Friday, May 29, 2009

Gregory Wright Supporters Speak Out After "Dallas DNA" Show

Following the showing of episode 4 of "Dallas DNA" by Investigation Discovery, featuring the case of Gregory Wright, executed in October 2008, friends and supporters speak out against the conclusions of the Dallas Conviction Integrity Unit and question the approach to, and interpretation of, the available evidence.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 29, 2009 -- "No person in the United States should face the death penalty either for suspicion of guilt, or for probable innocence." So say former friends and supporters of Gregory Edward Wright, who lost his life after losing an 11-year battle to prove his innocence and aim of a retrial.

A snapshot of the final weeks was played out in an episode of a new series "Dallas DNA", which takes viewers behind the scenes to see the workings of a progressive new Unit in Dallas County, set up on the instructions of Craig Watkins, District Attorney. Showing on the Investigation Discovery channel, this series has shocked viewers as the Unit has unfolded some remarkable finds of innocence - largely as a result of DNA testing, long after convictions and years of incarceration. In the first death penalty case tackled, the Unit evaluates DNA evidence, a fingerprint, and a written confession by a co-accused.

Friends, Peter Bellamy and Bente Hjortshøj, offer a searching critique to expose what they claim to be shortcomings and wrongful conclusions on the part of the Dallas Integrity Unit, which led to the execution of Wright in October 2008.

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