Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Form I-9 Compliance, LLC Announces the GetReady� Service for Federal Contractors Subject to Executive Order 2989, Regarding E-Verify Mandatory Requirements

The GetReady© Service allows Federal Contractors to begin preparing for batch processing of E-Verify before they have received the E-Verify clause in their Federal Contract(s). Form I-9 Compliance, LLC will image and index pre-existing paper I-9 Forms into its Federal Contractor database, indicate which Forms I-9 need corrective action prior to submisison to E-Verify, allow contractors to create correct Forms I-9, and, when the employer receives the E-Verify clause in their Federal Contract(s), Form I-9 Compliance, LLC will batch process all eligible records to E-Verify, helping employers comply with the short timeframe requirements contained in Subpart 22.18, "Employment Eligibility Verification", of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The GetReady© process helps to eliminate the risk of non-compliance that could result in the possible cancellation of Federal Contracts, a risk not worth taking.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2010 -- Form I-9 Compliance, LLC, the industry leader in electronic I-9, E-Verify and I-9 compliance technology and services, is introducing the Federal Contractor E-Verify GetReady© service. This new and creative GetReady© service includes the imaging and indexing of pre-existing paper I-9 Forms into a Federal Contractor database for E-Verify batch processing at a future date, upon an organization’s receipt of the FAR E-Verify clause in their Federal Contract(s).

GetReady© is a powerful tool that can be implemented quickly by organizations of any size. This fully integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) system gives Federal Contractors the tools necessary to electronically capture and remediate any flawed, missing, or extra I-9 Forms in anticipation of receiving a Federal Contract with the FAR E-Verify clause. Critical expiring document alerts and automated termination capabilities for purging I-9 Forms that extend beyond the Department of Homeland Security “Retention Guidelines” are also included with this service. Most importantly, now Federal Contractors can proactively GetReady© to batch E-Verify their employees, once the inevitable FAR language appears in their existing or new Federal Contract(s).

If you are a Federal Contractor, Federal Subcontractor or will become a Federal Contractor or Federal Subcontractor at a future date, time-sensitive steps need to be taken to comply with the new E-Verify Federal Contractor provisions. Organizations must enroll in E-Verify or update their E-Verify account within 30 calendar days of the Contract award date that contains the FAR E-Verify clause. Upon E-Verify registration as a Federal Contractor, organizations will be required to initiate verification of all existing employees assigned to their qualifying Federal Contract within 90 calendar days. If an organization chooses to E-Verify their entire workforce, they will be required to initiate verification of all remaining existing employees within 180 calendar days.

Our experience since the inception of Executive Order 12989 on September 8, 2009, demonstrates that many Federal Contractors are not prepared for the labor intensive amount of “preliminary” work that goes into gathering all of their historical I-9 Forms, ensuring that there is an I-9 Form on file for every employee hired after November 6, 1986, and tracking down the employees who do not have an I-9 Form on file. Federal Contractors are now scrambling to upgrade their I-9 compliance processes in anticipation of receiving Federal Contracts with the FAR E-Verify clause included.

Once a Federal Contractor utilizes the GetReady© service, they are supplied with a simple to use dashboard and report which identifies any pre-existing I-9 Forms that are missing, flawed or extra. This GetReady© service provides Federal Contractors the compliance tools necessary to remediate any I-9 Form compliance issues in anticipation of receiving the FAR E-Verify clause.

The addition of the GetReady© process into the Form I-9 Compliance, LLC suite of services further differentiates Form I-9 Compliance, LLC in the I-9 marketplace by continuing to provide organizations with best practices electronic compliance solutions such as:

  • Allowing Federal Contractors to proactively complete all preliminary work associated with the FAR E-Verify requirements;
  • Assisting Federal Contractors, so that they can adhere to the time limits as mandated by Executive Order 12989;
  • Providing Federal Contractors with the ability to securely transition to an electronic, paperless and fully integrated I-9 system using this Federally approved E-Verify service;
  • Guaranteeing accurate completion of electronic I-9s with automatic error-detecting processing;
  • Ensuring that E-Verify Tentative Non-Confirmations (TNC) are handled correctly with step-by-step processes, auto-populated SSA notifications, referral letters and detailed tutorials; and
  • Capturing electronic signatures, along with automated I-9 expiration and re-verification alerts.

"With Form I-9 Compliance's new GetReady© service, Federal Contractors will now have the ability to help avoid I-9 Form paperwork violations and penalties, while substantially reducing or completely eliminating their risk of being sanctioned in the event of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) investigation or Department of Homeland Security I-9 compliance audit," said Thomas Brechtel, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Form I-9 Compliance. "The GetReady© process helps to eliminate the risk of non-compliance that could result in the possible cancellation of Federal Contracts, a risk not worth taking.”

Form I-9 Compliance, LLC:

Form I-9 Compliance provides the most comprehensive outsourced electronic Form I-9 solutions, including integration with employers’ Human Resources software and extensive management reports that enable employers to monitor the I-9 and E-Verify activity within their organizations. The unique patent pending software enables employers to access the E-Verify Program in a compliant, cost effective and time saving manner. Employers, who are considering verification through the E-Verify Program, need not wait for the time when use of this system may be mandated by law. Full compliance, and the cost savings of converting current I-9 programs to a paperless system can be achieved now and the value of the E-Verify Program can be effectively maximized. Many organizations, including several of the Fortune 100, trust Form I-9 Compliance because the company delivers customer focused I-9 compliance solutions that provide greater efficiency and faster results.

For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.formi9.com

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