Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VoIP Conversion Services Inc. Launches New VoIP Sales Division

VoIP Conversion Services Inc. launches an ultra-competitive VoIP hardware sales division. Based in the Dallas Texas suburb of Plano, VoIP Bucket is centrally located to expedite shipping to either coast and internationally.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) June 16, 2010 -- VoIP Conversion Services Inc. a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) system integration services has opened voipbucket.com to provide discounted VoIP hardware to the corporate end-user. VoIP Bucket carries SIP based hardware from leading manufactures such as Grandstream, Polycom, Digium, and Cyberdata.

The vast majority of VoIP Bucket’s domestic orders ship the same day. A perfect solution for those under an extreme deadline. VoIP Bucket ships to most countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. VoIP Bucket is solely dedicated to Voice over IP technology.

For our established customers we offer extremely competitive pricing on Digium hardware. Along with the most competitive prices on the internet for SIP phones we provide First Class customer service through our Corporate and International Sales departments.

VoIP Bucket has the new Panasonic SIP based cordless phones TG-500, TG-550 and TPA50 in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. We also carry the GXV3140 Grandstream Video Phone in-stock and ready to ship. The 6-line corporate favorite GXP2020 is in stock and ready to ship. The Polycom IP321, IP330, IP331, IP335HD, IP430, IP450, IP501, IP 550, IP560, IP6000, IP 7000 are all in-stock and ready for same day shipping.

Our highly responsive corporate sales department offers same day quotes for large orders and most large orders can be shipped same day. VoIP Conversion Services Inc and VoIP Bucket can also accommodate your emergency communication needs in the event a disaster strikes your business.

Special event communications is another service we provide. Cell phone networks don’t have the capacity to accommodate thousands of simultaneous users in one location and that’s in addition to the typical radio reception problems inherent in the cellular technology. That’s were VoIP really outshines other technologies. A 500 station press / media center is perfect application for voice over IP technology. Call centers, small to large offices with multiple locations, regional and nationwide chains are another perfect application for VoIP technology. Our clients typically save between 50%-70% a month from their traditional phone system monthly service fees when migrating to a VoIP phone system.


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