Friday, January 29, 2010 Finds You the Facts on Fender-Benders

CheapAutosInsurance pays particular attention to the effect of the economy on American motorists. One area of concern is that with insurance premiums increasing in cost, people are less likely to report minor accidents, making the roads more dangerous for all of us. When should t a fender bender be reported? CheapAutosInsurance has all the necessary information.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2010 --, based in San Jose, California, has offered comprehensive automotive insurance data and rate quotes to readers since 2003. In the current state of economic anxiety in the U.S., the company is particularly interested in helping readers understand how decisions involving auto insurance affect their daily lives.

“Anyone who tracks accident trends is concerned,” said CheapAutosInsurance CEO Brian Severson. “Many of us wonder whether or not a minor fender bender should be reported to our insurance, but now we're concerned that there are more accidents, and that if we don't report the small ones, our insurance coverage will be cancelled later. With insurance premiums continually increasing, most people can't afford to lose their loyalty and home/auto discounts, or to spend time shopping for new cheap auto insurance policies.”

A new section on the CheapAutosInsurance site entitled “Fender Benders and Auto Insurance" seeks to explain when reporting is required, and when a driver might be better off not involving their insurance company at all.

“There's so much more than just 'Did my car get scratched?',” said Severson, “Most people don't consider what happens if the other driver doesn't live up to their end of the bargain - there's no recourse - and what if you have an injury that isn't immediately noticeable?" He continued, "There's a difference between an accident in a parking lot and one in an intersection, as well."

Information like the nitty-gritty of fender-benders is just some of the valuable material that makes up the CheapAutosInsurance website, and its main mission: up-to-date advice on the ins and outs of auto insurance, honest opinions, and easy access to free, no-obligation rate quotes. Readers, whether they're shopping for new policies or looking to change insurers these articles and more on topics like anti-theft devices and the pros and cons of having more than one vehicle on a policy. The content of is constantly refreshed to reflect the latest developments in the insurance industry. Send email to: editor(at)cheapautosinsurance(dot)com.

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