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Eltman, Eltman & Cooper's Judgment Enforcement Segment Maximizes Collections

Firm's Experienced Collectors, Including Many Former NYPD Officers, Get Results

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2009 -- Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, a leading credit and collections law firm since 1947, has established itself as the country's leading judgment enforcement firm for the past decade. As a result of its judgment enforcement expertise, the firm also represents the answer to why creditors should segment their legal accounts.

Savvy creditors cut their debt pools into finer and finer segments to take advantage of the specialized collections practices specific to each segment in order to receive a higher netback. But many of these same creditors revert to an inefficient "one size fits all" approach when it comes to legal collections. Legal accounts are simply referred to law firms who are then expected to collect, litigate and enforce judgments regardless of whether or not they are equipped for judgment enforcement, and many are not.

This mass assignment of judgment accounts is the main reason that 80% of judgments go unpaid. Many good collection law firms lack the resources, manpower and focus to be effective in judgment enforcement. Using these local firms may be sufficient for general collections law but they lack the expertise necessary to enforce judgments. Contracting these firms for judgment enforcement is akin to using a general practitioner for brain surgery - he may be good at what he does but it's just not his specialty.

The Eltman firm has pioneered the national judgment enforcement segment. Eltman takes dormant judgments and applies sophisticated analytics derived from over 15 years in enforcing judgments to identify opportunities in the inventory. Accounts are then assigned to specially trained collectors to produce liquidations immediately. At the same time, Eltman's asset investigators - most of them ex-NYPD detectives, not skiptracers -search for employment information. When jobs or other assets are located, the accounts are sent for enforcement and supervised by segment managers who are experts in the various post-judgment processes around the country.

Eltman's approach produces both early liquidations and a long revenue tail from wage garnishment. In other words, "found money" that can start fast and last for years. So by simply including a judgment enforcement segment in their legal accounts, creditors can tap into the wealth hidden in their unpaid judgments. Eltman, Eltman & Cooper's judgment enforcement expertise will produce maximum collections on these judgment segments.

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Eltman, Eltman & Cooper PC
EEC was founded in 1947, the firm has been a leader in the credit and collections bar in the New York metropolitan area. Since 2003, it has broadened its scope to become a national presence. EEC's headquarters are in New York City and it manages a network of more than 50 other law firms practicing in some 30 states.

Compliance and Ethics
The firm employs a senior attorney to monitor its compliance with all legal requirements. Building on the principles of The Eltman Way, this attorney supervises training the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) for all collection employees. This attorney also trains and instructs collectors on appropriate and professional conversations with debtors, monitors compliance and ethical matters, and is integral to the development and management of the firm's Hardship Program. Although our asset investigators leverage the investigative techniques used in previous law enforcement positions, our staff never represents itself as having any affiliation with any organization, law enforcement or otherwise, other than our own.

Eltman Eltman and Cooper is a member of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) and adheres strictly to NARCA's Ethical Aspirations. Eltman Eltman and Cooper is also believed to be the first credit and collections firm to launch a Philanthropy Department. In addition to its own programs, EEC has supported charities across the country, such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Susan G. Komen Foundation, HeartShare Human Services and the American Cancer Society.
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