Monday, June 28, 2010

Sealite Solar Marine Lights Are Now Available in Large Quantities for the BP Oil Spill

GulfRIm Navigation has partnered with Sealite, the world leader in LED Solar Marine Lights to provide continuious production of its 1 nautical mile SL15 Solar Marine Light. These lights are being used to mark Oil Containment Boom at night as required by the US Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Lafayette, LA (PRWEB) June 29, 2010 -- Sealite's SL15 1nm Solar Marine Light is now available in large quantities through GulfRim Navigation ( According to Larry Campisi, President of GulfRim Navigation, "this BP Oil Spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico has now forced us to further protect our Coastlines by properly marking the Oil Spill Boom with USCG approved night lighting". Campisi went on to state, "Accidents continue to occur by Boaters running over Boom at night and breaking that layer of protection for our Coastline".

On May 10, 2010 the US Coast Guard issued a series of Navigation Rules. Included were the use of "a row of quick flashing yellow lights, not less than 60 flashes per minute'. In addition the lights will "show an unbroken light over an arc of visibility of the horizon of 360 degrees'. Also it states, " the lights shall be visible for a least one mile on a clear night." And finally, " if a Buoy is used to mark the location of a containment boom, use a collision resistant (foam) Buoy that is yellow in color". The rules in their entirety were issued by Rear Admiral P.F. Zukunft, Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship.

GulfRim Navigation ( and Sealite are available 24/7 to assist any Company or Contractor operating in the BP Oil Spill with all of their Navigational Lighting and Buoy needs.

"Accidents continue to occur by Boaters running over Boom and breaking that layer of protection for the Coastline."
Information on the Sealite SL15 can be view at GulfRim's website, PDF's are available to download along with information on Sealite's SLB600 Marine Buoy, which can be combined with the SL15 marine light to make a complete day and night marker.

GulfRim Navigation is an Authorized Distributor of Sealite Solar Navigation Aids. They are located in Abbeville, Louisiana and serve the entire Gulf of Mexico region and its inland waterways.

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