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ipCapital Licensing Company Launches New Strategic & Systematic Approach to IP Sale and Licensing

ipCapital Licensing Company, LLC (, today announces the start of its operations

Williston, VT (PRWEB) June 29, 2010 -- ipCapital Licensing Company, LLC (, today announces the start of its operations which is designed to become the world's most experienced intellectual property licensing firm. The ipCapital Licensing Company was spun out of the successful ipCapital Group, Inc. which is an IP strategy consulting firm that advises companies of all sizes, through the full lifecycle of IP, from creation to monetization to retirement.

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Many companies have made significant investments in research and product development and have generated valuable intellectual property portfolios. The challenge for most companies is how to extract the value from the intellectual property when needed. Most companies are good at their core business but they might not fully understand or have the experience to sell and license intellectual property. ipCLC will help these businesses and entrepreneurs monetize their intellectual property.

ipCLC has a time-tested team and process that provides results for selling and licensing intellectual property. Located in Williston, Vermont, and led by John Cronin, who is Chairman of ipCapital Group, Inc., the newly formed company will assist companies of all sizes with their intellectual property sale and licensing needs.

According to John Cronin, Chairman and Managing Director of ipCLC, “The vast experience of the ipCapital Licensing Company includes experts who have worldwide knowledge of inventing technology, IP transaction methodology, IP portfolio management, and experience in a vast number of companies of all sizes. This level of expertise adds crucial value in developing, selling and licensing patents to boost revenue sources. ipCLC’s experts provide a maximum level of services to licensing, based on true valuations of research and business cases. Licensing can explore high levels of monetization impacting the marketplace, and can often be tied up in costly litigation. The strategy and tools ipCLC brings to the table provide avenues to eliminate legal issues and provide licensing paths which are based on evenhanded IP transactions. This extraordinary path is utilized to support a licensing process creditable to both the licensor and licensee. The systematic and expert approach by ipCLC implements the value of IP Licensing, which can be extremely effective to parties interested in licensing out, or obtaining patents to execute market based needs. This compelling, licensing revenue model provides a gateway for interested parties to work collaboratively to utilize the full lifecycle of IP.”

John Cronin of ipCLC said “The demand for our services is very strong. We are signing up companies ranging from venture capital backed companies to Fortune 500. Companies with strong IP portfolios want help in extracting value.”

About ipCapital Group
Since 1998, ipCapital Group has delivered over 550 successful IP engagements to companies in a wide range of industries. Its professional services maximize financial results for clients that seek to develop and execute IP strategies, strengthen and monetize IP portfolios, and establish and implement IAM practices. ipCapital Group has an interdisciplinary team trained in business, law, marketing, and product development that provides a systematic and comprehensive view of the full life cycle of IP, from creation to monetization to retirement. For more information, visit

ipCapital Licensing Company
400 Cornerstone Drive, Suite 325
Williston, VT 05495


John Ciannamea
ipCapital Licensing Company

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