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Site Aggregator Integrates 40-Plus Verticals Into Single Brand Solution

Los Angeles (PRWEB) June 30, 2008 -- After years of practicing law, Henry Dahut was convinced that helping his clients solve their legal trouble was only a part of the solution. Clients in legal trouble needed much more. They needed to get their lives back in order. Often this meant having to borrow money, face foreclosure, relocate or find a new job. And rarely were clients ever prepared for the emotional side of trouble.

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Dahut soon realized that people in legal and financial trouble required a variety of services and resources - not just legal or financial - and that sounded like an opportunity as well as a challenge.

Henry envisioned a site that was upbeat, supportive and non-judgmental, a place where people in trouble could share experiences, insights and have instant access to a wide variety of helpful services - all from a single resource.

On July 4, 2008, exactly eight years to the day of it's founding, 2.0 will finally be released and according to some industry experts, the timing for this company couldn't be more perfect. combines over 40 different vertical markets into a fully integrated, one-stop, easy-to-remember brand solution. Branding by "event" remarks Dahut, rather then by a discreet service or product, encourages a more comprehensive and informed search experience for the consumer in trouble.

The new and revamped resembles the original version, but on steroids. "The music video above reveals a brand that is both serious and playful," Dahut said.

The user experience is still event-centric, but now the presentation and business model have evolved substantially. The new offers breakthrough visual capabilities, social networking features and for many types of smaller advertisers, listing opportunities that are both profitable and compelling. It's a business model, in short, designed to avoid trouble.

Another advantage is that advertising dollars spent by one type of service provider gets aggregated with the advertising dollars spent by a totally different type of service provider. For example, someone searching under the event of divorce will find not only local divorce lawyers, but also local locksmiths, moving services, storage, therapists and short-term lenders.

What's more, smaller advertisers like locksmiths and therapists get charged different rates based on the advertisers specific industry. It's a variable pricing approach that encourages smaller budget advertisers to participate with the bigger budget advertisers within the same bundled solution. pulls together the best web technologies and business models for people in crisis and the companies that serve them. "It's a supportive community experience combined with a richly resourced directory," Dahut says. "It's three different business models seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive brand solution."

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