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Florida Attorney – How to Identify the Correct Lawyer For Your Legal Needs

Finding the right Florida attorney can be a confusing and time consuming process that can ultimately determine the success or failure of your court proceedings. In order to increase the likelihood of a legal victory it is important to identify your particular legal needs, decide upon a lawyer that you trust and that specializes in the correct legal field, and finally to negotiate appropriate legal fees if a verdict is rendered. The process is further complicated in a populous state such as Florida because of its dense population, changing demographics, and complicated legal regulations.

Before determining what type of attorney best suits your legal needs, it is important to correctly identify your particular legal situation. Are you fighting a traffic ticket, filing a lawsuit, or defending a criminal charge? There are literally hundreds of different legal specialties so it is important to limit your search for an attorney to only those specialties that apply to your particular need. You would not, for example, want to hire a divorce lawyer if you are fighting a traffic ticket. Most court clerks will be able to help you classify your legal problem by the typical legal fields (for example divorce court, traffic court, aviation law, or securities law). Using this information will help you identify and classify your particular problem.

Once you have ascertained the legal field in which you need advice, the next step is finding a Florida attorney that you both trust and have confidence in. By attaining a lawyer that is not familiar with your legal problem, you can hurt your chances for success and also cost yourself more money. A lawyer that is not comfortable in a particular field usually charges more for legal advice that may or may not be as sound as advice from someone more specialized. Therefore, for a successful legal conclusion, you must find the appropriate attorney.

The internet is a great resource for finding specialized lawyers in the Florida area. However, do not necessarily trust private web pages. They are not fact checked and are prone to hubris. Instead, use the sites to find names of prominent attorneys and then crosscheck those names with the Florida bar association or better business bureau for more factual and statistical information.

In many cases you will find that there are several attorneys in your needed field with credible credentials and strong resumes. When this happens it is important to choose a lawyer who you feel most comfortable with. Depending on the type of case that is before you, you may have to have some very personal conversations with your lawyer. These can include some very embarrassing information and very private financial transactions. You want to make sure that your private information stays private. Also the legal market is a fluid one. Prices are not posted like they are in a grocery store. One lawyer might charge double what another lawyer charges for the same service. Shop around, ask friends for references, and ultimately rely on your best judgment.

Florida presents a unique problem for identifying the correct attorney that suits a specific need. However, by correctly identifying your legal needs, researching the credentials of the lawyers, and ultimately finding someone you trust, you can assure a successful legal outcome.

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