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Death Zones: Highway Work Zones Pose Hazards for Motorists, New York Attorney Steven J. Schwartzapfel Says

Attorney Steven J. Schwartzapfel of Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C. expresses concern about highway work zone safety.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 14, 2010 -- Drivers should use extra caution when approaching highway work zones because they are high accident areas and far more deadly than most people realize, a New York attorney says.

Steven J. Schwartzapfel
Steven J. Schwartzapfel
“Driving is risky enough without the added hazards and distractions posed by roadway work zones,” said Steven J. Schwartzapfel, founding partner of Schwartzapfel Truhowsky Marcus P.C., a New York personal injury law firm. “The federal stimulus package is creating a boom in road building. Unfortunately, we will see an increase in work zone accidents.”
Most people don’t realize that the majority of people killed in work zones are motorists, not construction workers....
Crashes in highway work zones across the U.S. have killed at least 4,700 people -- more than two per day -- and injured 200,000 in the last five years, according to The New York Times.

Work zone injuries and fatalities have trended downward over the last 10 years. Still, the Federal Highway Administration says that the number of people killed as a result of crashes in highway work zones remains significant and the large number of new highway construction projects could magnify the problem.

Roads in work zones often have uneven pavement, lack proper striping and signage and may have construction equipment or concrete barriers close to the shoulders of the road -- all of which pose accident hazards. An analysis of work zone crashes by Ohio transportation officials found that the presence of road construction caused accidents to increase by as much as 70 percent.

“Too often, we see cases of drivers and their families who were seriously injured in crashes caused by a sudden lane change with little warning, or a wheel dropping off an uneven pavement edge,” Schwartzapfel said. “Most people don’t realize that the majority of people killed in work zones are motorists, not construction workers.

Four out of every five victims of work zone fatalities are motorists, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

“It’s a serious problem, and there isn't enough enforcement of existing regulations to protect public safety,” Schwartzapfel said.

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