Friday, May 28, 2010

New Online Training Program Now Makes It Possible For Anyone To Develop Dynamic Public Speaking And Presentation Skills

Public speaking veteran with over 40 years experience reveals how literally anyone can develop the necessary skills to make compelling presentations. A rapid transformation is now possible using accelerated learning methods.

Paphos, Cyprus (PRWEB) May 28, 2010 -- is now offering a new online training program that makes it possible for literally anyone to develop dynamic public speaking skills and deliver compelling presentations.

"A student can excel academically and get excellent grades, and an individual may become a successful professional in a given field," says David James, the instructor at, "yet when it comes to public speaking or making a presentation before a group of people, they find this their greatest challenge!"

"Equipped with these presentation skills, you will feel more confident in front of an audience than you have felt in your whole life!"
David F. James, a British national now living in Cyprus, has over 40 years experience in public speaking. In creating the web site, his aim is to enable literally anyone to master key presentation skills that can transform their social lives and their careers.

With numerous coaching programs and public speaking seminars available, what makes this so different? David James explains: "In preparing essays for my Bachelor of Education degree, I studied accelerated learning techniques. Although my focus at the time was teaching English language to speakers of other languages, I realized the same methods could be employed in presentation skills training."

Using audio, visual, and graduated recall methods which etch the communication skills onto the brain, he maintains that an individual can make rapid progress, no matter what their background or previous experience may be.

This could be the answer for anyone who is called upon to make presentations and yet feels inadequate or unqualified.

"Equipped with these presentation skills, you will feel more confident in front of an audience than you have felt in your whole life!" says the blurb on the home page.

Early visitors to the web site are being offered the first two lessons free so they can test it out for themselves.

David F. James is the instructor behind the web site and offers an online workshop comprising 24 weekly lessons in addition to the option of personal coaching on a weekly basis. If requested, he works with a client in the actual development of the presentation.

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