requiring a search, substantial documentation and analysis is required for the fast track result, effectively detailing for the patent examiner the portions of each reference publication that are applicable to the claims of the patent" said Dr. Terry Williamson, Atlanta patent attorney, founder and managing member of the firm. "Normally, the patent process takes at least two years and often much longer, but this new process provides patent applicants with a way to get their patent much more quickly."

Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC serves clients nationwide from Atlanta, Georgia, providing services related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, litigation and corporate matters.

Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC
1870 The Exchange, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339
770-777-0977 voice
770-777-0975 facsimile
800-701-5782 voice and facsimile

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California Attorney Publishes Insider Report: How To Slash Your Attorney Fee Via New Web Site

This comprehensive report provides information on how to reduce legal fees, questions to ask during an initial meeting with an attorney and action to take if you get an excessive statement from an attorney, among other helpful tips.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 -- American Attorney and English Solicitor Fred Reilly recently announced the launch of a new Web site in which consumers can order Insider Report: How To Slash Your Attorney Fee.

Insider Report was written to empower consumers to solve their legal problems in a cost-effective manner, said Reilly, who wrote the report. The report includes the following information:

  • Nine ways unscrupulous attorneys routinely gouge clients.
  • One crucial insider secret to know before the clock starts ticking and you get charged for every paper clip.
  • Three reasons why the most expensive attorney may not be the best choice for handling your legal matter.
  • Six issues to discuss with an attorney during the initial consultation when fees will be set.
  • Twenty specific, surefire strategies for slashing your attorney fee.
  • Five simple ways to make yourself invaluable to your attorney.
  • Four steps to take if you receive an excessive statement for legal services.
  • How to understand the methods of attorney compensation.

"For years, I've been appalled by some of the billing methods and practices used by some members of the legal profession," Reilly said. "I wrote this report so that people who wanted to know how to reduce attorney fees could learn a common sense approach."

Visitors to the site can purchase the report for $49.95. This price includes six free special reports, including 13 points to consider before hiring legal counsel, 23 strategies for taking aggressive legal action and nine ways to slash exposure to lawsuits.

The report comes with a money-back guarantee if not satisfied, Reilly said.

To learn more about Insider Report: How To Slash Your Attorney Fee, or to sign up for a free series of e-mails on reducing legal costs, visit:

About Fred Reilly
Fred Reilly was born in Haines City, Florida and became an attorney in 1986. He is licensed to practice law in California, the District of Columbia and Florida. He also is a licensed English Solicitor. Reilly has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and the United States Court of International Trade. He holds a master's degree in International Business Law from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Roni Deutch Tax Center� Gives Tax Tips For Seniors

In honor of National Older Americans Month, Dan Tomlinson of the Roni Deutch Tax Center gives tax tips to seniors on

North Highlands, CA (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 -- Dan Tomlinson, Director of Tax for Roni Deutch Tax Center, is featured in a new article on where he offers tax tips for American seniors.

"This month is National Older Americans Month," notes Mr. Tomlinson of the Roni Deutch Tax Center. "And between social security, retirement benefits, and Medicare, the tax returns of seniors living in this country can get very messy, very quickly. I thought tax tips for seniors would make a great topic this month on"

Check out a few quotes from Mr. Tomlinson's tax tips below, or you can check out the full article at Top Tax Tips for Seniors.

"If Social Security is your only source of income, then you should have no tax due. Keep in mind, however, if you have other forms of income like a pension you may have to include some of your Social Security income on your tax return. The formulas are somewhat complex, but if one-half of your Social Security plus your other income is over a base amount ($25,000 for single filers, $32,000 for married filers) then the payments start to become taxable."

"Traditional IRA distributions must begin by April 1st of the year following the tax during which the taxpayer reaches age 70 ½. Failure to do so may result in a 50% excise tax of the required distribution. Care should be taken with Roth IRAs. For example, converting from a traditional to a Roth IRA may not be a good move since this conversion requires all taxes be paid in the year of the change. The Roth IRA will accumulate earnings that will later be tax free, but these earnings may not exceed the earlier taxes paid."

"Medical, nursing home, and in-home care expenses add up very quickly. When you prepare your tax return have a list of all of these expenses ready. Most pharmacies will provide you with a list of all prescriptions purchased during the year, which you may be able to deduct on your return. Keep a separate file for each type of expense. For example, one file for doctor visit co-pays, another for medical equipment (canes, walkers, hearing aids), and another for dental visits."

Millions of people recognize tax attorney Roni Deutch as television's "Tax Lady." She has been helping taxpayers nationwide resolve their tax liabilities for 17 years. As an industry leader, she has saved her clients tens of millions of dollars and has helped thousands of families settle their back taxes. In 2006, Ms. Deutch launched Roni Deutch Tax Center to provide quality income tax preparation services to help taxpayers avoid back taxes in the first place.

About Roni Deutch Tax Center
Roni Deutch has built her reputation as one of the most successful tax lawyers through hard work and dedication to the needs of taxpayers. Her competitive spirit and insatiable work ethic has made her a household name with one out of three American adults knowing the name Roni Deutch. Through her years of practice, she saw that many of her clients' tax problems were caused by sloppy and unprofessional tax return preparation. Roni decided it was time to put her experience to work for taxpayers across the country. Roni Deutch Tax Center is now filling the need for competent tax return preparation. An affordable franchise opportunity, a Roni Deutch Tax Center franchisee can expect to pay somewhere between $26,500 (tax preparation business conversion) and $99,950 to open a tax center with the average investment being about $65,000 for one location. For more information, visit, or call 866-RDTC-BUY [(866)-738-2289.

Mathew Guiver
Roni Deutch Tax Center
877-232-8477 Ext. 1914

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Over 50 and Afraid to Lose Your Job?

Alan Sklover, Attorney/Expert on "Working Wisdom," Offers 8 Ways to Keep Yourself Employed and Employable.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 -- Sadly, many in today's workplace environment equate "older worker" with "obsolescence" and "low productivity." Yet "older" can also mean "more experienced," "larger perspective" and "better judgment." You can't stop yourself from getting older, but there are many things you can do to fight the negative connotations of being "older" in today's workplace.

Attorney/Author/Workplace Expert Alan Sklover has just issued a new newsletter in which he shares the 8 ways to maintain your critical "perceived value" in your workplace, and for keeping yourself employed and employable as long as you want to work:

1. Keep Yourself "Tech-Savvy"
2. Stay Close to People and Projects that Produce Revenue
3. Involve Yourself in Long-Term Projects and Programs
4. Build and Maintain Your Company and Industry Relations
5. Play Your Strongest Card -- Experience
6. Look Beyond the Horizon; Surf the "Next Big Wave'
7. Be a "Reputation Enhancer" for Your Company
8. Be Vigilant about Your Physical Appearance

"Learning how to navigate for yourself at work is not mandatory," says Alan Sklover, "But neither is remaining employed." These are the specific steps you can take to keep yourself employed and employable and they are neither costly nor difficult, and surely worth the effort.

Sklover Working Wisdom™ ( is an interactive Blog dedicated to education and empowerment for employees. The Blog's creator and driving force is Attorney Alan L. Sklover, who has represented and counseled employees worldwide for over 25 years. Mr. Sklover is counsel, author and speaker on issues of employment rights and workplace negotiating.

Sklover Working Wisdom™ contains thousands of practical pointers for navigating and negotiating career and workplace issues. The Blog encourages the submission of questions and offers real-life answers, and offers free subscriptions, as well. Individual employees of all ages are invited to interact with the Blog and Mr. Sklover free of charge. Contact Sheree Donath at for information, comments or a feedback.

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Anapol Schwartz Creates Foundation to Support Research/Programs Advancing Public Health and Safety

Announcement Made in PA Super Lawyers, Where Eight Firm Partners Honored

Philadelphia (PRWEB) May 28, 2008 -- Law firm Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman & Smalley, P.C., has officially announced the creation of The Anapol Schwartz Foundation. Established as a Donor Advised Fund at the National Philanthropic Trust, the Foundation will support non-profits serving victims and their families, fund research and programs that advance public health and safety, and ultimately help consumers lead safer and more productive lives.

Contributing an initial $25,000, Anapol Schwartz will dedicate up to $100,000 from its recent Vioxx settlement and additional funds as it wins cases on behalf of clients/their families. The firm will announce the first grantee in summer/fall 2008.

For more than three decades, Anapol Schwartz has been committed to identifying risks before they impact the greater population, and taking on the hard fights early, quickly and directly, whether in the representation of more than 800 plaintiffs in the Vioxx settlement or dozens of victims and families in the Trasylol® litigation.

"In everything we do, we're working to ensure that individuals and their families who have suffered harm are treated fairly and compassionately. The foundation is a natural extension of our dedication to championing victims' rights," says Joel Feldman, managing partner.

The Foundation's formal announcement recently came in the 2008 edition of Pennsylvania Super Lawyers®. The publication identifies attorneys "who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement." Eight Anapol Schwartz partners were honored this year. They were Lawrence Cohan, Joel Feldman, Howard Levin, Mark LeWinter, James Ronca, Alan Schwartz, Bernard Smalley and Sol Weiss.*    

Founded in 1977, Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman & Smalley is a personal injury firm with more than 25 attorneys and law offices in Philadelphia, Media, Reading and Harrisburg, Pa., as well as Cherry Hill, N.J. The firm has a multi-faceted practice with a tradition of excellence in medical malpractice law, pharmaceutical mass tort, medical device matters, toxic tort, class actions, products liability, automobile, investor claims and wrongful termination litigation.

  • Lawrence Cohan: Bachelor's degree from Boston University (summa cum laude, 1976): University of Pennsylvania Law School (1979). Resides in Gladwyne, Pa.
  • Joel Feldman: Bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont (1976); Villanova University School of Law (1981). Resides in Springfield, Pa.
  • Howard Levin: Bachelor's degree from University of Illinois (1978); Villanova University School of Law (1981). Resides in Villanova, Pa.
  • Mark LeWinter: Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland (1978); Capital University Law School (1981). Resides in Gladwyne, Pa.
  • James Ronca: Bachelor's degree from Leigh University (with honors, 1974); The Dickinson School of Law (1977). Resides in Center City Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pa.
  • Alan Schwartz: Bachelor's degree from Temple University (1960); Temple University Beasley School of Law (1963). Resides in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
  • Bernard Smalley: Bachelor's degree from Temple University (1971); Widener University School of Law (1980). Resides in West Philadelphia.
  • Sol Weiss: Bachelor's degree from the Pennsylvania State University (1968); Villanova University School of Law (1972). Resides in Bryn Mawr, Pa.


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City of Hanford, California Agrees to Pay $15 Million to Settle a Negligence Claim by a Brain Injured Boy Represented by the Personal Injury Law Firm of Bisnar Chase

On May 8, 2008, A California court approved a $15 Million settlement in a municipal negligence claim against the City of Hanford, Ca., involving a bicycle-automobile accident. Jupiter Chan sued Hanford on behalf of his son, Christopher, who sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle. The Chans' alleged that Hanford was negligent in maintaining the roadway and providing appropriate signage. Hanford settled with Christopher Chan for a lifetime stream of payments in excess of $15 million. California personal injury law firm Bisnar Chase represented Christopher Chan in the Superior Court of California, Kings County, Case Number 06C0206.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2008 -- A California court signed a $15 Million out-of-court settlement of a municipality negligence claim against the City of Hanford, Ca. Jupiter Chan sued Hanford on behalf of his son, Christopher, who sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle. The Chans' allege that Hanford was negligent in maintaining the roadway and providing appropriate signage. The week before trial, Hanford settled out-of-court with Christopher Chan for a lifetime stream of payments of $15 million. California personal injury law firm Bisnar Chase represented Christopher Chan in the Superior Court of California, Kings County, Case Number 06C0206.

On May 31, 2005, 14-year-old Christopher Chan was riding his bicycle when he was hit by an automobile at the intersection of 11th Avenue and Pepper Drive. According to court documents, before the accident Chan was a vibrant, inquisitive and intelligent eighth-grader. Now he has no short term memory; has the verbal ability of a 6-year-old; focuses on simple tasks for only 15 minutes at a time; and needs an attendant to help him with his everyday physical needs.

According to the lawsuit, this intersection was hazardous to school children crossing to and from school due to its physical makeup, no effective controls and no signage or crossing guard. Hanford's records showed the city was aware of these dangerous conditions but did not correct them.

Hanford settled with Christopher Chan for $15 million paid over his lifetime to cover his past and future medical expenses; therapy and round-the-clock care for the rest of his life. The parties were notified of the signing May 21st.

"Such a tragedy, that a traumatic brain injury has robbed Christopher Chan of a self-sufficient and productive life," said Brian Chase, partner in Bisnar Chase. "This wouldn't have happened if the elected officials of Hanford were doing their jobs by ensuring the public's safety. This case should serve as a warning to other elected city officials: do your jobs."

About Bisnar Chase

Bisnar Chase is a California personal injury law firm that represents people who have been very seriously injured or lost a family member because of an accident, a defective product or negligence. They have won a wide variety of challenging personal injury cases, ranging from auto, construction, pool and on-the-job accidents, dog attacks, governmental agency negligence to defect products made by Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit: and

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ignited Discovery Adopts Equivio Technology for Near-Duplicate Detection and Email Thread Analysis

Ignited Discovery has announced the adoption of Equivio's technology for near-duplicates and email threads. The Equivio technology will be utilized in Ignited Discovery's e-forensics, e-discovery, and e-review services.

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) May 28, 2008 -- Ignited Discovery, a leading provider of electronic discovery processing services, today announced the adoption of Equivio's technology for near-duplicates and email threads. The Equivio technology will be utilized in Ignited Discovery's e-forensics, e-discovery, and e-review services.

"The continued growth of electronically stored information has created huge challenges for the litigating world," stated Russ Kaulback at Ignited Discovery. "Both law firms and corporations are challenged by the skyrocketing costs of document review, as well as the need to comply with the new federal rules of civil procedure governing e-discovery. Equivio helps us to address these issues, streamlining the review process and significantly reducing our client's e-discovery costs."

Through the integration of Equivio technology in its service offering, Ignited Discovery will be offering its clients Equivio's software for detection and grouping of near-duplicate documents and email threads, complementing and enhancing its portfolio of electronic discovery, litigation support and compliance solutions.

Equivio's technology helps attorneys focus on the data they need to win cases. The grouping of near-duplicates and email threads allows attorneys to skip redundant data, while focusing exclusively on the unique information in each document. By enhancing the findability of data, Equivio reduces the risk of missing key information. The Equivio groupings also ensure similar documents are treated consistently, while enhancing review productivity and helping litigators meet tight deadlines.

"From close hand, we have seen Ignited Discovery's intense commitment to applying technology to help its customers deal with the issues on the e-discovery table," said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. "The adoption of Equivio's proven technology for near-duplicates and email threads gives Ignited's customers the edge they need to compete effectively."

About Ignited
Ignited Discovery is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, electronic discovery processing services to law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. Specializing in value-added electronic discovery processing solutions, Ignited Discovery provides a wide range of advanced services in the areas of e-forensics, e-discovery, e-review, litigation planning and creative custom solutions. Ignited Discovery is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. For more information, visit

About Equivio
Equivio groups near-duplicates and structures email threads. Equivio's patent-pending technology zooms in on unique data, allowing you to read less, think more, win big™. In the 2007 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey, law firms ranked Equivio as a Top 10 software vendor. To learn more about winning with Equivio, email or visit

For Ignited Discovery:
Russ Kaulback
rkaulback @

For Equivio:
Warwick Sharp @

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