Thursday, June 3, 2010

ConsultingCrowd’s Unique Crowd Source Market Research Provided 145% More Information and Competitive Research for Client

Using the crowd sourcing model to offer collaborative consulting for this competive market research project, ConsultingCrowd greatly increased the amount and quality of output by building and managing a team of multiple independent consultants. A team of experts provided substantially more than using a single source.

Theale, England (PRWEB) June 3, 2010 -- A worldwide top-10 market intelligence and advisory firm engaged to conduct competitive and market research on behalf of a major IT company. With only a one week deadline, used its proven crowd sourcing services to recruit, qualify and build a team of three experts, and then coordinate and manage the work of the three independent consultants for this project. Using ConsultingCrowd’s Virtual Project Board for online collaboration, the research team produced a 42 page competitive analysis report supported by 522 pages of background material.

Global experts - Collaborative Consulting
Global experts - Collaborative Consulting
What was fascinating using the crowd sourcing approach was that only 31% of data was duplicated between team members;69% of the material found by each of the three consultants was unique. Our ‘crowd’ of three produced 145% more unique information.
“What was fascinating using the crowd sourcing approach was that, of all the material that surfaced during the research phase, only 31% was duplicated between team members,” said Dan Almour, founder and President of “So 69% of the material found by each of the three consultants was unique. Each of the three team members thought of innovative methods for finding information. That means our ‘crowd’ of three produced 145% more unique information for our client.” staff provided all the project management, keeping this large project on schedule. From ConsultingCrowd’s worldwide pool of experts they recruited candidates for the working team which consisted of one marketing research consultant and two technical specialists. Of the 15 applicants validated their resumes and references presenting their top three recommendations to their client, along with secondary recommendations.

Once approved, the team worked rapidly assembling a comprehensive list of materials for each of the five competitors. Then they quickly moved into the analysis stage, using quantitative and qualitative measures, and providing detailed analytical findings derived from these materials. By working together on the analysis, the more important aspects rose quickly to the top, as the team collaborated to put forth their best combined analysis of the data.

ConsultingCrowd’s supervision of the project with respect to timeliness as well as work product quality was a very large time savings for the client. By working using crowd sourcing techniques, ConsultingCrowd supplied a more profound and thorough final analysis than one person working alone. was founded by a group of business experts, and is dedicated to providing the best consulting value to all assignments and organizations. We bring together experts from around the world to collaboratively work on projects, using the principle that multiple many people working collaboratively together will get the best solution. Our unique Virtual Project Board for online collaboration enables experts from all over the world to work together in real time to solve the difficult questions faced by global businesses. Find out more at


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