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ITSE Reveal the Engine Powering Their Smartphone Managed Service

Today, IT Security Experts Ltd (ITSE) took the rare step of publicly releasing the name of the engine powering their Smartphone Managed Service. The product that drives the Smartphone Managed Service is MobileIron’s Virtual Smartphone Platform and is one of the first comprehensive iPhone and iPad device management. Not only does it secure and control iPhone and iPad, it also provides cross-manufacturer management of Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile (including the latest 6.5 release) and Android devices all from one Management Console

(PRWeb UK/PRWEB ) April 25, 2010 -- “We have taken this unprecedented step of publicising the power of our Smartphone Managed Service as so many users have found this service unique and we have been inundated with requests by Enterprise Organisations who actually want to host the solution themselves, instead of using our SaaS model “ said Simon Earl, Technical Director of ITSE.

“As one of the few Gold Partners in EMEA for MobileIron, we are now in the position where we can bring this solution to Enterprise, not just as a SaaS solution”, he added.

“As one of the elite Gold Partners in EMEA for MobileIron, we are now in the position where we can bring this solution to Enterprise, not just as a SaaS solution”,
MobileIron offers the self-service portal which is an incredibly user-friendly way to register a smartphone. A configuration profile will be sent to the iPhone, in which both the device configurations and security policies of the company - such as Pass code protection, etc. - are included. Only if it contains this profile, it can connect to the e-mail infrastructure of the company. If iPhones have been compromised by a jailbreak they will be automatically detected and blocked. In that way a company can be sure that the equipment meets the corporate guidelines.“ commented Adam Denyer-Hampton, Technical Support Manager for ITSE, “not only does MobileIron supports iPhone & iPad but covering Windows Mobile, Nokia, RIM (Blackberry) and Android (Q4 2010) smartphones provides a holistic scenario where all devices can be managed from one console.”

Prevent High Roaming Data bills

With Mobile Intelligence Activity, MobileIron provides an important tool for cost control for the operation of most smartphones. When a Mobile Data plan is entered in to the MobileIron Management Console , it is possible to set automatic alerts inform the user or an administrator when cost overruns for the plan, or user i.e. roaming traffic abroad .It is also possible to alert the users by SMS or Email to avoid serious cost explosions. MobileIron provides detailed usage statistics over the whole organisation as the basis for the optimization of network provider contracts and cost control in general.

The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform provides a better Smartphone security in the enterprise, reduce operating complexity, and reduces the cost of mobile communications. In addition, MobileIron gives the ability to also differentiate between Company Smartphones and Employee’s Smartphones, applying different policies to each.

About ITSE
IT Security Experts was established in 2003 as an Encryption Solutions Provider and provides IT Security Solutions to the UK and EMEA. Specialising in best of breed solutions and technology, ITSE secures clients ranging from FTSE 100 to SMB and Governments. ITSE is one of the key partners for MobileIron. For more information please visit

About MobileIron
MobileIron was founded in Fall 2007. They are based in Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley and also have a development office in Hyderabad, India. Their team is made of enterprise software veterans who believe smartphones will become the pervasive computing platform for the mobile worker. For more information, please visit

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