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Obtaining an Orange County Restraining Order

No one should have to deal with issues such as abuse and harassment in their relationships, be it with loved ones, coworkers or friends. Everyone should have the benefit of experiencing positive relationships, but when abuse does occur, there are options available for victims to protect themselves.

An Orange County restraining order can be filed by victims to protect themselves from their victimizers. Different types of restraining orders exist for the type of abuse or harassment that has occurred. Legal professionals are available to assist victims in filing an Orange County restraining order and to ensure that the correct type of order has been filed.

An Orange County restraining order is a court order that can protect victims from being physically abused, threatened, stalked, or in other ways harassed.

Abuse is something no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, it does occur, but there are legal options available for victims to take that will keep them safe and hopefully end the abusive situation.

There are several order options available. Legal professional have experience with this topic and have experience working with the court and law enforcement officers to help take immediate steps to keep individuals safe and also to ensure that the correct restraining order is filed. Many of these situations require immediate action to protect the victims, and a legal professional can make sure that the process is completed quickly so that the abuser will not be able to come into contact with the victim.

One type of Orange County restraining order available for victims is the domestic violence restraining order. This order is usually filed is a victim is abused by an individual with whom they have a close relationship, such as a spouse, relation, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

A second type of Orange County restraining order is the civil harassment order. Victims can file this type of order if they have been harassed by an individual who is not close to them, such as a neighbor or coworker. Legal professionals can help victims determine if the situation constitutes as harassment and if an order can be filed.

There are other types of orders available and a legal professional can help victims determine the correct order to file for a specific situation. In addition, legal professionals will help ensure that the proper documents have been filed so that there aren’t any roadblocks in obtaining the order. It will also help a great deal to hire a lawyer when the victimizer also has a lawyer. If a victim does not have a lawyer and the victimizer does, the victim is running the risk of not obtaining the order and losing the case. The person filing for the restraining order is required to show clear evidence that the victimizer has committed abuse or harassment to the degree that deserves a restraining order.

An Orange County restraining order can keep abusers out of victims’ homes, workplaces, and away from any children that may be involved. Obtaining a restraining order can help in the process of seeing to it that the abuser faces consequences for the abuses.

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