Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BrandVerity Introduces the Affiliate Watchlist to Identify Abusive Affiliates

The Affiliate Watchlist provides merchants a continually updated list of the worst PPC policy violators found across the 200+ affiliate programs monitored by PoachMark.

The Affiliate Watchlist is an essential tool for affiliate managers.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 25, 2009 -- BrandVerity announced today the launch of the Affiliate Watchlist, a list of the most abusive affiliates found violating the PPC policies of e-commerce merchants with affiliate programs. This list currently contains over 100 affiliate IDs of affiliates PoachMark has found violating the search policies of multiple merchant affiliate programs.

The Affiliate Watchlist identifies the many IDs that an affiliate uses, giving merchants unprecedented visibility across affiliate networks. "The Affiliate Watchlist is an essential tool for affiliate managers. It allows them to benefit from the shared experience of many affiliate programs so that they can stop abuse before it happens,” Durk Price, President, eAccountableOPM.

“Affiliate abuse is a persistent problem perpetrated by a small number of affiliates. Once we find an affiliate violating the policy of one affiliate program, we frequently find them violating the policies of other programs,” said David Naffziger, BrandVerity CEO. “We’re excited to provide merchants with a new line of defense to stop the cycle of abuse.”

Access to the Affiliate Watchlist is included with paid PoachMark subscriptions, and includes a detailed description of the techniques used by each affiliate added to the Affiliate Watchlist. Any merchant can nominate an affiliate for inclusion in the Affiliate Watchlist. In addition, new affiliates are added to the Affiliate Watchlist as they are discovered by PoachMark.

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About BrandVerity

BrandVerity provides technology solutions to brand owners to combat trademark abuse and advertising fraud. The company’s first product, PoachMark, provides unparalled insight into the search activity of affiliate marketers, giving brand owners a tool to ensure compliance with their search policies and recover fraudulent commissions. BrandVerity was founded in 2008 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

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