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Factory Accident Compensation Claims

Machineries are a massive part of every factory business in the UK. They played a big role in the maintenance of even garages and backyards. With all the benefits these machines entail comes a possible danger to one’s life. Machineries if not properly maintained and operated could put every worker at risk.

People working for factories that require using a machine should be well versed and properly trained of how the machine exactly works. Employers should also provide its workers the appropriate gear in operating a specific machine. This could include gloves to protect the hands, goggles to protect the eyes and safety boots to protect feet from falling items.

Most injuries that were being tracked for the past years were mostly damaging to the hands and fingers. These incidents occurred primarily due to lack of protective gear such as gloves to protect the hands. Some workers also tend to wear jewellery which are considered a big taboo in operating machines. There were also cases of eye injuries, this occurred due to small particles released in a high speed machine or accidental rupture of parts of machines.

Other things caused by machinery accidents is the insufficient knowledge of workers on the proper operation of machines, lack of experience handling the apparatus and most importantly the inadequate and unsatisfactory form of training. There are some employers who would hire people just for the sake of supporting the quantitative needs of the company. They particularly take note of the cost per pay without considering that quality and safety are already at risk. This reasoning constitutes to the security of employees in general.

It is important therefore, that every employer should allot a time in providing proper seminar and training for its employees. Risk assessments should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the correct procedures are being followed which are safe for the person operating the machinery, as well as being near to the machinery. Safety precautions as well as first aid procedures should also be taught. Apart form this, the company should also make use of experienced machine operators to train the newly hired workers. Proper execution of all the guidelines would help improve every workers risk of acquiring the dangers in operating factory machineries.

With the appropriate measures and actions, all of these can be safely executed without having to suffer from loosing body parts particularly the hands and fingers and the danger of loosing one’s life in the process.

If you work in a factory and have been involved in an accident at work you may be entitled to make a no win no fee compensation claim. Providing the accident was within the past three years and you have suffered a personal injury which has lasted for a minimum of four to six weeks,you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a specialist personal injury solicitor who will be able to discuss your work accident compensation claim and let you know whether or not you are entitled to claim.

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