Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gun Accident Injuries Are More Likely With Weaker Safety Restrictions

David Perecman, New York personal injury attorney, believes that the United States Supreme Court's decision to strike down gun control laws requiring that firearms kept at home be equipped with trigger locks or disassembled may increase the occurrences of personal injury lawsuits.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2008 -- David Perecman, leading New York personal injury attorney, believes that the Court has set a dangerous precedent when it struck down the District of Columbia's strict gun control laws requiring that firearms kept at home be equipped with trigger locks or disassembled. According to the Court this trigger-lock requirement violates the Second Amendment that "protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for activities such as hunting and self-defense," because this gun control law makes it impossible for the gun to be useable for purposes of self-defense.

"By weakening the gun safety restrictions, you're increasing the risk of gun accident injuries," states David Perecman, "As more gun accidents occur, the courts will see personal injury lawsuits. Although it may no longer be illegal to fail to lock a gun, it still may be negligent to fail to do so."

Additionally, many legal experts disagree with the decision. Justice Stephen Breyer, who wrote for the dissent, stated that the Second Amendment protects militia-related and not self-defense related interests.

"The Court's decision to strike down the District of Columbia's gun control laws puts into question many gun control laws in many states," states David Perecman, "New York could find its own state gun control laws called into question."

About David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC:

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*later settled while on appeal for $7.940

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