Monday, June 14, 2010

The Injury Lawyers Warns on Whiplash Claims Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

The Injury Lawyers is warning that parents who try to save money on car insurance by fronting for their children not only invalidate the insurance, but could also end up costing real money in the event of a claim.

London, UK (PRWEB) June 15, 2010 -- The Injury Lawyers, the UK's leading personal injury claims lawyers, are warning car drivers to ensure they are properly named as the car driver on their insurance, or else invalidate their cover in the event they need to make a claim.

If comes as studies from a number of car insurers, not least the AA, Co-op, and Aviva, have found that fronting is especially common where parents are trying to reduce premiums for a son or daughter. While the cost may be reduced, the cover is invalid in the event of a claim so the money is wasted regardless.

According to Mike Gibson, spokesman for The Injury Lawyers, "What may seem like an attempt to save money can have real costs when needed. Falsely claimed insurance is invalid, which means where repairs or medical costs become involved, it can cost big money.

"The issue is especially important when making a personal injury claim. Whiplash is a very common condition from road accidents, and treated fast can have its impact minimised. However, if the insurance is invalid, then there will be nothing to cover the compensation claim for whiplash injury. This is especially important as if left undiagnosed, whiplash can become debilitating, leading to time off work for recovery and frequent hospital visits.

"When it comes to driving on Britain's roads, it remains a legal obligation to be properly insured to ensure all drivers are protected. It is important that in the event of a car accident compensation claim that the driver remains properly insured, for the sake of themselves and other road users.

"Whiplash injury compensation claims for injury also ensure that any expenses arising from an accident, not least time off work, can be properly provided for by the insurance company."

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