Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marathon Business Group Offers Dramatic Branding & Marketing Solutions For Law Firms To Grow Their Practice

The Marathon Business Group is all about putting small, to medium sized law firms, or other professionals on the consumer, or potential clients map. Marathon's creative team can work with a law firm managing partner, or partners to create a presence on the Internet, utilizing the best technology, and know how, to grow a firms practice, or to create a presence in new practice areas. According to the group, "one of the biggest problem law firms, physicians, or other professionals have is they don't exploit their strengths to grow their business. We are in the business, of building on those strengths, and then getting our client on the map." Law firm managing partners, or partners are welcome to call the Marathon Business Group anytime at 713-724-2010, or they can contact the group via its web site at http://MarathonBusinessGroup.Com

(Vocus/PRWEB ) March 24, 2010 -- Marathon Business Group is all about putting law firms, physician practice groups, or other skilled professional businesses on the map. When it comes to law firms, the Marathon Business Group has amazing capabilities with respect to growing an existing practice area, or assisting in branding a new practice area. According to Marathon Business Group," we have never met a law firm's managing partner, or partners who didn't say, its in our skill set, its something we are very good at, we just have not had the time to do something about it. At the Marathon Business group we take the skill set, or idea off the shelf, and make it a reality." The Marathon Business Group is all about branding a service, and then building that brand on the Internet, so a potential client or customer knows exactly who to call, or where to get the help they need. The group says, "we either build a new web site, or improve an existing web site, and then we brand the service with high visibility press releases, designed to drive business to our client law firm, physician practice group, or professional service. For more information please contact the Marathon Business Group at 713-724-2010, or contact the group via its web site at http://MarathonBusinessGroup.Com

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The Marathon Business Group has an amazing skill set in its law firm practice group. Aside from assisting a law firm re-brand itself with an up to date and relevant web site, Marathon's key strength is crafting a message, and targeting the right client/consumer groups to exploit the firms strengths, and skills. The group says, "we are in the branding and initiative business, we are team players, and we never lose sight of the goal of success for our client; a business litigation law firm, a personal injury law firm, a real estate law firm, or a specialty law firm." The Marathon Business Group says, "its tragic, but many to most law firms do not fully take advantage of their skills, or get the message out about their capabilities. We are in the business of putting our law firm clients on the map, in significant and meaningful ways." For more information please contact the Marathon Business Group at 713-724-2010, or contact the group via their web site at http://MarathonBusinessGroup.Com

Another unique service the Marathon Business Group can offer a law firm is agility. The group says, "we can have a press release out in an hour. We are on call 24-7 for our law firm clients. If a significant event happens, and the law firm wants branding on a issue, we make sure our client is at, or near the top of the list of who to call." There is no group, or organization in the US offering a more comprehensive service for law firms. http://MarathonBusinessGroup.Com

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