Monday, October 29, 2007

New Book - Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End; Families Don't - by Cate Cochran

Ten real-life stories of "successfully failed" marriages and the new families that emerged. Divorce has never before been this friendly.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 29, 2007 -- Many families are touched by divorce, and the stories can be ugly. Anger, blame, and resentment seem to be unavoidable, and children are often caught in between. Reconcilable Differences explores the lives of ten couples who, despite failed marriages, are finding innovative ways to keep their families together.

"When our marriage ended four years ago, my ex-husband and I tried an unusual arrangement to keep our family together. We share a house. He lives in the apartment upstairs, I live downstairs, and our teenagers and dog float between us. It is unorthodox, but we've discovered we're becoming one of a growing number of couples who, for the sake of their children, are creatively reconfiguring their families when their marriage fails." - Cate Cochran

In Reconcilable Differences Cate Cochran interviews rearranged families of all shapes, sizes, and permutations to tell the stories of ten "successfully failed" marriages, including her own. The people we meet in this book are not oddities, but ordinary people from a range of backgrounds. They join a growing number of people who are managing their separations and divorces in innovative ways so that their children aren't caught in the cross fire. They show us that even if romantic love doesn't last forever, the families we create can.

Reconcilable Differences challenges us to think differently about relationships, ex-partners, and the meaning of families and parenting. It is a first of its kind, thought-provoking look at how families can be retooled, told by a parent who has lived the experience herself.

Author Cate Cochran is a producer and award-winning documentary maker with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio in Toronto. She was creative director for several major Canadian magazines, including Canadian Business, and The Globe and Mail's Report on Business - Canada's largest national newspaper. Cate has been a producer for several shows on CBC Radio, and she now works on The Sunday Edition, a three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music.

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