Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free People and Phone Number Search for iPhone and Other Mobile Users offers iPhone users the ability to search by phone number, name or address from one simple interface, for free. Mobile phone users can access the fast loading site from anywhere and get information on people and numbers in seconds.

Hialeah, FL (PRWEB) June 4, 2010 -- ( today announced the launch of a free service for iPhone users that combines reverse phone look-ups with a traditional directory search and people finder.

With over 36 million units estimated to be sold in 2010, iPhone users have a large share of the mobile market. The iPhone is more than a mobile phone, it is a mobile computer and needs access to site like that provide fast access to information. In today´s high paced world with so much information available, consumers are becoming more demanding. Which is why they are turning away from sites that give them limited information.

Asked to comment on the new service, Randy Banks from said:

"If you are using your iPhone to carry out a reverse phone look-up, you don't want to waste time navigating different websites to find the information you want. There are also still many websites today that fail to address the needs of mobile phone users who want the information they need in a clear, uncluttered format."

Many websites are also obsessed with capturing visitor information. They hold on to their results like a closely guarded treasure until you complete painfully long sign-up forms. These websites have failed to realise that users want the information in the fastest possible time and preferably for free. They do not have the time or the inclination to spend more than a few minutes, at best, deciding whether a website is worth the effort. This is even more true for iPhone users who have a powerful piece of technology and they want to be able to maximize its' potential. As stated by Randy Banks

"Technology and access to information has evolved and iPhone owners know that. We have therefore made it as fast as possible for users to get the information without having to waste time registering or entering payment details."

Searches for reverse phone look-ups and people look-ups are growing. The biggest growth is seen in the mobile market with iPhone users looking to command the largest market share. Services like have taken the lead in addressing the needs of this group and will allow mobile phone users to run on the spot searches in seconds, whether they are at work, at a business meeting or abroad. It makes sense to give users what they want - an easy to use look-up for phone numbers, names and addresses that does not require you to register, or to pay.

If you'd like more information about the Phone Lookup service, please email Randy Banks at webmaster(at)phonelookup(dot)com.

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