Friday, January 29, 2010

Professors Willingham and Conley to Address the Middle College National Consortium’s Annual Winter Principal’s Leadership Conference

Distinguished professors Daniel Willingham and David Conley will address principals, teachers and district administrators as part of the Middle College National Consortium's annual Winter Principal's Leadership Conference. The conference will focus on the difference between a culture of answers and a culture of questions. MCNC is a pioneer in the movement to establish and sustain dual enrollment (high school and college) as a viable and necessary educational model-particularly for underserved students.

New York City (PRWEB) January 29, 2010 -- Dr. Daniel T. Willingham, Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Virginia, and Dr. David Conley, Professor of Educational Policy Research at the University of Oregon as well as founder and Chief Executive Officer of Educational Policy Improvement Center, will address the annual convening of Middle College National Consortium’s Winter Principal’s Leadership Conference to be held in Redondo Beach, California from February 5th - February 7th. The annual Leadership Conference is a major professional development initiative of MCNC. Professor Willingham is the author of numerous articles on cognition, including his regular “Ask the Cognitive Scientist” articles for American Educator. Professor Conley is renowned for his research on college readiness and what it takes for high school students to be successful in entry-level college courses.

MCNC Students
MCNC Students
The Middle College National Consortium, headquartered in New York City, is a leader in the movement to establish and sustain dual enrollment (high school and college) as a viable and necessary educational model. Its mission is to develop small schools where high school students, especially those who have been previously underserved by their schools, can earn both a high school diploma and either an Associate’s degree or transferable college credits upon graduation.
"We're excited to have two leading experts on providing all students the opportunity to learn and achieve college completion"Dr. Cecilia Cunninghamfounder and Director of the MCNC
Dr. Cecilia Cunningham, founder and director of the MCNC, reports that recent data on the 2008 graduating seniors show that upon graduation from high school, MCNC Early College students earn a significant number of college credits over time and are successful overall. Close to 80% of the seniors had enrolled in at least one college course during high school and had, on average, accumulated 27 college credits and earned a 2.56 college GPA and a 90% course pass rate.
To learn more about the Middle College National Consortium, visit for a comprehensive overview of the history, design principles, current work, and achievements.

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