Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marketing Tip Few Small Business Owners Know About

Recent advances in Smartphone technology has made knowing how to use "local search engine marketing" indispensable for brick-and-mortar businesses if they want to successfully compete in the modern business environment.

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB) April 28, 2010 -- Many small business owners may never have heard of local search engine marketing (a.k.a. local SEM), but due to the explosive use of Smartphones in helping people find local merchants, knowing how to take advantage of this technology might prove to be the best marketing tip of 2010.

"Every brick-and-mortar business owner is looking for the most cost-effective ways of getting new customers," explained Michael Kowalsky, President of Blurt Inc., a search engine marketing firm in New Jersey. "That's why it's critical for these types of small businesses to learn how use this technology to market their business. This is precisely what local SEM accomplishes."

Local SEM Packages
That's why Blurt Inc. has announced several affordable local SEM packages to assist small business owners in not being left behind due to Smartphone technology. Starting at only $195, these programs are designed to develop any brick-and-mortar business's online presence... even if they don't have a website. Specifically, these local SEM packages will enable a storefront businesses to;

(1) Get prospects to call or visit by having your business be listed in all the places online that your potential customers are looking

(2) Turn online prospects into paying customers via coupons, photos and even videos, even for those small businesses that don't already have a website

(3) Show you the easy ways to encourage customers to write positive reviews about your business thereby enhancing its "online reputation".

"Studies have shown that 86% of people who use their Smartphone to shop eventually contact a business they found online, while 61% of those actually end up making a purchase so we know that these types of shoppers are highly motivated," explained Kowalsky, "The trick is to get a local business's name in front of these people when they are most in need out of what they're selling."

"Optimizing a business's website for the search engines is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to market a global or national business there is today and has been ever since I entered into this industry back in 1995," says Blurt Inc.'s Mike Kowalsky, "What's different today is that mobile computing has taken Yellow Pages advertising out of the phonebook and onto the Internet. Local SEM will greatly benefit those businesses who take advantage of it right now over those who start six months from now."

Free Local SEM Evaluations
To encourage small businesses to use local SEM, Blurt Inc. is offering a free Local SEM Evaluation to interested businesses. If interested in getting such an evaluation for your business, contact Blurt Inc. at (973) 402-0191 or visit PromotionIsMyBusiness.com

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