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Fine Art Registry and Attorney Gail Christensen Provides Art Related Law Lectures to CLE 123 Inc.

Fine Art Registry is working with Phoenix attorney Gail Christensen to create a series of audio lectures on Art and the Law which are suitable for Continuing Legal Education (CLE). These lectures are available for CLE credit through CLE123 Inc., a California approved online provider of Minimum Continuing Legal Education credits which offers downloadable CLE lectures in all aspects of law. The lectures are also for sale as downloads and on CD, without the CLE credit, on the Fine Art Registry website.

Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) February 29, 2008 -- Fine Art Registry is working with Arizona attorney and legal consultant, Gail Christensen to record a series of lectures on a variety of topics about art and the law. These lectures are available from CLE123 Inc. for CLE credit in New York, CA and AZ as well as being available as stand-alone lectures without CLE credit, both downloadable and on CD, from Fine Art Registry.

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The lectures consist of discussions between Attorney Gail Christensen and Fine Art Registry Founder and CEO, Theresa Franks, with guest appearances from artists and other individuals knowledgeable in various aspects of art law. Fine Art Registry may work with other attorneys in the future as the series continues to expand to cover all relevant areas of art and the law. The lectures are accompanied by written material on the subject, including cites and in-depth articles.

The following are among the lectures recorded so far:

  • Art Auctions at Sea, Part I and II
  • Introduction to Auction Law
  • Introduction to Art Authentication
  • Artist Dealer Relations
  • The Law of Multiples ? Fine Art Limited Edition Reproductions
  • Expert Liability
  • Introduction to Art Theft
These lectures are available for CLE credit from CLE 123 Inc., a website where they can be downloaded and listened to instantly. Those interested in online Continuing Legal Education can log on to CLE123online, purchase and download lectures immediately. At the conclusion of each lecture, the listener will be given a code that is needed to obtain a certificate of attendance. In addition to the Art and the Law Series from Gail Christensen and Fine Art Registry, CLE123online provides a wide variety of current subjects from great speakers covering all aspects of law.

The Art and the Law Lectures are also available, but not for CLE credit, from the Fine Art Registry online store where they can be purchased for download or ordered on CD. Each lecture is accompanied by in-depth articles beautifully designed in PDF form which are downloaded along with the lecture and are included on the CDs.

Natalie Woolever, the Managing Director of CLE123, Inc., states, "Very little material is available to lawyers on the subject of art and art law, and these lectures fill an important gap. We are working to make the most comprehensive source of CLE lectures and as far as I know, thanks to Fine Art Registry, we now offer more art related CLE courses than any other company. We hope to offer enough art related lectures so that lawyers interested in art and art law can fulfill most of their requirements directly from our site. We have teamed up with Fine Art Registry to help provide this important information. Lawyers will be enlightened by what they hear."

Teri Franks, Founder and CEO of Fine Art Registry, says, "The material is also of interest to artists, collectors, gallery owners, auction houses and others involved in the art market. I am frequently called by lawyers who have art-related cases on their hands and want information about the art industry and market. So we decided that a series of lectures by an attorney with our involvement to provide the art industry information would be of great value. We are also concerned about informing our members and those involved in any aspect of the art industry about the legal aspects which affect their participation in the world of art. This is why the lectures are available from our site without CLE credit, as well as being offered by CLE123 Inc. for Minimum CLE credit."

About CLE123 Inc.:
CLE123 Inc. is a California approved provider of MCLE credits authorized to issue CLE credits in NY and AZ. The company anticipates being able to award CLE credits in numerous additional states by the end of 2008.

About Fine Art Registry:
Fine Art Registry provides a unique, patented, high technology tagging and registration system for art and collectibles, to help ensure authenticity and provide accurate provenance. The system deters art fraud and theft and helps with recovery of stolen art and with insurance policies and claims. Fine Art Registry is a source of useful information on art related subjects. The organization has become an unofficial source of consumer advocacy for artists and collectors and recently appeared on Inside Edition supporting the interests of victims of cruise line art auction fraud.

About Gail Christensen:
Gail Christensen is an Attorney, Author, and Certified Fiduciary. Prior to establishing her own firm in 2007, Ms. Christensen was an associate at a bustling family law practice in Central Phoenix where she assisted litigants with cases from inception through trial and beyond. Based on her more than ten years as a published author, Ms. Christensen has taken a keen interest in the area of Art Law and Copyright Protection, an interest she wishes to share with other artists and attorneys in the field.

About Theresa Franks:
Theresa Franks is the Founder and CEO of Fine Art Registry. After working for many years as a paralegal, mainly in litigation, Ms. Franks, herself an avid art collector, developed and patented a system of tagging and registering art and valuables as a means of protecting artists and collectors from fraud, fakery, theft and other art crime and enabling artists to create a permanent registry of their work. The Fine Art Registry website is a valuable source of information for artists, collectors and anyone interested in the art or collecting.

Source: PRWeb: Legal / Law

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