Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homeland Security Network LLC Signs Agreement with Line of Duty Learning

Miami based company creates the first FREE full network for First Responders sponsored by private sector advertisers. HS Network expected to reach 3 million First Responders by 2011.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 10, 2010 -- "We are proud to sign an agreement with line of duty Learning. Line of Duty Learning is bringing its vast Streaming Video Library and E-Learning Courseware to classroom and online education in law enforcement, criminal justice homeland security and private security. This will contribute to our network’s utility to the Homeland Security community by providing more excellent services that only private industry can provide in a comprehensive and secure platform that handles sensitive but unclassified materials.” states Henry Morgenstern, CEO of the HS Network. “We expect it to operate more efficiently than the Homeland Security Information Network much as private carriers like FedEx and UPS have replaced the US Post Office.”

The Homeland Security Network was established by private investor groups to provide the nation’s first backbone of information for Homeland Security First Responders. The network will provide free, on-demand training as well as pay per play training in everything from Fire safety and Gun Safety for Children, straight through to advanced tactical training for SWAT teams seeking to become more familiar with terrorist incidents. The network will provide secure delivery to agencies and give them the real-time ability to upload information, review video content in a YouTube like format, get critical news based on new feed technologies and even receive special reports and documents under one comprehensive portal. In addition, the company will provide other private entities Open Source Intelligence reports. “We are filling a gap which the US Government has been unable to provide in terms of providing up-to-date intelligence from Open Sources. Jurisdictions with fire, law enforcement, medical and emergency response will now have access. In addition, the network will be peer to peer in the information sharing sense. There will be no case in which information flows up to an agency and then disappears. The increased sharing provides power to the people concerned with protecting us all.”

Private vendors to the Homeland Security industry from makers of sophisticated platforms like robots and detection equipment or biometrics to manufacturers of simple high tech barrier devices will use the network not only to advertise their products but to provide instantly updateable product training which cannot be posted on conventional web sites. HS Network will produce the content utilizing advanced learning techniques and technologies. It is expected that First Responders in the field will be able to download instructions on any product to their handhelds, pda’s and cell phones.

The network is being operated by Security Solutions International of Miami, Florida contributing its experience with training more than 800 Government agencies over the last decade.

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About Homeland Security Network LLC: Founded by the President of Security Solutions International, Henry Morgenstern and partners, the HS Network aims to provide the Homeland Security First Responder with a completely secure network enabling communication of skill sets and intelligence inter-agency. The HS Network will be sponsor-driven and content will be provided FREE to qualified agencies at the Federal, State and local levels from the end of 2010.

About Line of Duty Learning: In the Line of Duty is the recognized world leader in law enforcement and criminal justice video training. Thousands of law enforcement agencies, colleges, departments of government, libraries and consortiums incorporate Line of Duty in their educational and training programs.

The hundreds of Line of Duty videos have all been produced using real video and analysis from officers involved and some of the nation's most highly regarded law enforcement teachers and trainers.

Now, In the Line of Duty is introducing Line of Duty-Learning which brings our entire video library available under a vast streaming video and E-learning format.

Educators and trainers, their students, officers, and recruits will now be able to access any of the hundreds of Line of Duty programs at their fingertips.

The opportunities for uniform education and training, efficiency of teaching models, reach, availability and access are obvious.

About SSI: Security Solutions International (SSI )has helped more than 800 Federal, State and local agencies by training to prevent, prepare and respond to the asymmetrical threat of organized crime, gangs, drug cartels, terrorist organizations, disease and natural disasters since 2004.

Security Solutions International also provides the professional First Responder community with the leading media in the field as the publishers of The Counter Terrorist Magazine, The Counter Terrorist Newsletter, webinars and interactive learning, as well as the Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference & Exposition – the central event in the First Responder calendar. The company has been contracted to provide content for the newly established, first in the nation, Homeland Security Network which will debut in 2010. The completely secure network will be entirely sponsor driven and will provide First Responders with something they most need: a centralized, free source of real-time actionable intelligence, training, networking and an interactive learning experience.

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