Monday, June 30, 2008

IceLock Legal Alert: What Happens When a Lawyer Loses a Laptop?

Fewer than 10% of laptops today are protected by encryption solutions. Encrypt laptops now before a loss, or face the consequences.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 30, 2008 -- Millions of laptops will be lost or stolen this year. While replacing equipment and software takes time and money, attorneys who lose a laptop face an additional headache. What happens to the contracts, briefs, and other confidential information stored on the lost machine? If privileged information becomes public the damage can be catastrophic.

Large firms use expensive, complicated and time consuming encryption schemes to secure data on their laptops. These systems require significant IT resources and impose a heavy burden on attorneys and staff.

Other firms rely on solutions that delete data after a computer is stolen. Unfortunately, these remote data deletion schemes protect data only if a computer is connected to the Internet after it is stolen. The data is unprotected until this Internet connection, creating significant risk of data disclosure.

What's needed is a simple system that protects data on laptops, is cost effective, easy to use and easy to manage. HyBlue's IceLock protects laptop data with an intelligent agent that seamlessly integrates with our web based management servers. Key benefits include

  • Simple setup - Configuration and installation are measured in minutes instead of hours with other systems.
  • Simple operation - Users enter one password and their data is available, automatically.
  • Web-based management - All IceLock computers are managed centrally allowing companywide policy control and reporting. Management is performed from HyBlue's website so you don't need to buy, build or maintain complicated servers.
  • Military strength data protection - HyBlue's patent pending, dual layer encryption continually protects data from hackers regardless of where a laptop is, whether it's on the Internet or off.

IceLock's encryption is so easy to set up that you can download it from the web in minutes. To get started, try IceLock out with a free, 30 day evaluation license for up to 3 systems.

Legal professionals rarely have the long lists of credit cards or social security numbers on their laptops that make headlines. However, their responsibility to protect information is higher than most users. IceLock's 7x24 data encryption ensures that when a lawyer's laptop is lost or stolen, the worst liabilities, damage to reputations and damage to clients, can be avoided.

About HyBlue
HyBlue provides security and management services through its Software-as-a-Service infrastructure. HyBlue is the creator of IceLock, a patent-pending service that protects data on laptops. Founded in 2003, HyBlue is privately held and based in Seattle, Washington.

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