Thursday, March 18, 2010

Congratulations to as it Celebrates its First Year Online

A Brain Injury has No Boundaries or Favourites; it can Happen to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

(PRWEB) March 18, 2010 -- Today, celebrates its first year online.

Today,, pauses to reflect on what it has accomplished, how far it has come and imagine how far can go.

"A brain injury doesn't just change the life of the individual it changes the lives of everyone around them." is a free on-line forum and blog created to help advance awareness while increasing the understanding of brain injury, its many challenges, its invisibility in most communities and how disabling one can be. virtual community was created by survivors, family members, and advocates, for survivors, family members and advocates and be a place where anyone can connect with like-minded others who have come before them and may be another source of support to one another.

Understanding the Impact of a Brain Injury. When such an incident occurs, it can turn lives upside down. Here is where support and information is invaluable when faced with caring for and understanding a loved one that has sustained a brain injury. Often families navigate the many challenges and uncertainties of this life altering injury with little to no support and/or reference. has six (6) focus categories, they are: Brain Injury, Family, Press Releases, Rehabilitation, Children & Brain Injury and lastly Prevention & Awareness. Once inside a specific section it further breaks down into various related posts. With over 200 members that span 4 continents, a 148 plus topics and 372 posts has only begun to stretch its wings. The forum is also complimented with a calendar for sharing various brain injury related events locally and globally.

Along with the value that each member’s contribution has provided, our members collectively share an equally important purpose; Advancing Brain Injury Awareness, Understanding and People Supporting People. It may be what we are working towards, but more importantly, it’s those who have been moved to action is what is also observing today. As enjoys this milestone, there is a lot of work still to do. It is with our deepest appreciation that thanks everyone who has made and continues to making our virtual community possible.

Please visit our site online at: or

To preview our video “Some of the Many Sides, and Challenges of Acquired Brain Injury” click on the YouTube link provided:

Mr. Imants G, Leitis
Founder of
Family Member to (2) Survivors
Brain Injury Advocate

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