Friday, June 25, 2010

Oil Spill to Cost More Than $60 Billion. What Else is BP Hiding About the Oil Spill?

There are things that BP doesn't want you to know. The BP spill will cost much more than projected, probably making the company insolvent. Some are also claiming that BP is censoring media, destroying evidence, and not sharing data with cleanup responders about the adverse health effects of their efforts. BP Spill Counter is a dedicated Gulf Spill forum that puts the facts about this disaster into perspective while helping victims receive compensation.

New Orleans (PRWEB) June 26, 2010 -- According to Christopher Helman, a Houston based editor with Forbes, the Gulf Oil Spill will cost BP more then $60 billion. Helman argues that there are three buckets of expenses for BP. The first is the $20 billion BP Trust Fund that was recently set up with a lot of arm twisting from the Obama administration. The second bucket includes the projected cleanup costs, currently running at about $30.6 million a day, or $21.9 billion dollars if the cleanup lasts two years as projected. Finally, there are the penalties and lawsuits, which are expected to cost another $20 billion. It is clear to any financial analyst that such numbers seriously call into question BP's ability to remain solvent and to pay the tail end of the damages. What else is BP hiding about the oil spill?

We have long maintained that BP is covering up the real extent of the Gulf Spill. "The real number of barrels seeping into the Gulf is probably closer to 95,000 per day, which is 4 million gallons per day," says Kevin Logan, editor of BP Spill Counter. Dr. Riki Ott, a marine activist and former commercial fisherman who witnessed the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, claims the current disaster in the Gulf is much worse than BP is letting on. In her Huffington Post articles, she argues that BP is censoring media by preventing cameras from getting close to affected areas and destroying evidence by quickly disposing of contaminated animal carcasses, which reduces the perceived body count and BP's damages. She also contends that "fishermen responders who are working BP's giant uncontrolled slick in the Gulf are reporting bad headaches, hacking coughs, stuffy sinuses, sore throats, and other symptoms." According to Dr. Ott, BP is assuring the responders that they don't need respirators or other special protection from the crude oil, strong hydrocarbon vapors, or the chemical dispersants being used to break up the oil slick. As the scope of this ecological disaster continues to widen daily, Brad Pitt should consider making a horror movie!

The BP Oil Spill Counter measures the amount of oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico and provides a forum dedicated to the latest news, discussions, and analysis related to the BP Oil Spil. It also provides indispensable information about filing a claim with the BP Trust, the cleanup progress, and ways we can stop our addiction to fossil fuels. Check us out at

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