Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How The Internet Is Making The Claims Process Easier

Nowadays claiming compensation for a personal injury accident has become so much easier to do. There are many companies now offering so called No Win No Fee* services whereby an individual can pursue a claim with a solicitor on the understanding that no costs are involved.

The whole process of claiming has now become even more straightforward and accessible. A quick search on the internet for Injury Claims results in numerous companies having tons of free information on what you can claim for, how much you could get and so on. You now also have the facility to claim online making the thought of actually picking up the phone to a lawyer disappear completely.

This accessibility is certainly encouraging more people to claim or at least see if they have a claim without the concern of doing so that they may have had in the past. Just in the same way you can now buy Car insurance online arrange a Cheap loan or get health cover without spending 30 minutes on the phone to an operator or worse still have a sales representative visit your own home, making a claim for compensation is just a few clicks away.

Once you submit your form online it is usually then passed to an experienced team of injury lawyers who will assess your details. You will inevitably be called back or emailed to inform you if your claim for compensation is genuine or not.

Law firms, who operate the No Fee* policy, will only take on a claim if they believe there is a good chance of winning. After all, they will only be able to get costs if your claim is successful.

There is generally no risk in applying to a No Fee* firm to see if you have a claim for injury compensation. Of course you must be truthful about the circumstances at all times. The risk is carried by the law firm in terms of their efforts in pursuing the case.

There is often an outcry of such firms creating a compensation culture. However, the law is the law. If you have sustained injury and somebody else is to blame then you should be entitled to compensation. In the same way if somebody damages your property then you would expect them to compensate you.

It is probably true to say that more people are claiming as a result of technology making it easier to claim. But you cannot blame law firms for offering these services. The bottom line is that law firms such as operate within a very strict code of conduct and if someone tries to make a false claim then they will generally get found out.

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Andrew Bowen is the CEO of CityView Media who own and run Pinstripe Claims

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