Friday, January 1, 2010

Criminal Record Inc. Announces Fastest and Most In-Depth Criminal Records System Available

Criminal Record Inc. has today announced today the deployment of the fastest and most in-depth criminal records indexing system in the United States. The creators claim it can rival any system produced by the Government for locating offenders and potential offenders.

Brocton, NY (PRWEB) January 1, 2010 -- Today Criminal Record has announced the deployment of powerful new programming, databases and hardware that make conducting a criminal records search anywhere in the United States a much more accurate and painless process.

For years conducting background checks has been problematic in the sense that not every record was covered and quality of data varied greatly in quality plus scope from company to company.

The new system announced by Criminal Record today (code named Raptor) is using a new type of artificial intelligence to collect and parse information from over 3000 U.S. counties and 98 Federal Districts. The new system is then taking that information and attaching it to Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, Relatives, Address Histories, Previous Jobs and public records to provider individuals with a much more complete overview.

This application has been in beta for the last 5 months and has preformed beautifully. It is now being released to the general public, private corporations and Government Agencies.

Because this application is web based and can be located at there is no need for a user to download and install software. This solves speed problems along with allowing users to conduct preliminary searches on other individuals in a purely private manner.

To find out more about how can be of use to you or to peruse their powerful new feature, visit them online at

About Criminal Record: Criminal Record is the most advanced interactive county criminal records site online. They remain dedicated to providing their users with the utmost accuracy and ease of access to vital information about criminal records throughout the US. With these powerful features, users are able to generate tremendous results on which to base any hiring decision or security decisions.

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