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E-Discovery Services Leader GGO Set to LaunchSubscription-based Digital WarRoom Software Suite in April

GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC), a full-service e-discovery service provider, will offer the Subscription-based Digital WarRoom® software suite in April 2010.

Seattle, Washington (Vocus/PRWEB ) March 24, 2010 -- GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC –, an industry leader in e-discovery consulting services and software, announced today that their new subscription-based pricing for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, the Digital WarRoom® (DWR) Hosted Software Service scheduled for release in April 2010, is available immediately.

The new subscription-based service allows clients to achieve processing economies of scale as low as $20/Gb. The Digital WarRoom hosted solution includes early case assessment and gross relevancy tools to help attorneys, paralegals, and General Counsel identify and manage e-discovery fees. Hosting and DWR application fees are based on the number of users and not document volumes, making hosting, review and production the most competitive in the industry.

The Digital WarRoom® Hosted Software Service is a flexible and robust e-discovery SaaS model tailored for medium to large sized matters. Using the same proven and scalable technology and methodology, legal teams will save time and gain control with the ability to securely process data directly from their desktop. With the DWR hosted solution, legal teams can start document review in a matter of hours. This hosted product is highly efficient and offers connectivity, process management, and per user support. Digital WarRoom® Hosted Software Service supports up to 50 users at affordable and fixed predictable pricing, and comes with everything needed for quick and easy set up, including software platform access and support.

Since the release of the Digital WarRoom® Software Suite in January of this year, GGO has received great response on this solution from their law firm and enterprise clients. As a result, GGO is offering their new subscription-based pricing in order to accommodate evolving and cost conscious client needs. “Our enterprise clients expressed a clear interest in processing locally but hosting large matters outside of the corporate network.” said CEO, Bill Gaillivan. “The SaaS offering allows enterprise clients to avoid processing fees altogether and manage and retain historical work product, as well as quickly host larger matters efficiently for access by one or more law firms.”

The challenging economy has forced legal counsels to demand more efficiency from their e-Discovery providers and software solutions. The Digital WarRoom Hosted Software Service provides the best of both worlds – enterprise class software at an affordable and predictable offering. Nick Patience, Research Director of Information Management at The 451 Group, noted that “the cost savings model of a SaaS offering combined with an integrated e-discovery platform allows for law firms and enterprise legal departments to have another choice in addressing their need for a cost-effective alternative to using an outside service provider to process, host and produce documents.”

“We’ve been seeing a dramatic shift for legal counsels to bring e-Discovery in-house. Over 70% of our clients are enterprises and they are more cost conscious now than ever due to soaring costs of outsourced e-discovery in support of litigation The cost associated with e-discovery are driving up overall litigation costs to 3-4 times the previous levels.” observed GGO’s CEO, Bill Gallivan. “That being said, our SaaS solution can provide General Counsel, outside counsel, and litigation support professionals a very affordable solution that allows them to reign in the escalating per gigabyte pricing and reduce overall e-discovery cost to predictable and manageable level.”

To learn more about GGO and the Digital WarRoom® Hosted Software Service, visit our website ( or call or email to schedule a demonstration.

About GGO

Since its inception in 2002, GGO has successfully completed over 1,500 complex e-discovery matters, including over 150 matters comprising in excess of 40 TBs of electronic documents in 2009. GGO offers software and consulting services spanning the entire e-discovery lifecycle, from capture through processing, review, and production, as well as services such as M&A target data preservation and internal data mining and investigations. Headquartered in Seattle, GGO also operates offices in New York, Mountain View, San Francisco, and Dallas, and serves all metropolitan markets in North America. GGO services a broad range of corporations, law firms, and government clients, including 20+ Fortune 1000 companies, 30+ AmLaw 100 law firms, and government agencies such as the Library of Congress.

GGO’s extensive matter expertise includes:

  • Intellectual Property/Patent
  • Anti-trust and SEC Investigations
  • Product Liability
  • HR/Internal Investigation
  • Multi-Party/Class Action
  • Bankruptcy
  • M&A: Second Requests; Break-up; Indemnification

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