Friday, February 26, 2010

Verdatum Launches Next-Generation BlackBerry Dictation Application for Lawyers

Verdatum Redefines Dictation Market Again With Its Latest BlackBerry Dictation Application, Eliminating the Necessity for dedicated Digital Dictation devices. The new app allows for limitless dictation, over the air send, and real-time status updates, while assuring law firms that their dictation is secured through document management system integration.

New York, NY (Vocus/PRWEB ) February 26, 2010 -- Verdatum, the leading North American provider of legal-centric digital dictation workflow and speech recognition software, announced today the launch of its next generation BlackBerry dictation solution to address the limitations of all first-generation BlackBerry dictation solutions.

“This is the first BlackBerry dictation application that can truly replace traditional digital dictation hardware, even for the attorney that doesn’t necessarily get along with newer technologies”, says John Methfessel, CEO of Verdatum. “Users of this system are finally able to utilize their BlackBerry Smartphone to its fullest potential. Until today the end user and the multi-purpose nature of the BlackBerry platform was forgotten when designing & building these applications. Verdatum for BlackBerry rectifies that oversight and has redefined what is to be expected of BlackBerry-based dictation”. Methfessel continued, “Our 2nd generation product allows users to program the buttons on their device or use multi-stage ‘smart-keys’ to replicate the feel of a digital recorder or microphone; users can finally do many tasks at once - including continuing to dictate, send or receive phone calls, browse the web or check email while transmitting dictation back to the office. We offer the ability to get real-time status updates on your BlackBerry and even the ability to perform critical actions such as reassigning, priority escalation or update comments on existing dictation stored within the Verdatum DDS right from your device – in real-time. This is something you just need to see to believe…”

An exciting first for the market is the applications ability to replace dedicated, physical, dictation hardware by way of the built-in ‘Remote Control’ and ‘Audio Import’ capabilities. As demonstrated, this is accomplished by simply connecting your BlackBerry to your PC running the Verdatum applications via USB or Bluetooth. Mr. Methfessel explained further, “A user can connect their BlackBerry to their workstation or notebook and their BlackBerry will automatically begin to import any files marked as ‘done’ but not already sent Over-The-Air, and if so desired, will even enable the user to control the Verdatum Audio Console using the exact same record interface and experience as they did while in the car a few minutes ago dictating. This means the Verdatum for BlackBerry performs literally every primary function of every different type of dictation hardware available on the market…for a fraction of the price. We are extremely proud of, and know that clients will derive extreme value from, the fact that our dictation application is actually a 4-in-1 solution.”

The application lists a litany of features targeted at the back-end and IT needs as well, including: centralized, push-enabled, application configuration & fleet management; zero-touch license installation & validation; online license & device administration; multiple OTA and push-enabled installation options; automated device permission policy edits and more.

The Verdatum for BlackBerry digital dictation application is available immediately and supports all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 or newer.

About Verdatum
Verdatum's portfolio of proven legal-centric digital dictation workflow enables law firms and legal departments of all sizes to improve financial performance, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate document turnaround time.

Verdatum was awarded the very first Law Technology News (LTN) Gold Award in the Digital Dictation System category (2008) in part due to Verdatum’s ability to integrate directly with document management and document tracking systems. Verdatum’s solutions are designed to replace tape-based and standalone digital dictation systems as well as improve on the workflow of generic digital voice recorder products. Verdatum is the only legal-exclusive digital dictation workflow company in the world, with all operations and support based in North America.

Verdatum is headquartered in New York, NY and serves law firms in the United States and Canada. Its management has over 50 years combined experience in legal practice, law firm management and law firm IT administration. The company counts as its customers law firms ranging in size from 5 attorneys to over 600 attorneys, including law firms in the AmLaw and Global 100. To learn more, visit the company's website at

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