Thursday, August 21, 2008

Proventsure Supports Fast Approaching Red Flag ID Theft Program Regulations with Software to Reduce Identity Theft and Support Data Loss Prevention Efforts

Proventsure's Identity Theft prevention and discovery software locates sensitive personal data at rest and integrates specialized search, discovery, reporting, deletion, and encryption capabilities.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 21, 2008 -- Proventsure, a leader in automated Risk Assessment and Policy Auditing software to Fortune 2000 and Federal organizations, today announced the release of the free-to-download My ID Protector, enabling the mitigation of Identity Theft and data loss by discovering sensitive personal information on computers before it can be stolen.

The Federal Trade Commission's Red Flag ID Theft Program rulings (72 Fed. Reg. 63717) with the November 1, 2008, implementation deadline, requires many organizations to implement Identity Theft Protection programs to detect and prevent identity theft of customer data that could be used to steal a consumer's identity. The ruling affects many financial, utility, educational, retail, and many other organizations. Consumer advocates hailed the original draft with the inclusion of a broad mandate to protect against 'possible risk,' including precursors of ID theft such as security breaches. Such language was moved in the final version to guidance section IV of the guidelines.

Proventsure's My ID Protector has fully integrated tools enabling the cleansing of computers through discovery of sensitive data, encrypting or deleting sensitive files, examining file data, searching for similar content (e.g., SSNs or credit card numbers), and effortless assessment with simplified reporting.

Algorithms used to map the Human Genome to discover "unknown and interesting" genes are used by Proventsure's Enterprise Data Loss Prevention technologies to discover "unknown and interesting" types of information. This enables the analysis engine to "learn" decoding techniques for many proprietary and unknown formats.

"With the increase of malware targeting home users and their information, we felt it was imperative to give all people the same control over sensitive information that was previously reserved for IT Administrators," said Proventsure's EVP of Engineering, Kevin Douglas.

"Proventsure is uniquely positioned to address the challenge of Red Flag programs," said company CEO, Gary Golomb. "My ID Protector meets requirements to audit the soundness of personally identifiable information handling. Additionally, Proventsure's enterprise audit platform, now in its third-generation, enables organizations to go further by automating probability of loss assessment and mitigation of risk to that information."

My ID Protector has been hailed by users as 'extremely easy to use' and 'the highest performing and most accurate solution available.' The software was given 5-star ratings on more than a dozen software web sites within its first few weeks of release. For more information, please see or For bulk discount information, contact concierge @

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