Friday, April 23, 2010

nScaled Announces the Availability of the MicroPod Appliance

High availability device migrates workloads, reduces latency, protects and recovers data locally and in the cloud

Sausalito, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2010 -- nScaled announced today the availability of the MicroPod™ Appliance designed to help traditional organizations migrate core infrastructure to cloud services while protecting data and system availability.

Installed in each customers LAN environment, the MicroPod works with locally installed Continuous Data Protection software to virtualize workloads, de-duplicate and replicate data to the cloud and provide for rapid restore and recovery of failed hosts. Failed servers can be recovered locally within the LAN environment within fifteen minutes or less without failover to secondary locations. Lost, corrupt or deleted data or entire drives are available for recovery within seconds.

The MicroPod is a high density, rack mounted server available with between 3TB and 45TB of internal storage in either a 2U or 4U form factor. The high volume internal storage capacity (along with enterprise CDP software licensing) means that the entire data center can be protected and recovered in case of disaster locally and in the cloud. nScaled CDP software protects Windows and Linux servers as well as AIX and other systems. Recovery of failed hosts is initiated through a web based Cloud Console administrative tool, and replacement workloads become available within the nScaled VMWare cloud environment.

For workloads running in the cloud, applications response times are reduced by up to 98% with WAN Acceleration software also available as an optional service on the MicroPod.

"The MicroPod provides traditional clients in legal and financial services with a pathway to the adoption of cloud services." stated Mark Hadfield, CEO of nScaled Inc. "Customers tell us they are interested in cloud services, but they are reluctant to lose control of their data. By first replicating the entire data center, the MicroPod provides a low risk migration path to cloud services. Replication can work in either direction, such that clients are always able to maintain a full copy of their data within their physical control."

The MicroPod is globally available and backed by an included three year warranty with next business day on-site service.

About nScaled
We provide virtual data center resources (cloud computing) to clients with zero tolerance for data loss or system downtime. Our clients routinely work with the most highly sensitive data and their business reputation depends on the confidentiality and reliability of critical systems and applications. We operate a global network of physical infrastructure which we make available to clients on an on-demand basis. Clients are able to deploy and manage infrastructure services around the globe in minutes, scale service levels to match demand, eliminate wasteful over-provisioning and reduce their capital outlays. We license market leading technologies from selected partners, integrate, automate and extend these with our own proprietary developments to streamline processes, and simplify data center operations. Contact info(at)nscaled(dot)com

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