Friday, February 26, 2010

United Law Group Helps Prominent Podiatrist Reduce Mortgage by $3,347 Monthly and Save $925 Monthly on the Loan Held By Her Disabled Parents

United Law Group clients continue to benefit from the firm’s ongoing litigation efforts. Dr. Vanessa Taylor of Norco received a permanent loan modification that reduced the rate from 9.5% to 4.98% for her disabled, aged parents who found themselves in a predatory loan. This will save the couple $288,600 over the 26-year life of the loan. Dr. Taylor’s ARM which was over 8% is now set at 4.9% rate.

Irvine, California (Vocus/PRWEB ) February 26, 2010 -- United Law Group’s litigation efforts continue to yield strong results for existing clients. Today the firm announced that Dr. Vanessa Taylor of Norco, CA obtained loan modifications for herself and her parents after the firm notified the lenders of its intent to file suit in the Riverside County Superior Court. These modifications cut $3,347 and $925 off their monthly mortgage payments.

United Law Group
United Law Group

Having taken on fiscal responsibility for her disabled, aged parents, Dr. Taylor grew concerned when she noted that their 1,000 square foot Garden Grove home had been valued in excess $600,000 at the time the note was written and that the interest rate on the loan was 9.5%.

“Dr. Taylor came to United Law Group to help her to save her parent’s home and renegotiate the terms on her adjustable rate mortgage,” said United Law Group Managing Director Robert Buscho. “After reviewing the files, United Law Group communicated its intent to file suit on her behalf.”

“Dr. Taylor’s parents are disabled senior citizens. They were in a predatory loan with a ridiculous interest rate of 9.5%,” said Mr. Stephen Broadhead, the CFO and spokesperson for Dr. Taylor. “Dr. Taylor’s loan wasn’t much better at over 8% with future adjustments on the horizon. The team we worked with from United Law Group did a phenomenal job. They got the bank to reduce the rates to 4.98% and 4.9% respectively.”

As CFO of her Chino Hills medical practice Mr. Broadhead stepped in to help Dr. Taylor navigate this process. He worked closely with United Law Group to help Dr. Taylor to secure better terms on both notes.

“The team we worked with from United Law Group were responsive and effective,” said Mr. Broadhead. “I worked directly with the attorney and negotiator and was impressed with their professionalism.”

"President Barack Obama has been outspoken on the importance of providing relief to homeowners," said Buscho. "Helping people like Dr. Taylor and her parents makes what we do worthwhile."

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