Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From 911 to 411: The Leadership Advantage Campaign

As an executive or leader, you get to a point where growth stalls or recedes and you find yourself continuously performing fire drills and retaining 911 on speed dial and thank God for T-mobile you also add it on to your Fav 5!

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“You get an intense and impartial level of attention to the assessment results, one that does not exist in a corporate setting. You become aware of the things to focus on through guided results and resolution of feedback” – VP of KB Homes

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2010 -- Dr. Andrew Thorn has developed a ground breaking Leadership Advantage process which allows leaders to obtain timely, accurate and candid feedback to help them identify leadership red flags early and also to maximize opportunities for growth and to sustain leadership successes. Through this process the leader ultimately converts the 911 syndrome to a 411 protocol where he or she is the source and distributor of information rather than a fire drill officer. Humans are creatures of habit if they realize that one gets rewarded for putting out a fire – they will concentrate on starting those fires knowing full well they can effectively put them out. A leader needs to change such team dysfunctional.

To kick off the Leadership Advantage campaign, once every month Dr. Thorn will provide complimentary leadership assessment workshops to carefully selected successful leaders such as corporate leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs. The assessments will be held at the City Club on Bunker Hill in Los Angeles beginning June 29, 2010. The assessments are 45 minutes long and begin with hoer d’oeuvres and an opportunity to meet and greet Dr. Thorn and the other leaders in attendance.

Each session has a maximum of 25 leaders in attendance. Participant selection is based on a thorough objective process which involves a person’s current or previous leadership success. Potential participants can also sign in to be considered for the complimentary leadership assessment workshops. The takeaway from this assessment is the realization of the need to get timely and candid feedback as well as where and how to get the much needed feedback and the various ways in which they can further identify and utilize their strengths by being introduced to tools that help them to see things and themselves as they really are and not what they think they are.

During the assessment workshop participants are also introduced to another concept called FeedForward™ this process helps them to leverage the perspectives of those around them, another priceless concept which every leader must know. Kobe Bryant, Rajon Rando and Paul Pierce are definitely applying Feedforward and The Leadership advantage processes to lead the L.A. Lakers and Boston Celtics through the NBA basketball Championship. The best team with the best leader always wins the championship. The assessments are followed by optional mingling with other leaders and members of the City Club on Bunker Hill in the beautiful Vista Bar where fine wine and spirits plus exquisite food is served.

To be considered for the Leadership Assessment complimentary sessions sign up by contacting Juneki Dixon at Juneki@epprmmanagement.com and briefly state your leadership accomplishments and or provide links to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn or Plaxo accounts.
For more information on the Leadership Advantage and Feedforward processes visit http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e2xktn0h4e02ee47 .

Over the past 20 years Dr. Andrew Thorn has worked with over 5000 leaders and c-level executives from some of the largest and best known companies. He helps them see what they are not seeing and hear what they are not hearing, so that they can become a better leader.

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