Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TrakSoft LLC Announces the Release of Contract Analyst, Version 4.5, a Contract Management System

TrakSoft LLC announced the release of Contract Analyst, version 4.5, an innovative and full-featured Contract Management System that includes many new user enhancements and internal performance enhancements. Enhancements include Active Directory authentication and login, user customized window views, including sub-reports when creating reports in the built-in ad hoc report writer.

With each new release our developers outdo themselves

Rockledge, FL (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 -- TrakSoft LLC, a 19-year professional software development firm, announced the release of Contract Analyst, version 4.5, an innovative and full-featured Contract Management System that includes many new enhancements.

Solid, Reliable, and Proven
Solid, Reliable, and Proven

“There has been 22 user enhancements and well over 50 internal performance enhancements implemented in Contract Analyst since the release of version 4.0,” said Gary Harris, Director and Chief Developer. “Version 4.5 adds seven additional user enhancements and several internal performance enhancements, raising the bar another notch.”

The most noticeable enhancement in the new version of Contract Analyst is the new Single Sign-on feature. This new feature provides the capability to validate a user’s login credentials in Active Directory or local machine login each time the user goes into the application. Contract Analyst can be configured to automatically sign in users that are already logged into their computer. In addition, when the user changes their password for logging into the network or Active Directory, there is no need to go into Contract Analyst to change their password.

“A powerful new addition is the capability to include sub-reports in user-defined reports using the built-in ad hoc report writer,” said Kimberly Phillips, Owner of Data Radiance. “Adding sub-reports in user-built reports provides very robust reporting. With the built-in report writer I can create powerful reports based on any data contained in the database in real-time.”

Another new enhancement in Contract Analyst is the addition of Window Views. This enhancement is a part of the powerful user-customization capabilities in the system. System Administrators now have the capability to create different views for the same window. For example, one set of fields can be displayed for a particular type of contract and a different set of fields can be displayed for a different type of contract, such as a service contract versus a purchase contract. This feature brings user-defined customization to a whole new level. Other user-customization capabilities include renaming, hiding, and moving fields on a window, making fields mandatory, or adding new fields and new windows to the application to meet an organization’s needs.

The Proposals Module in Contract Analyst provides the capability to create and manage proposals to submit for bids or for proposals received on bids. Proposals can be entered in manually or imported in from an electronic bids file created by the eBids program. A new feature added in this new version is the capability to create a new proposal record in Contract Analyst from an existing proposal record. This allows users to create new proposals by copying similar data from an existing proposal. The New Proposal Wizard provides the capability to select the specific data to bring forward. A user does not have to copy the entire proposal. This new feature also provides users with the ability to create “template” proposal records to copy from as a starting point in proposal record creation. This feature is similar to the New Contract Wizard feature in the Contracts Module allowing new contract records to be created from existing contracts or templates.

“We have added numerous small enhancements and functionalities to Contract Analyst since its inception,” said Paul Gronka, Senior Developer. “These small enhancements and most major enhancements are based on requests from our clients. We listen to their needs and build it into the system.”

Contract Analyst is a comprehensive and robust Contracts Management System. It includes over 1270 data elements of which 260 are user-customizable drop down selection lists; powerful e-mail alert system providing the capability to set e-mail alerts on almost every field in the system; a built-in ad hoc report writer; robust user customization to meet organizational needs; support for five enterprise database servers; extensive group level security; one full year of unmatched product support provided by the developers themselves and not untrained helpdesk personnel following checklists; and realistic transparent pricing (not per-user) posted on the product web site.

“With each new release our developers outdo themselves providing extremely useful and intuitive product enhancements,” said Gary Harris, Director and Chief Developer. “Each enhancement is carefully planned, designed, tested, and implemented with the users in mind while maintaining system flexibility.”

Contract Analyst provides the capability for organizations to quickly get and maintain control of contracts. Contract management processes can be simplified and streamlined. Contract management risks can be identified and reduced. Improve the accuracy of contract information and reporting and never miss important contract dates, deadlines, and milestones.

TrakSoft LLC, in Rockledge, Florida, specializes in professional software development for both the government and private sectors. For more information, or to download a free trial version or request an on-line demo, please visit www.ContractAnalyst.com.


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