Thursday, February 26, 2009

Workplace Claims - Health And Safety Issues For Business

In todays ever changing business environment businesses need to make more and more profit to satisfy shareholders and stakeholders. This can cause massive pressure on Senior Management to drive the business forward, sometimes looking to cut costs across the board.

This can prove a dangerous tactic particularly where Health & Safety is concerned, with large manufacturing organizations and standard office environments they have a duty of care to look after the well-being of their staff whilst at their place of work. Employees should be aware that their employers need to provide them with a safe working environment, free of hazard and danger.

Employers should operate a rigorous induction policy for all staff, particularly if they work in manufacturing environments, pointing out all hazards and no-go areas. Each employee should sign a document confirming they have been informed of the Company's policies on Health & Safety.

Health & Safety doesn’t just mean keeping the floor area clean, but also a duty to ensure staff are trained and supervised to operate equipment and unencumbered from doing their daily tasks. Employee’s should not be worried about taking their employers to task for negligence or not providing a safe environment to work in, being properly trained or not having the proper tools or equipment in good order to perform their work.

Personal injury lawyers are continually liaising with Companies who do not provide an adequate working environment, experience shows that this can cover, accidents and trips in the building, defective machinery, poor training and inadequate supervision. Businesses are being warned to ensure they comply with all the relative Health at Work legislation, or risk litigation from their employees injured whilst under their care.

With no win no fee lawyers operating more extensively in this area employees are certainly more likely to make enquiries when injured during the working day. Research is showing that the number of workplace claims is rising, with employers counting the cost for inadequate safety measures.

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