Thursday, June 24, 2010

SEO Expert Expands Internet Marketing Offerings With Local Business Marketing Company

Leading provider of internet marketing services and search engine marketing consulting begins to offer customized programs to the local business marketplace through

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Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) June 24, 2010 -- Despite a tepid growth of the economy, the number of small businesses are growing. Historically, the number of small business start ups increase when unemployment rises. Necessity is the mother of invention at the workplace too.

Internet Marketing Promotion
Internet Marketing Promotion, a provider of search engine optimization services (or better known as SEO), began offering local business SEO and ala carte Internet marketing programs to the local business segment. Now, local businesses such as the dentist, chiropractor, restaurant, attorney, plumber, house painter, and real estate agent can take advantage of these same sophisticated marketing services that national and international companies previously had access to.

One of the areas Search Marketing ROI sees as a huge growth segment for the local business is online video marketing. "Local businesses are able to capitalize on top-notch online marketing that generates results in a short period of time for a lower starting investment", says principal SEO consultant for, Mr Anthony Yap. He added that local businesses have much to gain from better online exposure since the adoption rate of Internet marketing is still slow for the local business marketplace.

According to Mr Yap, local business owners are typically specialists and therefore tend to pay little attention or at least make few changes to their marketing. Unfortunately, they tend to stick to more traditional marketing practices such as flyers or newspaper advertising which are on the decline in effectiveness.

The rapid rise in Internet usage makes a compelling case for online marketing adoption. Mr Yap explains, "even if a local business doesn't generate a direct sale through a product order in the case of an ecommerce shopping website, brick and mortar businesses in your local neighborhood are needed all the time by Internet users. Evidence of this is in the daily and monthly search volume for localized search terms provided for free by the major search engines. Thus, a business can get in front of this wave of interested consumers who will take one or more of the following actions: call, request a quote online, or send an email to the business for more information."

An astute marketer who also offers Internet marketing consulting to select clients, Mr Yap gave examples where local businesses such as a lasik surgeon can generate more calls to their office from qualified prospects. The Internet gives the search user the ability to research and find more information about what they intend to purchase so local businesses can offer reports and buying guides besides being a brochure website like many other websites.

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