Friday, April 30, 2010

ABC-TV Reports JHD Productions, a Film & Video Company, Speaks Out Against Identity Theft

ABC-TV Journalist Nina Pineda reports JHD Productions has been targeted in identify theft and fake credit card charges to innocent people, billed in the name of JHD, which is speaking out to warn consumers.

Deer Park, NY (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 30, 2010 -- ABC TV News reported that Hugh Daly, owner of video and film company JHD Productions, is taking a stand to speak out against identity theft and consumer fraud that used JHD’s name to steal small sums, usually less than one dollar, from debit and credit cards of people across America.

On WABC-TV News Channel 7 in New York City, journalist Nina Pineda reported about Daly and JHD Productions, saying, “It is his business identity the criminals stole to defraud victims’ credit cards, a practice that costs U.S. consumers more than $50 billion a year.”

In her ABC news report, online at, Pineda reported attempted to open a $25,000 credit line in the name of Daly’s JHD Productions, but the savvy filmmaker caught it in time and cancelled the card.

“The credit card company would not tell me who opened an account in the name of JHD Productions, even as they cancelled it. It is a shame a criminal gets protection and I was not informed about who was using JHD’s name to bilk people.”

Daly said, “The scam charges people’s credit or debit cards less than one dollar, such as 40 or 50 cents, to test vulnerability, assuming people will be too busy to track down a minor charge. If you don’t get stop the small charge then the next one might wipe out your account.”

People have 60 days to notify their bank about inappropriate charges on their credit or debit cards to remove the charges, said Daly.

The award winning Cinematographer who founded JHD film studio three decades ago, added, “JHD Productions does not work with the general public and we never get paid by credit card since we always bill our clients by invoice. We reported this to government authorities, but it hasn’t stopped.”

Dobson Communications, a full service public relations firm in Ridgefield, Connecticut, online at, has a long-term relationship with JHD Productions and stepped in to help Daly reach out to the media.

Brian Dobson of Dobson, said, “We’ve worked with JHD for two decades for our marketing-video needs, so we helped Hugh Daly since media focus can generate government agency response.”

Daly said, “Local police in Suffolk County, Long Island, have been very helpful and focusing on the problem and we are hopeful the scam artists will be caught.”

JHD Productions is online at and is a full service video and film company with a state-of-the-art studio in Deer Park, New York. JHD Productions has the latest technology, cameras, editing suite and green screen capability for high-tech production of product, training and other videos as well as the production of independent feature films.

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