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Holiday Accidents - How to Make a Claim

Although intended to be a time of relaxation, it is still possible to have an accident whilst on holiday. The types of accidents that happen abroad are largely the same as ones that would happen at home, but with a few additions. These additions arise due to the fact that people on holiday participate in high-risk activities that they wouldn’t normally do at home. For example, many accidents happen on or in water because of the number of water sports and activities available, particularly at coastal destinations. Other accidents can happen on board boats, trains, in hired vehicles and in planes. Many of these accidents are unique to a holiday environment, and someone seeking compensation needs a highly specialised solicitor to help make a holiday accident claim.

When you go on holiday abroad it is vital that you have some kind of holiday insurance. There are now so many companies that provide excellent holiday cover that consumers are spoilt for choice. Decent holiday insurance should cover almost any eventuality, and ideally be tailored to include any high-risk activities you may want to participate in. Holiday insurance should also cover loss of luggage, theft and loss of traveller’s cheques and credit cards. Holiday insurance can often be purchased on an individual holiday basis or on an annual basis, depending on your requirements and how often you travel abroad.

If you are involved in an accident abroad then there is a good chance that you will be admitted to a hospital. Your travel insurance should also be able to cover any medical costs for treatment or medication. If you are admitted to hospital you will need to follow very strict procedures in order to ensure that you are safe and that any holiday accident claims you may make are unhindered. If you are on an organised or package holiday, then you should notify your holiday representative or tour guide, as they will be able to help. If you are not on a package holiday, then you will need to contact your nearest embassy. Both your embassy and holiday representative will be able to keep in touch with you, notify your family, and help with insurance companies.

Upon returning to the UK you need to contact your insurance company yourself and follow the claims procedure. Sometimes you may want to seek further legal representation and make a holiday accident claim for further compensation. If this is something that you decide to do, then you will need to approach a company that specialises in this type of claim. A specialist company will usually have a number of solicitors well versed in the legal issues surrounding accidents abroad and how to seek compensation. It is important that you contact one such company as soon as you can upon your return. This is especially the case with accidents on planes or boats as the legal issues involved are unique.

The majority of companies offering representation work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis for holiday accident claims. This means that they will claim for their own payment from the party responsible for the accident, along with your compensation amount. You will receive 100% of the compensation amount that you claim for and no money will be taken out of this amount for legal fees. The amount of compensation varies depending on each individual case and there are a number of factors involved. For example, further loss of earnings due to your injury and changes that may need to be made to your house or car as a result of a holiday accident will be taken into account.

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