Thursday, July 30, 2009

ATA Associates, Inc. Congratulates The Berry Firm on Poole v. Pep Boys Outcome

The Berry Firm, a defense and commercial trial law firm, and ATA Associates, Inc., an accident reconstruction and forensic engineering company, successfully defend Pep Boys in landmark tire case. Through extensive testing, the defense was able to show there was no significant impact on wet weather handling and braking associated with improper mounting of a single directional tire.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 30, 2009 -- ATA Associates is pleased to offer its congratulations to The Berry Firm for a zero liability verdict in Poole v. Pep Boys (No. 06-03657-E, District Court of Dallas County, Texas 101st Judicial District). The Berry Firm, lead by firm founder D. Bowen (Bo) Berry, successfully defended client, Pep Boys, against claims that irregular mounting of a directional tire was responsible for an unfortunate motor vehicle accident. The plaintiffs asserted that an incorrectly mounted tire caused the vehicle to lose control on a damp road surface resulting in a devastating crash.

Berry aggressively defended Pep Boys actions, assembling a team of experts knowledgeable about tires, vehicle handling, and road surfaces to name a few. Berry skillfully educated the jury on the nuances of tire design- specifically directional tires; factors affecting vehicle handling and loss of control; and the science behind hydroplaning.

ATA Associates performed tests looking for quantifiable differences in braking and handling performances related to the specific orientation of directional tires. ATA also characterized the topography of the accident site through survey and contracted with a special laboratory to make careful measurement of the pavement coefficient of friction at the site and two testing locations. Using investigational data, as well as, conventional tools of accident reconstruction, such as PC Crash, ATA Associates was able to build a technical case to refute the plaintiff's claim that improper mounting of a single directional tire was responsible for the car accident.

Ultimately, the jury found no negligence on Pep Boys part.

About The Berry Firm
The Berry Firm is a defense and commercial trial firm serving clients throughout Texas and Oklahoma. The firm's innovative approach and culture of team work are the foundations of its success. The firm's aggressive, individualized motion practice produces time and cost efficient results. Its extensive trial record sends the message that The Berry Firm will run, not walk to the courthouse. This reputation coupled with its assertive representation tends for force realistic evaluations by opponents and more favorable resolutions. For additional information visit

About ATA Associates, Inc.
ATA Associates is a leading provider of accident reconstruction, product failure analysis and technical consulting services. ATA does it all with a level of expertise and integrity unparalleled in our field. In fact, ATA Associates has provided expert witness services to defense and plaintiff attorneys for over 30 years earning a level of credibility unsurpassed in the industry. For additional information visit

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