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Attorney Nick Feizy from Feizy Law Office Offers Some Professional Tips On Dealing With Auto Accident Insurance Adjusters

Whenever one files any type of insurance claim, an adjuster will be assigned to this claim. An adjuster is an employee of the insurance company that would be handling the claim. In a motor vehicle accident claim, typically there are two adjusters. One is the property damage adjuster that will handle the car damage and the other is the injury adjuster that will handle the injury portion of the claim. Sometimes however only one adjuster will handle both the property damage and the injury claim. In handling a claim, it is crucial to know how to speak, act and negotiate with the insurance company and its adjusters.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 22, 2010 -- When involved in a car wreck, the first thing that happens is an insurance claim is filed. At that time a claim number is assigned and soon an adjuster will be assigned to the claim. Usually the adjuster needs more information from the injured person to investigate the claim. It is not uncommon for an adjuster to make contact immediately and within 24 hours of the accident. Often the adjusters will personally show up to the injured person’s house. The property damage adjuster will attempt to settle the car damage. He or she will offer a nominal amount such as $500.00 immediately to close the claim and pay the minimum possible amount. It is important to note that the adjuster’s job is to pay the absolute minimum amount possible to close the claim. Also, the injury adjuster might offer a nominal amount immediately to settle the injjury portion of the claim. Remeber that there are two parts to this claim, one is the property damage and one is the injury part. However, after a car accident most often one is not aware of his or her injuries so quickly. So, accepting any amount of money for injuries without even knowing the extent or nature of such injuries would not be prudent. If one is cautious and doesn’t accept any settlement from the injury adjuster, then this adjuster might ask for a medical authorization to obtain medical bills and records. Be aware as such authorization could be very broad and impinge on your privacy as to records that are unrelated to the accident. A simple solution would be to obtain the bills and records related to the accident and forward them to the adjuster. The adjuster would have to be informed that the medical treatments could take weeks or months and at that time the bills and records will be forwarded.

In injury claims, often the insurance adjuster will request a recorded statement. Although one is not obligated to provide a recorded statement, this may or may not be beneficial in resolving the claim. Quite often the adjuster will deny the claim if one does not provide a recorded statement but other times the investigating adjuster will accept liability without a recorded statement. Sometimes, even if one does provide a recorded statement the insurance adjuster will still deny the claim. An option here would be to provide a statement to the adjuster but to not give permission for such statement to be recorded. Depending on the facts of the case one must decide whether or not to provide a recorded statement.

Regardless of what the adjuster says, just remember that this adjuster gets his or her paycheck from the insurance company.
Adjusters can be very pushy and aggressive. Their goal is to minimize liability and pay the least amount of money on behalf of their employer insurance company. Regardless of what the adjuster says, just remember that this adjuster gets his or her paycheck from the insurance company. They do not have the best interest of the injured person in mind, on the contrary they have the best interest of the insurance company in mind.

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