Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Downloadable Uncontested Divorce Forms Save Heartbreak and Money

Uncontested divorce forms can save families the pain and heartache of dealing with long, ugly divorce proceedings involving attorneys. Filing for divorce can be simple and easy if both parties agree on all the issues surrounding the break up. Downloadable uncontested divorce forms can be found online and are now available at www.UncontestedDivorceForms.org.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 5, 2010 -- Did you know that for a large percentage of U.S. divorces, there is no need for either party to hire legal representation? In these situations, getting a divorce can be as simple as downloading a form online, filling it out and waiting for a court decision.

News ImageIn an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on all divorce issues, which makes the legal process much simpler. Uncontested divorce means that both parties desire to end the marriage, and because they have no differences of opinion in the areas of money, property and children, the courts view this type of situation as uncontested, which eliminates the need for attorney interference.

"getting a divorce can be as simple as downloading a form online,"
If divorce is uncontested, both time and money can be saved by using uncontested divorce forms to begin divorce proceedings. If the parties involved have no disagreements about division of property, child support and custody issues, their divorce will be final once they fill out their uncontested divorce forms and the courts grant approval for the dissolution of marriage.

Finally, those going through divorce can now find uncontested divorce forms online at www.UncontestedDivorceForms.org. This site now offers divorcing spouses the ability to instantly download uncontested divorce forms for all 50 states, and immediately begin the process of getting divorced, without the expensive legal fees caused by litigation attorneys who bill by the hour.

No one enjoys going through a divorce, but using downloadable uncontested divorce forms can help the process move along much faster, which gets people back on track to rebuilding their lives sooner.

About Sharon Peppers:
Sharon Peppers is an individual who possesses a wealth of experience concerning uncontested divorce. After going through a painful divorce herself, Sharon made it her mission to provide easily accessible downloadable versions of uncontested divorce forms online through her UncontestedDivorceForms.org website.

For further information, please visit www.UncontestedDivorceForms.org

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