Friday, July 2, 2010

Morgan Drexen, Inc Says the War is to Fight Debt in America Consumers in Debt Need Help Not Victimization

A Reputable Californian Company Has Received a Victory in a Montana Court, as a Bogus Lawsuit Filed by John Heenan of The Heenan Law Firm Was Thrown out of the State. Morgan Drexen, Inc. CEO Walter Ledda Says, “ It is This Type of Behavior by Attorneys Such as Heenan Victimizing People in Debt, That Gives the Entire Industry a Bad Name.”

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) July 2, 2010 -- An innocent Fromberg couple that filed a bogus lawsuit, with the assistance of John Heenan of The Heenan Law Firm has been thrown out of the Federal District Court of the Billings Division.

A victory, for the Montana justice system, and a victory for Morgan Drexen, Inc as a class action suit is thrown out, of a Montana court. According to CEO Walter Ledda, “We were wrongly accused. This is now playing out as a competitor with sour grapes.”

John Heenan helped in preparing pleadings for Josh and Tamee Ward, claiming Morgan Drexen ripped them off. CEO Ledda says, “The Wards have suffered enough stress caused by almost a decade of bad credit and financial concerns. In my opinion, for Heenan, to use the Fromberg couple in this lawsuit is a desperate scheme by a lawyer, who clearly views any attorney supported by Morgan Drexen as a competitor. This is outrageous! The Wards needed help not to be victimized.”

Morgan Drexen is an evolving alternative to traditional debt settlement services. They provide legal software and outsourced services to attorneys across the United States. These attorneys represent consumers, who strive to avoid the scar of bankruptcy.

Debt settlement has come under fierce attack in recent months, as the industry has grown rapidly. America is dealing with a slow economy, a hike in fuel prices, and a depreciating real estate market. Americans are in more debt than ever before.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, New York City Department of Affairs Commissioner, Jonathan Mintz said, “Debt settlement companies are trying to figure out a way to make a profit out of consumer's desperation.” Morgan Drexen CEO Ledda adds, "It is this type of behavior by attorneys such as Heenan, seen to be victimizing people in debt, which gives the entire industry a bad name.”

Attorneys throughout America, supported by the integrated legal services of Morgan Drexen are reducing debt dramatically. The Bradshaw Law Firm is one such attorney.
Montana resident David Meier was in financial difficulty when he contacted the Bradshaw Law firm. Morgan Drexen provides legal software and support for the Bradshaw Law Firm in Montana. David admitted in a recent interview; “I was refused severance pay after 30 years working for the same company. That’s how I got into trouble in the first place. The debt on my Chase credit card was reduced down to 48% of the principle. The only thing I can say to the Bradshaw Law Firm is big thanks.”

Consumers throughout the nation facing financial difficulty and facing the scar of bankruptcy are vulnerable. Morgan Drexen, supports attorneys representing those consumers. The attorneys, supported by Morgan Drexen’s sophisticated software platform will guide the client to a debt free life.
The information in this press release pertains to case CV-09-164-BLG-RFC.

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