Monday, June 28, 2010

Morgan Drexen Victory As Class Action Suit Is Thrown Out Of A Montana Court

A Montana Court Has Thrown out Allegations, that Morgan Drexen, Inc. Were Deceptive and Predatory to a Fromberg Couple. A Montana Judge has thrown the Case out of the State. The Wards Entered a Debt Assisted Attorney Based Program That They Didn’t Complete. Morgan Drexen's Defense Attorney Says, "The Judge Ruled Based on Fact and Not Hysteria."

Los Angeles (Vocus/PRWEB ) June 28, 2010 -- A Fromberg couple that claims a reputable Californian company ripped them off has suffered a blow in their attempt to obtain unjustified damages. John and Tamie Ward are trying to obtain compensation, for an attorney based assisted debt program they entered but never completed.

The Wards filed a class action suit against Morgan Drexen, Inc. alleging that the firm, whom they hired to help solve their enormous debt problems, misled them. The Wards joined the attorney based debt assisted program supported by Morgan Drexen with several judgments in place and almost a decade of debt and bad credit.

A Montana judge has thrown the case out of a Federal District Court of the Montana Billings division and ruled in favor of Morgan Drexen granting them a motion to transfer. This is a blow to the Wards who were persuaded to take action against Morgan Drexen by John Heenan of Heenan Law. An attorney who himself is associated with the debt settlement industry.

Morgan Drexen is an evolving alternative to traditional debt settlement services. They provide integrated legal support systems to attorneys across the United States, who helps consumers facing the scar of bankruptcy.

For many this alternative is a huge success. In 2010 Morgan Drexen has supported attorneys as they help families across American rid themselves of $44.2 million in debt. The Attorneys supported by Morgan Drexen have settled this debt for $17.1 million.

Morgan Drexen CEO Walter Ledda says, “They were clearly in financial difficulty when they entered the program with Montana attorney Blaine Bradshaw. We support the Bradshaw Law Firm with our integrated legal systems; even though the Wards had limited resources they were able to access Blain Bradshaw for legal help. However, the attorneys we support are familiar with representing consumers facing bankruptcy. The wards missed several payments after engaging with the attorney and therefore there were no funds to pay their accrued debts.”

Montana attorney John Heenan of The Heenan Law Firm represents the plaintiffs. The former forklift truck driver admits on his law firm’s website that hiring an attorney is an important step in fighting debt. Ledda says, “It seems his intentions were to sling mud at the competition for his own gain.” The Federal Court ruling substantially changes the stakes for the wards and their attorney.

Defense attorney Mark Parker says, “ In my view this is a good result for Morgan Drexen, this means the judge responded to the facts and law and not hysteria.”

Companies associated with the debt settlement industry have received heavy criticism in the past. Morgan Drexen works closely with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as the agency aims to design regulations to protect the consumer from acts of abusive debt settlement companies.

The information in this press release pertains to case CV-09-164-BLG-RFC.

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